“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 73~ep 74 ~ Se Ryeong:”I wish time would stand still like this, with you holding my hand.”

Since she woke up from coma, Se Ryeong keeps asking for Do Jin, who now doesn’t have time to see Seung Hye because he is busy taking care of Se Ryeong. The shocking news arrived after Se Ryeong’s tests results. She won’t be able to walk!

No matter how much she liked Se Ryeong before, Mi Ja doesn’t want her son to sacrifice and take care of Se Ryeong for his whole life. On contrary to Mi Ja, Se Ryeong wants Do Jin close to her and her father is willing to do anything as long as his daughter is happy.

Episode 73

Since Se Ryeong finally woke up, Do Jin can go home, take some rest and eat for the first time in days. As soon as Do Jin arrived home and Seung Hye prepared him something to eat, Yoon Ho called him to return at the hospital. Seeing that she can’t move her legs, Se Ryeong panicked and made a nervous crisis saying that she wants Do Jin to be there with her.

Se Ryeong:”I wish time would stand still like this, with you holding my hand.”

In the morning Seung Hye made some milk porridge for Se Ryeong, but when she went to the hospital Se Ryeong treated her as usual. Se Ryeong even blamed Seung Hye for her condition.

Seung Jae received another offer as a model. This time is a swimsuit model! He goes to work out in the yard. Seung Ah sees Seung Jae working out and sits on his back. Unfortunately, Seung Jae hurt his back and Seung Ah called Ma Seong Nam for an acupuncture session. Since Dae Shil married, Ma Seong Nam seems to be interested in Seung Ah.

Meantime Do Jin and president Jang found out the upsetting news. Se Ryeong has only 5% chances to ever walk again.

Episode 74

Se Ryeong wants him close by and Do Jin blaming himself for Se Ryeong’s condition, Do Jin spends every second at the hospital taking care of Se Ryeong. When Dae Shil came to see Se Ryeong, Do Jin was able to go outside and talk for a little while with Seung Hye. He asked her to take care of his café without worrying about Se Ryeong.

Mi Ja always wanted Se Ryeong as her daughter-in-law, but now that Se Ryeong is paralyzed, she changed her mind. Knowing her son personality better than anyone else, Mi Ja went to the hospital. When Mi Ja arrived and told her son that she doesn’t want him taking care of Se Ryeong for the rest of his life, Do Jin told her where he stands. Feeling guilty for Se Ryeong’s condition, Do Jin plans to be by Se Ryeong’s side for all her life.

When Yoon Ho came at the hospital and saw how tired Do Jin looked, he sent Do Jin home to sleep for a while. But Se Ryeong didn’t agree. She wants Do Jin there at the hospital with her, even if he is so tired that he could faint.

The next day Do Jin picked up Seung Hye and both went to the police station to give their testimony about Se Ryeong’s accident. It was a drunk hit-and-run. After giving their testimony as witnesses, Do Jin and Seung Hye went to eat at a restaurant that Se Ryeong liked. Do Jin plans to bring Se Ryeong a serving too. While they were eating, president Jang entered and saw them.

Personal thought: Finally the stylists are dressing Seung Hye better! When will Do Jin’s time come?

In this two episodes Do Jin said that he doesn’t want to wrong Seung Hye, but he spends every second with Se Ryeong. He even wants to give up his life and be with Se Ryeong and return to work as a doctor. Which I don’t really understand why, there are a lot of good doctors in the world and in that hospital. And since Se Ryeong is the hospital director’s niece, she is better attended than anyone else there. So what could Do Jin do for her if he return to work as a doctor? How will he heal her? If Se Ryeong will see Do Jin wearing the white doctor’s gown she will miraculously get better?

When president Jang saw Do Jin with Seung Hye, he looked angry. It’s not like he saw his son-in-law cheating his daughter, he saw Do Jin and his girlfriend have a mean. But then again why were Do Jin and Seung Hye so surprised and scared? They didn’t do anything wrong?

I know Do Jin is a coward, but I can understand why he feels guilty over what happened with Se Ryeong and I can understand president Jang need to blame someone, but now seriously is president Jang really planning to make Do Jin marry Se Ryeong? Don’t Do Jin and president Jang understand that by doing that they won’t make Se Ryeong happy, but they will hurt her even more? If Do Jin really ends up marrying Se Ryeong out of guilt she will be happy for a while in the beginning, but then she will want more. Even if Do Jin marries Se Ryeong he won’t be able to give her his heart and love her the way she wants and that will hurt both Se Ryeong and Do Jin. Why in president Jang’s eyes only his daughter is special? As a parent he should know better, he spoiled his daughter so much that he is the one that turned her into what she is now. President Jang should just open his eyes and take responsibility for his action and stop putting the blame on everyone else.

Also president Jang keeps saying that Se Ryeong means more than his own life for him, but when she is in the hospital and even when she was in a coma, he spend more of his time at the company leaving Se Ryeong in Do Jin’s care…..Shouldn’t he had been there for his beloved daughter more than anyone else?

And another thing, Seung Hye talked so nicely when she was trying to convince Mi Ja to let Do Jin follow his dream, but when it’s about Seung Jae, Seung Hye tries to stop him. If Seung Jae wants to badly to be a model, then shouldn’t Seung Hye, who already followed her dream of becoming barista, let him do what makes him happy and support him?

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