“The Crossing Hero ” ep 27 ~ep 28 ~ Final episodes!

When I started this drama it was funny and I liked it, but soon it got boring. The main character, Hong Xiao Dong, played by Jiro Wang, didn’t appear anymore. His name was mentioned like once or twice per episode, but he didn’t show up. Yan Joon played by Criss Wu, isn’t listed as a main character, but he shows up more than the main characters. The first 10 episode or so I enjoyed, but then I struggled to watch every episode…..

The plan that Xiao Dong and Yan Joon made worked. They’ve defeated Black Tuxedo and they’ve had help from Xiao Tian and David.

Episode 27

At the detective agency, everyone finds out that Xiao Dong was captured by Black Tuxedo. Peng Ze is about to run and save Xiao Dong, but Yan Joon tells him that Xiao Dong being captured was a plan of Xiao Dong. Then the conversation moves the moment Pony who revealed to everyone that Peng Ze is her husband. At the library Peng Ze accepted Pony’s proposal just for three days, but things don’t seem to go his way.

Later Yan Joon, pretending to kiss Mo Han told her what is going on and asked her to continue to talk to Xiao Tian until he will betray Black Tuxedo. To be able to defeat Black Tuxedo, Yan Joon needs more people. For that he goes to the police station and together with Ke Shang convinced officer Wu to help them.

They are still not enough to fight against Black Tuxedo so Xian Ting has an idea, they can attack from inside Black Tuxedo’s headquarters, where they have two more people who can help them, David and Xiao Tian.

After receiving Yan Joon’s call, Xiao Tian went to Mo Han. They fight at first, but when Xiao Tian got the chance signed her and Mo Han realized that Xiao Tian is ready to betray Black Tuxedo and return to his formal self. Now she knows that Xiao Tian will help her and everyone from the detective agency. Then Xiao Tian goes to see David and pretending to defend Black Tuxedo in front of the camera, Xiao Tian gave a message to David.

With Peng Ze’s help, Yan Joon managed decoding the message that Black Tuxedo entrusted him. In the message it was written the way to start the life turning instrument. The last piece to make the life turning instrument work is the royal blood and Yan Joon remembers that Peng Ze’s pendent glows around Ke Shang. Yan Joon realized that Ke Shang should have royal blood.

The next morning Xiao Tian went to look for Peng Ze, but found him with Pony.

Episode 28

Realizing that he made a mistake by following Black Tuxedo and realizing that Black Tuxedo isn’t the good person he believed, Xiao Tian goes to Peng Ze. He apologizes for not being able to differentiate right from wrong and fighting with Peng Ze. Believing Xiao Tian, Peng Ze tells him the plan to save Xiao Dong and Mo Han and to defeat Black Tuxedo.

When he went to announce Mo Han that they will attack soon and David will come get her, Yan Joon’s kneel slipped. Looking into Mo Han’s eyes, Yan Joon takes that opportunity and confess his feelings and kissed Mo Han.

Yan Joon:”I like you! I’ve liked you for a long time.”

Meantime David managed to steal a phone from one of the guards and send a text to Xian Ting. The moment she received the text, Xian Ting showed it to Yan Joon who replied a codified message.

Yan Joon called Ke Shang to the detective agency and after talking with Ke Shang’s grandparents everyone was surprised to discover that Ke Shang’s earliest ancestor is Zhu Yuan Zhang, the Ming Dynasty emperor.

The next day, while David saved Xiao Dong and Mo Han, Yan Joon handed over the life turning instrument and Ke Shang to Black Tuxedo. The same time Peng Ze arrived followed by the police officers that officer Wu send with him. After rescuing Mo Han, David ran to help Yan Joon and Ke Shang, but Black Tuxedo is too powerful for the three of them.

Black Tuxedo run away, but he was surrounded soon. Everyone attacked him, but Black Tuxedo has no weakness, he can’t be defeated or killed. Even the bullets Ke Shang shot didn’t hurt him.

While Black Tuxedo wasn’t paying any attention, David pushed the luminous night pearl into Black Tuxedo’s mouth. Xiao Tian and Peng Ze are holding Black Tuxedo down, while David covers Black Tuxedo’s mouth so the pearl won’t come out. Suddenly, after Black Tuxedo swallowed the pearl he turned into an infant.

With Black Tuxedo defeated everyone returned to their lives. Mo Han realized that she likes Yan Joon too and confessed. Peng Ze and Xiao Tian were sent to buy baby things and help Ke Shang catch s thief. Pony’s dream came true and Peng Ze accepted her.

Xian Ting and Xiao Dong named the infant Xiao Xiao Hei and decided to raise him. Xiao Ting keeps thinking about Xiu Fei, but Xiu Fei is more interested in Ke Shang.

Suddenly a box arrived at Xiao Dong’s detective agency. Inside there was the life turning instrument and disappeared together with Xiao Dong, Peng Ze and Xiao Tian.

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