“When I See You Again ” ep 10 ~ You Qian:”I really want to be with you forever!”

You Qian struggles to spend some time with An Xi and to get to know more about each other, but he can’t. There are too many people around An Xi and the hostel and she doesn’t pay that much attention to him. In order to be just him and An Xi, You Qian takes her for a few day to Taipei, to his house.

Meanwhile Yan Ze spend a day with Ya En at the beach.

Episode 10

An Xi finds You Qian familiar when she see him wearing glasses, but soon she gives up. She doesn’t want to think about guys who wear glasses.

You Qian:”It’s probably not the right time to tell her.”

Still curious about why Yan Ze said that he and An Xi should’ve met 10 years ago, You Qian asks An Xi. Hearing that Yan Ze is the one that returned the presents An Xi send to her mother, who didn’t want her, You Qian comforts An Xi.

Arrived home, An Xi is embarrassed and wants to let go of You Qian’s hand, but he grabs her stronger and doesn’t let her go. Yan Ze comes down from his room and sees An Xi, pretends to be sad and hurt since she didn’t accept him. But soon she discovers that she was fooled the whole day and everyone worked hard to make her realize what she want and that she likes You Qian.

Then You Qian wants to go upstairs with An Xi and spend some romantic time, but An Xi has a party with her friends and tells them everything about her day with You Qian.

In the morning You Qian makes breakfast and daydreams about An Xi’s reaction. Unfortunately when An Xi saw that You Qian made breakfast, she called everyone to eat.

Poor You Qian! He only wants to spend some time with his girlfriend, but she makes it hard for him.

When An Xi leaves for work, You Qian wants to spend time with her by taking her to work, but once again An Xi leaves him alone. That day An Xi has to work at the school Ya Ru is working at so she leaves for work with Ya Ru. Upset You Qian spends the day making an itinerary to see how much time a day he spends with An Xi from the 24 hours.

Arrived home, the first thing An Xi does is ask for Mei Wen. No matter how much You Qian tried to explain her that couples should spend more time with each other, An Xi doesn’t pay attention to what he said, she just plays with the kiwis she bought. Then Yu Qian wants to kiss her, but Yan Ze shows up and interrupted them.

An Xi seems more happy to see and talk to Yan Ze. She is excited to show Yan Ze the new website of her hostel. She even wanted to take Yan Ze to her room and show him the website, but You Qian stopped her and let her use his laptop. Jealous and angry that An Xi is more happy to spent her time with Yan Ze and everyone else, You Qian leaves.

Yan Ze follows You Qian. He tells You Qian that 10 years ago he send the presents back to An Xi intentionally so she would find out that her mother didn’t want her. Yan Ze was so upset that his father didn’t want him that he wanted others to feel the same. During his conversation with Yan Ze, You Qian realizes that the day An xi got the presents back, found out that her mother didn’t want her and fought with her father was the same day he confessed 10 years ago. Realizing that An Xi didn’t reject him because she hated him, You Qian runs to tell An Xi who he is.

You Qian is about to tell An Xi that he is Unibrow when they hear a car. They go see who came and they saw Jiang Hai Kuo. He returned for An Xi, but this time he dressed the same way You Qian does. Hai Kuo is upset to see You Qian there, but he gets more upset when he finds out that You Qian is An Xi’s boyfriend.

Zhi Lin:” Of course director Xia should be here. He is An Xi’s boyfriend!”

Angry Hai Kuo tires to take An Xi by force into his car, but You Qian stopped him and threatened him that if Hai Kuo will put only one finger on An Xi or if An Xi frown seeing Hai Kuo then You Qian will find a way to kill him. Before leaving Hai Kuo remembered An Xi that he has something she wants.

During their fight with Hai Kuo, An Xi mentioned that she likes You Qian because he is handsome. After Hai Kuo left, You Qian wanted to know if An Xi likes him only because he is handsome and she wouldn’t look at him if he was ugly. Lacking confidence that An Xi would still like him even if he would’ve been ugly, You Qian doesn’t tell her that he is Unibrow.

Later, while talking to her fishes, An Xi wants to know too why her heart beats faster when she sees You Qian. She things that it must be because You Qian and Unibrow have similar eyes and the same lonely back. You Qian entered and approached An Xi.

You Qian:”Boost my confidence! I hope I’ll never recover from this sickness. I really want to be with you forever!”

The next morning, You Qian gets upset again. An Xi went early in the morning with Ya En at the hospital. Yan Ze goes to You Qian and advices him to take An Xi away from her environment if he wants to spend any time with her because An Xi’s biggest weakness is the people around her.

When An Xi and Ya En come out of the hospital they found You Qian and Ya En waiting for them. To help You Qian be alone with An Xi, Yan Ze came to pick up Ya En.

Ya En spend the day with Yan Ze at the beach. Because of her sickness she can’t get agitated so An Xi and Ya Ru are always careful she won’t faint. After playing for a while on the beach, Yan Ze took Ya En shopping and bought her a new dress.

Meantime the place where You Qian wanted to take An Xi was his house. Since You Qian’s vacation is over, he brought An Xi to his house for a few days. There An Xi met You Qian’s grandfather and You Qian’s assistant, Zhong Da Yu. With An Xi’s personality she got friendly with Da Yu really close and You Qian is jealous on him too.

The air conditioner in You Qian’s house is to strong and An Xi isn’t used to the house. Because she can’t sleep, An Xi goes to the kitchen where she finds grandfather eating crackers. An Xi wants to cook something for You Qian’s grandfather, but there isn’t anything in the fridge so she goes to the closes 24-hours shop. Returned home, An Xi cooked something easy for grandfather and they talked for a while. That night An Xi found out that You Qian and his grandfather are from Pu Lang Village.

The next morning, when You Qian woke up he found An Xi making breakfast. She was upset because You Qian didn’t tell her he was from Pu Lang Village, but they make up soon.

You Qian:”One day, I’ll tell you everything.”

When he found out that An Xi, who doesn’t know his address went out in the middle of the night, alone, You Qian was a little upset and asked her to wake him up the next time she has to leave the house.

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