“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 75~ep 76 ~ Se Ryeong:” Can you take that ring off your finger?”

President Jang sees Do Jin with Seung Hye and asks him to break up with Seung Hye and take care of Se Ryeong because Se Ryeong is in hospital after saving him. Meanwhile Mi Ja visited Se Ryeong in the hospital and told her that she is permanently paralyzed.

Desperate Se Ryeong tries to commit suicide, but Do Jin saves her and feels even more guilty. When president Jang returned with information about new treatments in America, he asks Do Jin to go with Se Ryeong.

Episode 75

Seung Hye and Do Jin are having lunch when suddenly president Jang comes in angry. He vends his anger on Seung Hye and Do Jin while blaming them for Se Ryeong’s accident. So that Seung Hye won’t be hurt by president Jang’s words, Do Jin sent her to bring Se Ryeong something to eat. Since she knows how Se Ryeong will react seeing her, Seung Hye gave the bag to Yoon Ho.

Left alone with Do Jin, president Jang told Do Jin to break up with Seung Hye and take care of Se Ryeong because the accident occurred from his fault.

Meanwhile at the hospital Mi Ja made sure to put an innocent face and to tell Se Ryeong that her invalidity isn’t temporary, but permanent.

After finding out that most likely she will spend her life in a wheelchair, Se Ryeong had another crisis. Her father and Yoon Ho weren’t able to calm her down, but Do Jin could. Do Jin even told her that no matter how much time will take, he will make sure Se Ryeong will be able to walk again.

Mi Ja isn’t at all pleased that Do Jin intends to spend his whole life nursing Se Ryeong so she tries hard to convince him to leave the hospital. She is even willing to accept Do Jin having a café and marrying Seung Hye.

Seung Hye brought change clothes to Do Jin, but while they were talking Se Ryeong saw them from her window. When Do Jin returned in Se Ryeong’s room, she asked him to take her outside.

Se Ryeong:”So this is what it’s like…looking at the world sitting down.”

Suddenly Se Ryeong needs to use to toilet, but she is uncomfortable with Do Jin taking her. While Do Jin was asking a lady from the park to help her, Se Ryeong peed herself.

Personal thought: Se Ryeong said she needed to use the toilet, but how she knew that? If she is paralyzed from waist down, how could she feel that she needs to use the toilet? Also patients with paralyzes uses adult dippers….. but still she peed herself. ….

It wasn’t nice of Mi Ja to tell Se Ryeong the truth, but all Mi Ja can thing about is her son, not anyone else…the same president Jang does. So thinking about their own kids, they hurt the others. But thinking about everything Do Jin never gave Se Ryeong any hope, she was the one clinging onto him, she was the one that followed him and jumped in front of that car for him…so how is that Do Jin’s fault. From Do Jin’s point of view, it could seem that Se Ryeong’s condition is his fault, but seriously now Se Ryeong is a grown up that can make her own decisions and that night she was the one that decided to save Do Jin.

As I said I can understand president Jang behavior, but I really wish the writers will make him the one that caused the accident in which Seung Hye and Seung Jae’s real parents died so he could taste some of his own medicine…….

Episode 76

The passerby helped Se Ryeong change her clothes. Embarrassed Se Ryeong pretends that nothing happened and asked Do Jin to bring her some water. While Do Jin went to get the water, Se Ryeong went to the stairs that were close by. She wants to throw herself on the stairs and die, but Do Jin arrived in time to sop her. Se Ryeong has another nervous crisis and asks Do Jin to let her die if he is by her side because of guilt or indebtedness. Do Jin can’t do that. He can’t turn his back and let Se Ryeong die. Then Se Ryeong asked him to take off his ring.

Se Ryeong:” Can you take that ring off your finger?”

Meantime Seung Hye washes dishes at Do Jin’s café and as a sign for what is going to happen, her ring fell off.

At night, in the hospital Se Ryeong can’t even look into Do Jin’ eyes after all that happened that day and asks for Yoon Ho to come. Yoon Ho is shocked to know that Se Ryeong tried to kill herself. She opens up in front of Yoon Ho saying that she knows that Do Jin stays with her because of guilt, but if she will have to save Do Jin’s life again she will do it without hesitation because Se Ryeong is happy that she was able to do for Do Jin something that Seung Hye couldn’t.

President Jang returned from his trip to America with information about rehabilitation centers. He shows what he found to Se Ryeong, Yoon Ho and Do Jin, but Se Ryeong refuses to go. And of course Se Ryeong will refuse to go knowing that if she will heal Do Jin will leave her faster than the speed of light.

To convince his daughter to go, president Jang told Do Jin that he should go with her in America. That day Do Jin took off his ring. When she found out that president Jang asked Do Jin to go to America with him and his daughter, Mi Ja went crazy.

Mi Ja:”Do you intend to enslave Do Jin forever? Do Jin has stuck by Se Ryeong out of guilt all this time. Hasn’t he done enough? Do Jin didn’t ask Se Ryeong to save his life.”

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