“Death Note ” ep 1~ Light:” Kira can change the world! ”

Death note follows the story of Yagami Light, an university student with an ordinary life that one day found a supernatural notebook from a shinigami named Ryuk. That notebook gave Light the ability to kill anyone whose name and face he knows. With that notebook, Light attempts to create an utopian world, but a mysterious detective known as L stops him.

Personal thought: I saw the movies from the “Death Note” series and I was kind reticent if I should watch this drama or not, because the actors that played Light (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and L (Kenichi Matsuyama) in the movie played really well. But…encouraged by others, including hanakimi91 the co author of dramajjang I started it.

What can I say…Kubota Masataka and Yamazaki Kento, the two actors that play Light and L in the drama are good actors and play well. Personally I liked more the L version from the movie. Don’t really know if they changed the character or not, but I kind liked the L who was always eating cakes and sitting in strange positions with a really strange posture form the movie. One other thing that I didn’t like is what I saw in the preview, the fact that for the drama they’ve made Mello a doll….. Oh yes and I kind get the impression that they’ve made L act more like Mello in this drama than L, but maybe I’m wrong….I’ll see after watching more episodes.

Episode 1

Yagami Light is an ordinary university student who works hard to make a living. Everything went well until the old high school bully shows up, after coming out of prison. He shows up in the restaurant Light is working at and pretends to be friends with Light and his friend, the rich boy who was hit for money during high school. While they were going home, Light and his friend were stopped by the ex prisoner who took Light’s cell phone and asked the other boy to bring him a large amount of money the next day. While defending his friend, Kamoda, Light was also threatened.

Kamoda:” I wish guys like him would just go away forever.”

The Shinigami who watched everything gave the death note to Light. On his way home Light heard something behind him and when he turned he saw a back note. On that note it was written “Death note”.

Light takes the note and goes home where he reads the first page with the rules.

“The human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has a person’s face in their mind when writing his or her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the person’s name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.”

After reading the rules, Light feels that all that he read was nonsense, but thinking about the ex convict that threatened him and Kamoda earlier, he still wrote a name there. Light wrote the name “Sakota Genbu”. Then he wants to erase the name, but he can’t.

In the morning a policeman came to Light’s house. The policeman returned Light’s phone and announced that Sakoba Genbu died the night before. Shocked, Light goes to Sakoba’s funeral and hears Sakoba’s friends saying that Sakoba died of a heart attack. The news make Light sick, but soon he hears other people saying that no one is sad because Sakoba died, everyone is happy that they won’t have to fear Sakoba anymore.

Light’s father is a policeman. When a prisoner that he arrested few years ago, the night his wife died, was realized, he started working overtime. He felt responsible for everything that prisoner could do.

When the prisoner kidnapped a woman and her elementary school daughter, Yagami traded himself for the little girl. Since the prisoner wanted to kill Yagami, he accepted the tread. Light and his sister, Sayu were called at the police station. The moment Sayu crying asked the policemen to kill the criminal and save her father, Light remembered his death note and ran home where he wrote the criminal’s name. In 40 seconds the criminal had a heart attack.

While Light was shocked for killing two people, the shinigami who dropped the death note, Ryuk, showed up in his room. Scared, Light runs away, but he can’t get away of Ryuk. He tried to threw the note away and to jump from a high building, but Ryuk stopped Light form killing himself. Ryuk offered to take the notebook back and erase Light memory of it, but to convince Light to not give up the death note, Ryuk talked about what criminals will do with that notebook. When Light asked the reason why he got the death note, Ryuk answered that he was really bored in the shinigami’s world and wanted to see what human’s will do with the note.

Wanting to create a peaceful world, Light used the death note and more than 50 criminals died in a month. Even people that encourages him appeared, people that want to leave without fear.

Light:” I’m not a hero. I’m going to create a peaceful world, a world with no criminals. Kira can change the world! ”

Ryuk:”Humans are so interesting!”

Since the killings occurred in the whole world and the Japan police can’t catch Kira, they called the profiler L for help. A message for Kira was broadcasted. A man saying he is Lind L. Tailor appeared on TV saying he is L and provoked Kira. Angry, Light wrote that man’s name in the death note and the man died of a heart attack. The broadcast was interrupted, but in a few seconds the voice of L was heard again. The man that just died was a criminal sentenced to dead that day and L used him as a stand in. Also in the interview L said that the broadcast will be live in the whole world, but was actually in Japan’s province, Kanto. Like that L found out that Kira can kill the people whose names and faces he knows and that Kira is in Kanto. And based on the time that the crimes occurred, L figured out that Kira must be a student.

After he discovered that L realized that Kira is a student based on the hours of the killings, Light begins writing the hours the once he kill should die. After the killings time changed, L realized that Kira should be close to someone in the police and asked foreigner police to follow the policemen he is working with and their family members, including Yagami Light.

Even if he never shows his face to anyone, L accepted to meet with a policeman, Yagami Soichiro.

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