“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 77~ep 78 ~Seung Jae:” Don’t ever go near Seung Hye again. If you do, I’ll kill you!“

Seung Hye finds Do Jin’s ring while cleaning his house, but when she wanted to return it, Do Jin threw the ring away and broke up with her. Seung Hye tries for while to hold on to Do Jin, but since he was rejecting her, she took her ring off and accepted the breaking up.

When he found out what happened and saw how Seung Hye was suffering, Seung Jae stepped in and defended his sister.

Episode 77

Coming to see Se Ryeong, Do Jin finds Yoon Ho there. Worried about both Seung Hye and Se Ryeong, Yoon Ho wants to know what decision Do Jin took, will he continue his relationship with Seung Hye, who’s been suffering in silence until now, or will he chose to break up with Seung Hye and spend his life with Se Ryeong.

Meantime Seung Hye goes to clean Do Jin’s apartment and finds his ring. Yoon Ho comes in and, angry, asks Seung Hye to go see Do Jin if she misses him so much and stop coming to his house because she isn’t his maid. He wants to know what happened to the energetic and confident Seung Hye and wants her to put herself first and stop suffering so much. But Seung Hye doesn’t want to put more pressure on Do Jin so she prefers to suffer silently.

Later, Seung Hye went at the hospital to see Do Jin. She gave him the good news that his café is going well and that she is thinking of a new item to put on the menu. When she took the ring out of her pocket and wanted to put it back on Do Jin’s finger, Do Jin took the ring and threw it away. Saying that he used Seung Hye to rebel against his mother, Do Jin breaks up with Seung Hye.

Do Jin:”I won’t be putting this ring back on my finger. Since this is the end of the road for up.”

Personal question: Yoon Ho, are you blind? You are in front of Seung Hye, she never was confident and energetic. The confident and energetic one was always Seung Ah!

The next day, Do Jin is absent minded. Seung Hye is suffering too, but when she calls Do Jin he treats her coldly. The moment Seung Hye called him, Do Jin was on his way to tell president Jang that he decided to accompany Se Ryeong to America and he also break up with Seung Hye.

The one that was most surprised to find out that Do Jin and Seung Hye broke up was Mi Ja. She knows the scars that a break up like that could give to a woman and she sympathizes with Seung Hye. In Mi Ja’s eyes Do Jin isn’t responsible as everyone thinks. Mi Ja thinks that if her son was a responsible man he wouldn’t have hurt Seung Hye. Hurting and leaving the woman he likes just because someone asked him too makes Do Jin a coward and a jerk.

Meantime Seung Hye and Yoon Ho revealed to Sun Im and Dong Seok that they’ve lied and Seung Hye was working at Do Jin’s café this whole time. Also Seung Hye tells her mother and grandmother that Do Jin broke up with her.

Episode 78

Finding out that Do Jin plans to go to America with Se Ryeong and that is why he broke up with her, Seung Hye runs to the hospital to ask Do Jin if he really can live without her. She tries to hold on to him, she is even ready to wait for him until Se Ryeong will be healed, but Do Jin pushes her away. Hurt, Seung Hye goes to Dae Shil.

The next day, Dong Seok with Yoon Ho’s help brought Seung Hye home. While Dong Seok took Seung Hye to her room, Seung Ah heard Yoon Ho telling Dae Ho how hard is for him when the woman he likes is agonizing for another man. Still he will not give up a trying to conquer Seung Hye.

Personal thought: Can someone explain me why so much suffering? After all between Seung Hye and Do Jin nothing happened, they didn’t even hold hands. Do Jin wasn’t there for Seung Hye never when she needed it….

Not being able to watch his sister lying sick in bed while agonizing for Do Jin, Seung Jae goes to Do Jin. He finds Do Jin talking to Yoon Ho and asking Yoon Ho to take care of Seung Hye.

Seung Jae takes Do Jin out and asks him if he really broke up with Seung Hye. Seeing Do Jin’s cold answer, Seung Jae feels the necessity to defend his sister and hits Do Jin until Yoon Ho showed up and stopped him.

Seung Jae:” If you were going to do this, you never should have started dating at all! Don’t ever go near Seung Hye again. If you do, I’ll kill you!“

Do Jin:” I should never have started it. I never should’ve started dating her. “

Later that night Se Ryeong calls Seung Hye to tell Seung Hye that Do Jin will accompany her in America for treatment. During the phone call Seung Hye wasn’t blaming Se Ryeong for anything, she even wished Se Ryeong to get better, which impressed Se Ryeong. While they were talking Do Jin came in and Se Ryeong wanted to let him talk to Seung Hye, but Do Jin coldly refused. Seung Hye heard Do Jin refusal and closed the conversation. That night Seung Hye took her ring of and threw it away.

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