“Death Note ” ep 2~ L:” You are Kira, aren’t you? Yagami Light-san…”

The fight continues even if the two rivals don’t know each others faces, but soon L got an advantage. L follows everyone close to the policemen that work with him, but the most suspicious to him is Yagami Light. While trying to make L not being suspicious on him, Light let L know that he is Kira.

Meantime another shinigami, Rem, appeared.

Personal thought: I can’t believe L figured it out so fast! I was expecting more of a struggle between the two nemesis, for Light to be able to cover his traces more and for L to take some time until he figures it out….

Episode 2

With Ryuk’s help, Light knew that he is followed. He realized that the one following him is one of L’s men, which means that L is suspicious of everyone related to the police. Scared, Light goes home where he stresses out for not knowing how much L knows. For L, Light and his sister are primary suspects because they are related to their father. Also the fact the Light changed the killings time to divert the attention of those thinking that Kira could be a student, made L sure that Kira is indeed a student.

L:” You never know what humans are hiding beneath the surface…”

Light thinks of a way to kill his follower, but he doesn’t know the follower’s name and he has to find a way to not raise more suspicions. He uses, for tests, the name of a man sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder and writes in the Death Note the name of that criminal, the time he should die and what he should do before dying. Light tries to find new ways to use the Death Note. If Light’s plan will work, the next Death Note victim will be L.

Light:”To protect the peace of the world, I must reduce the number of criminals. Therefore, I can’t allow Kira to be caught. I’m going to fight the enemy known as L.”

After Ryuk told him that the singer he likes, Misa – Misa will die in a few days, Light looks for ways to save her. He manages to run away from his follower and the moment he sees Misa Misa, Light hands her a letter, but the people around Amane Misa didn’t let her have the letter. Wanting so badly to save her life, Light screams loud that the next day at a certain hour she should be careful.

One of Misa Misa’s security guards heard Light saying that she will die the next day at 7 Pm and followed him for more information. Innocently Light told him everything, except the fact that he knows the time Misa Misa will die from a shinigami. When he arrived home, Light found his father waiting for him. Because his father asked him about his day, Light realized that his father and L knows that he skipped work that day to go look for Misa Misa.

The next day, Light writs in the Death Note the name of a criminal he saw in the newspaper. He wrote that the criminal will get in the same bus as he and his follower and threaten the bus driver with a gun. Then the criminal will put the student in the bus, which was Light, to get everyone’s belongings. Light thought that if the criminal will put him get everyone’s belongings he will be able to see the name of his follower. Everything happened the way Light wrote and he saw his follower’s name, than the criminal killed himself.

After finding out his follower’s name, Light wrote it the Death Note. He wrote that his follower will kill L when he will go to report everything that happened, than the follower will commit suicide.

Meantime Light went to save Misa Misa, but arrived at the concert he realized that Misa Misa’s concert was canceled. The man from Misa Misa’s security guard was actually the one that was going to kill her.

Arrived home, Misa Misa finds the security guard waiting for her. The way the security guard acts scared her and she tries to run away, but she can’t. Angry that she doesn’t accept him, the security guard pushed Misa Misa on the stairs. Later when Misa Misa wakes up, she finds the security guard dead and a note was dropped next to her. Misa Misa picked up the note and saw the shinigami that gave it to her, Rem.

Later, Light received L’s phone call. The man who was supposed to kill L, didn’t do it. The name he showed Light wasn’t his real name and now L knows that Yagami Light is Kira.

L:” You are Kira, aren’t you? Yagami Light-san…”

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