“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 79~ep 80 ~ “ A woman must marry a man who loves her more in order to be happy.”

No matter how much Mi Ja asked Se Ryeong to let Do Jin go, Se Ryeong doesn’t want to. Soon Do Jin will leave with Se Ryeong and her father, but before that Do Jin asked Se Ryeong to get married.

When Mi Ja found out her son will marry Se Ryeong, she went to bag Seung Hye to get Do Jin back.

Episode 79

Returning home after throwing her ring away, Seung Hye meets Seung Jae. He tries to make Seung Hye feel better by saying that she will be better off without Do Jin, but the fool Seung Hye got mad with her brother and scolded him for talking bad about Do Jin. Somebody please hit Seung Hye to bring her back on earth. The next morning Dae Shil came to see how Seung Hye is feeling and to encourage her to fight for what she wants, to fight for her happiness, but Seung Hye can’t do that. She puts Se Ryeong’s happiness before hers.

Meantime at the hospital Se Ryeong isn’t happy with the fact that Seung Hye and Do Jin broke up. She got her wish and Do Jin is by her side, but seeing him suffer makes her feel awful. But still, the selfish Se Ryeong doesn’t let Do Jin go. Se Ryeong prefers that she, Do Jin and Seung Hye to be unhappy for the rest of their lives then letting him go now when she has him.

Personal thought: Few episodes ago I mentioned that I was happy that the stylist finally was dressing Seung Hye better, not I think a have spoken too soon. The blue dress Seung Hye wore in the beginning of episode 79 is the type of dress my 70 years old grandmother usually wears…

Mi Ja goes to the hospital and begs Se Ryeong to let go of Do Jin. Instead of Do Jin, she will go to America and nurse Se Ryeong for the rest of her life.

Mi Ja:”Take my legs instead! I’ll switch places with you! Did you save Do Jin’s life to ruin it?”

Do Jin, who heard what his mother said to Se Ryeong, is willing to close his café and return working as a doctor after he returns from America. But Mi Ja doesn’t want him to do so anymore. She hates the idea of her son spending the life nursing a woman that he doesn’t love, a woman that can’t give her grandchildren.

Seung Hye goes on with her life, she returned to work and Do Jin’s café. But Do Jin plans to sell his café before leaving with Se Ryeong. He stops by the café and harshly, Do Jin asks Seung Hye to stop coming there. Yoon Ho heard everything and while talking to him, Do Jin offered to sell his café to Yoon Ho.

Before going back to the hospital, Do Jin stopped by his apartment to finish packing. He threw out all the books he had about pastry and the picture with Seung Hye. Then he returned at the hospital when he proposed Se Ryeong to get married. The reason Do Jin wants to get married is to release Se Ryeong’s anxiety and because it will be easier with paperwork at the hospital in America. Realizing that she won’t be able to get more from Do Jin, Se Ryeong suffers more than she could’ve imagined she would, but still she accepts to get married with Do Jin.

Episode 80

On her way home, Seung Hye arrived at the building where is Do Jin’s apartment. In front of the building she finds the things Do Jin threw away, including her picture.

Seung Hye:” I’ll forget about you completely.”

The next morning Seung Hye starts a new life. She isn’t the sad Seung Hye anymore she decided to move on with her life. The first thing she does that morning is going to play basketball with Yoon Ho. After exercising Yoon Ho and Seung Hye have a cup of tea at Seung Hye’s house. Seeing Yoon Ho enjoy her grandmother’s tea, Seung Hye has an idea. They should make Sun Im’s tea into tea bag so the traditional tea will be accessible to more people.

Later Se Ryeong called Seung Hye. She wants to apologize for having fired her while Seung Hye was working as a nurse at the hospital. Then Se Ryeong drops the bomb and invites Seung Hye to her engagement ceremony because Do Jin proposed to her. After Seung Hye left Se Ryeong wanted to see Kyeong Tae and ask his professional opinion, if she will be able to have children. Unfortunately Kyeong Tae said that the chances for Se Ryeong to have children are extremely low.

When Do Jin told Mi Ja about his plans to marry Se Ryeong, she went crazy. Mi Ja can’t accept a barren woman as her daughter-in-law.

Not accepting the idea of his son leaving with Se Ryeong and sacrificing his life for her, Mi Ja went to look for Seung Hye and ask for her help.

Mi Ja:” The only one who can stop him is you, Yoon Seung Hye! If you stop Do Jin from leaving, I’ll accept you. You love each other!”

Unfortunately for Mi Ja, no matter how much she bagged, Seung Hye can’t help her. She already broke up with Do Jin so she can’t do anything. While Mi Ja was insisting, Yoon Ho arrived and stopped her.

Since it didn’t work with the daughter, Mi Ja went to see the mother. She apologized for mistreating Seung Hye in the past and bagged Dong Seok to persuade Seung Hye in getting back with Do Jin. But Dong Seok can’t do as Mi Ja wants, she has another man in mind for Seung Hye and that man is Yoon Ho. Mi Ja failed with Dong Seok and Seon Seok too so she runs to her last hope, Dae Ho. But Dae Ho doesn’t think it’s right for elders to interfere into their children’s life and decisions.

Dae Shil came over to ask Seung Hye to sign her marriage certificate as witness. After Seung Hye signed, both of them enjoyed some tea and sweets while talking with Dong Seok, Sun Im and Seung Jae. Seung Hye’s mother, grandmother and Seung Jae encourage her to start dating Yoon Ho. They believe Yoon Ho is a better husband for Seung Hye then Do Jin could’ve been.

Sun Im: “ A woman must marry a man who loves her more in order to be happy.”

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