“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 81~ep 82 ~ Se Ryeong:” Say that you love me!”

Mi Ja comes up with a plan to stop Do Jin from marrying Se Ryeong and everyone is confused.

Do Jin visits Seung Hye at the café, but he felt awful when Seung Hye congratulated him for his wedding. When the time came Se Ryeong lied everyone and left the country alone. Do Jin tries to follow her, but Mi Ja collapsed in front of him while trying to stop him from leaving.

Episode 81

Mi Ja can’t let her son ruin his life so she has a new idea of saving him. She runs to the hospital and asks president Jang and Se Ryeong to let Do Jin go, instead she will marry president Jang and take care of Se Ryeong as if Se Ryeong would’ve been her real daughter for her entire life.

Not being able to hear that Do Jin doesn’t love her, that he is only marrying her out of guilt and pity, Se Ryeong asks her father to take her for a walk while Do Jin calms her mother. Se Ryeong knows that Mi Ja was right and she saw how desperate Mi Ja was to make that proposal, but still Se Ryeong asks Do Jin to tell her that he loves her, even if it’s a lie.

Se Ryeong:” Say that you love me. Tell me you’re marrying me for love.”

Still, Do Jin can’t say that he loves Se Ryeong, he can’t even lie to her.

President Jang went to see Seung Hye and apologize that in a way or another he and his daughter forced Seung Hye and Do Jin to break up. But Seung Hye gave president Jang a great lesson and in the same time a big slap on the face when Seung Hye, smiling, wished Se Ryeong all the happiness and to get better soon, to be able to walk again. And he feels worse when Seung Hye excuses herself to go cry in the restroom.

The next morning Do Jin met with Yoon Ho and gave him the café papers. Then Yoon Ho told Do Jin that he plans to propose to Seung Hye. After getting the café, Yoon Ho went to Seung Hye. He wants to give the café to her, but knowing that Seung Hye will refuse him, Yoon Ho proposes her to become the manager of that café.

Meantime at the hospital, Se Ryeong signed the marriage certificate, but she doesn’t want Do Jin to register it, she wants to do it herself. Later Do Jin went to see Seung Hye and apologize for how things turned out, but when he grabbed Seung Hye’s hand, she pushed his hand away.

Dae Shil brought Seung Jae at the shop for which he modeled. There are a lot of posters with him that even Seung Jae can’t believe the success he had. Suddenly two girls approach him and asks for autographs.

Episode 82

Se Ryeong is ready to go and register hers and Do Jin’s marriage, but she is acting strange. When Yoon Ho came to visit her, Se Ryeong thanked him for everything as if she was saying goodbye. Then Se Ryeong went to see her father at the office where she asked him to hug her. She was all dressed up and wearing makeup, but most importantly in front of her father and Yoon Ho, Se Ryeong acted the same way she was acting before the accident. Later Se Ryeong entered her old office and while looking at her name, she decided that she will soon stand up and walk, then she will start over.

Se Ryeong:”I’ll walk back in here no matter what and then I’ll start over.”

Trying to win Yoon Ho’s heart, Seung Ah dressed as Seung Hye and went to Yoon Ho’s house to cook for him. When he saw her, Yoon Ho thought that he is dreaming of Seung Hye. But unfortunately, no matter what Seung Ah will do Yoon Ho can’t love her back.

In fact Se Ryeong was acting strange and saying goodbye to everyone. Se Ryeong took the best decision for herself and left for America to get treatment accompanied by her secretary. She already took that decision few days ago when she asked her secretary to get everything ready, but knowing that if she will tell anyone her decision they will stop her, she kept everything for herself.

Arrived at the airport, Se Ryeong called Seung Hye to announce Seung Hye that she is leaving, but she is leaving without Do Jin. Also Se Ryeong thanked Seung Hye for everything.

Personal thought: Now seriously…how in the world could Yoon Ho mistake Seung Ah for Seung Hye? First of all their hair color is different and Seung Ah has longer hair….

This episode is the first episode I liked Jang Se Ryeong! She is now ready to heal and start a new and happy life. The moment she decided to go alone and get treatment, Se Ryeong decided that she will heal for herself, not for her father, not for Do Jin who was feeling guilty, but for herself. And the first step towards her healing was that she should wish to get better for herself. She showed everyone that she is a strong person. After all, when she will be at the rehabilitation center, Se Ryeong won’t need her family, friends and everyone she knows around her, she will need the doctors, nurses and her strong will. That way Se Ryeong will be able to focus on her own pain, her own in general, not at her father is feeling, what Do Jin is feeling or how they’ve hurt Seung Hye and Mi Ja.

When he heard that Se Ryeong left without telling anyone, Do Jin runs to the airport to stop her, but he arrived too late. Later he booked a ticked for another flight and intends to follow Se Ryeong, even if president Jang asked him not to saying that Se Ryeong left like that because she had a reason to.

Suddenly Mi Ja and Sang Man show up looking for Do Jin. She tries to stop him, but it’s impossible. Do Jin made his mind! He turns around to leave, but Mi Ja fainted.

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