“When I See You Again ” ep 11 ~ You Qian:” Finally…there is just the two of us.”

Since An Xi isn’t asking anything about his life, You Qian tells her little by little everything.

After You Qian’s boss found out that An Xi is the owner of a hostel called Lunar Maria, Yan Ze thought that she acted strange and went to You Qian’s house. That night An Xi found out that You Qian and Yan Ze know each other, but also Yan Ze found out why Luna Chou, his boss, acted strange after finding out who An Xi is.

Episode 11

Since An Xi doesn’t ask anything about his life, after breakfast You Qian took An Xi for a walk and showed her his old school. An Xi is impressed to see that You Qian attended a great school. What makes You Qian happy is the fact that finally there is just the two of them.

You Qian:” I am Pu Lang Village’s…little genius! Finally…there is just the two of us.”

You Qian want to show An Xi everything so she will get to know him even without asking. First he takes her to his favorite place in the entire campus, the place where one can listen to music for free and tells her about his favorite play. Also that place was his favorite because no one used to go there. At that place You Qian could’ve enjoyed his silence without being bothered by anyone. Still, while looking at You Qian, An Xi can’t believe that he used to be ugly and transparent.

Later, while An Xi was reading You Qian’s dating plan he made during his university years, You Qian approached her and kissed her on the cheek. That was one of the things he wished to do when he had a girlfriend.

You Qian:”Give my beautiful girlfriend a kiss when bystanders are passing by and receive their envious looks.”

Because he was called at the office, You Qian brought An Xi with him. When he went to bring some documents to the CEO, An Xi was left in You Qian’s office. After You Qian left, the CEO come inside and when she saw An Xi she called the security, but unfortunately for her You Qian arrived in time and defended An Xi.

The same time, Yan Ze is getting ready to leave Lunar Maria. He gets his luggage, says his goodbye and checks out. Ya En follow him outside without saying anything, but Yan Ze knows what she wants to say, he knows Ya En likes him.

Yan Ze:”Never ever like me!”

Returned to work, Yan Ze gave the information he got from Pu Lang Village to the CEO, who was surprised to see that An Xi is the owner of a small hostel called Lunar Maria. The CEO was acting strange and looking at the pictures with An Xi and her friends she asked about An Xi’s father. Yan Ze also found strange the fact that the CEO asked about An Xi’s father and when she heard that An Xi’s father was death, she immediately knew that An Xi was the only owner. Yan Ze never told the CEO that An Xi had only her father. Realizing something Yan Ze hurries to his office and checks some papers the CEO signed. The CEO name’s is Luna Chou.

Later that night, Yan Ze went to turn himself in. He went to You Qian’s house and told An Xi that he is not only You Qian’s good friend, but also he is Yong Qing’s older brother. Feeling lied, An Xi is upset with You Qian and wants to leave the room, but with his grandfather’s help, You Qian hit the table with his leg. When You Qian got up and wanted to go after An Xi, his grandfather pushed the table so that You Qian will hit himself. Worried, An Xi returns to take care of You Qian’s leg. While An Xi was taking care of his leg, You Qian explained her how things happened, that he didn’t intend to trick her and An Xi forgave him.

But the real reason Yan Ze went there is to find out why the CEO acted that way when she saw the name of An Xi’s hostel. When he got the chance Yan Ze asked An Xi about the name of her hostel and she said that her father named the hostel like that after her mother and she also said the name of her mother, who is the CEO of the company Yan Ze and You Qian work at.

While You Qian is at work, An Xi spends more time with grandfather, who is telling her more about You Qian’s life. The grandfather wants to go out for dinner so An Xi called You Qian to invite Da Yu too. You Qian hates to be bothered when he is working, but with An Xi he can get upset.  All the people in the meeting are surprised to see You Qian talking on the phone during a meeting. It’s the first time they see him like that.

An Xi and the grandfather are at the restaurant eating, but You Qian didn’t show up. He is still in the meeting, working hard. After the meeting Da Yu remembered You Qian that he had plans with An Xi, but it was already too late. You Qian hurried home where he found An Xi and his grandfather playing happily. An Xi invited him to play with them and You Qian played until grandfather fell asleep.

Later An Xi and You Qian went for a walk. While they were walking You Qian confessed to An Xi and told her that he likes her, but An Xi just said…”Thank You”. Poor You Qian, he must have felt awful!

You Qian:” An Xi, you’re the most important person to me. I really, really like you.”

The next day Da Yu told You Qian that Hai Kuo is the owner of his old house from Pu Lang Village. Together with Da Yu, You Qian goes to Pu Lang Village. Da Yu’s mission is to meet Hai Kuo and to buy You Qian’s old house. Meanwhile You Qian went to talk to Mei Wen. He wants to know from Mei Wen why An Xi is so distant towards him.

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