“Death Note ” ep 3 ~Light:”I can still fight.”

The fight between the two brilliant minds with continues. Knowing that L needs evidence that he is Kira, Light goes on with his work as Kira. He found a way to know the names of all the FBI agents that are working on Kira’s case and tries to get them. Unfortunately thinks didn’t go as smoothly as he planed and Raye was about to kill him when the second Kira saved Yagami Light.

Episode 3

Knowing that it can’t just happen for a wanted criminal to hijack a bus, L now knows that Kira is Yagami Light. He knows that Kira has to know the face and the name of the person he will kill so when the criminal put Light to get everyone belongings was the evidence that L needed for his suspicions. L also realized that Kira can control the criminal’s actions prior to their deaths so that means that Light also must’ve wanted the FBI agent that was following him to kill L, but since the FBI agent didn’t use his real name that wasn’t possible.

L:”Kira’s method of killing will be exposed by me.”

Now that L knows so much about him, Light goes home scared. He wants to tear up the notebook, but Ryuk stops him. Seeing Light worried that he was discovered and afraid that his father will arrest him, Ryuk proposed Light to write his own father’s name. At that moment Light’s father arrived home with a fellow policeman. Thinking that they’ve come for him, Light is about to write his father’s name on the Death Note when the other policeman tells him the reason he came. He is investigating the security guard that attacked Misa Misa earlier. Light is relieved to find out that Misa Misa is safe, but Ryuk doesn’t understand how can that be, he clearly saw that Misa Misa will die soon.

Later, Light tries to understand what happened, why his father didn’t say anything. It must mean that L didn’t said anything. The same time Ryuk tries to understand why is Misa Misa still alive when he clearly saw her lifespan.

Light:” I guess those shinigami eyes of yours aren’t very reliable.”

The next morning Light saw that L’s man is still tailing him and realized that L can’t do anything against him until L will have evidence.

Light:”He can’t catch Kira unless he has proof! I can still fight.”

Actually L didn’t found out who Kira really is. He just called everyone of his suspects that realized that they were followed or interacted in any way with the FBI agent that was tailing them. The night L called Light to ask him if he was Kira, L called 21 people and asked the same question.

Light:”Dreams are just about self-satisfaction. Everyone has a mission in life.”

So that no one will find the Death Note in his room, Light made a secret drawer. He also put a trap there. If someone beside Light will find the key of the secret drawer and discover the Death Note, when that person will try to touch the notebook it will start a fire. Also Light discovered that the Death Note has strict rules, he can’t use a criminal to kill a third person, which means that even if Light will put someone to kill L it won’t work, he has to know L’s real name and face to be able to kill L with the notebook’s help.

There is an easy way for Light to find out the FBI’s agent’s name that is tailing him. He can give up half of his lifespan and Ryuk will have him have shinigami eyes. But Light still has a lot of things to do so he can’t shorten his life. He figured out that there must be FBI agents following other people related to the police officers so to not raise suspicions he can just kill all of those agents.

Ryuk:”That’s Kira’s face you’ve got on.”

The following days Light spend a lot of time with his friends in public crowded places. When L called Raye, the agent that is after Light, to see if there is any changes, Raye realized that Light saw a picture with his fiancée and that woman’s name.

At Misa Misa’s concert, from all the people that were there, Misa saw Light and she even saw Light’s name.

Light walks on the street followed by Raye. Suddenly he goes to the toilet, but doesn’t come out. Raye enters and finds a card from a café and a message that at that café a reservation of his fiancées name was made. Worried that Kira might do something to his fiancée, Raye runs there. At his table Raye found a bag and inside the bag there was an old transmitter. Using that transmitter, Raye talked to Kira. What Kira wants for him are the names of all the FBI agents that operate in Japan, following the suspects in Kira’s case. He did as Kira wanted and got the files with the name and faces of all the agents. The same time L heard Raye and Kira’s conversation.

When Raye got the files, Kira told him to write the names of the agents on the papers he left in the bag together with the transmitter. Earlier, at the house, Light wrote the way the FBI agents will die and ripped the pages from the notebook. He realized that even if the pages of the Death Note are ripped, they still work. Without knowing Raye killed his fellow’s agents and himself.

Light went to the place where he wrote that Raye will die, but he was surprised. Raye didn’t wrote his name so he is alive. He saw the notebook’s pages on which Kira wrote on.

Light has a piece of Death Note book in his pocked, but he doesn’t know Raye’s real name. Suddenly Raye had a heart attack and died. Later, when he meets Ryuk, Light wants to know what happened, if Ryuk was the one that saved him. But it wasn’t Ryuk! It was Misa Misa, the second Kira!

Misa Misa doesn’t just have a Death Note, she also has the shinigami eyes so with that she found out Raye’s real name and wrote it in the notebook. Few days earlier, at her concert, Misa Misa saw Light’s name, but she didn’t see his lifespan so she figured out that he is Kira, the one who killed the man who murdered her family.


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