“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 83~ep 84 ~ Yoon Ho:” I want to keep you right next to me.”

Using a diamante ring, Yoon Ho proposed to Seung Hye. When Seung Ah found out she moved in with Yoon Ho. She intends to stay there until Seung Hye returns the ring. To bring her sister home, Seung Hye wanted to return the ring, but the ring disappeared.

Episode 83

Seung Hye is sad, in her room, remembering the happy moment she spent with Do Jin. Seung Ah wants Seung Hye and Do Jin to get back together so she takes a picture with Seung Hye and sent it to Do Jin. But Do Jin’s reaction wasn’t the one Seung Ah imagined. He didn’t reply to her text and when she called, Do Jin was cold and sent her away fast. Then Seung Ah went with the picture to Yoon Ho and told him that Seung Hye cried in front of all the family saying she can’t let go of Do Jin. After that Seung Ah said that if Yoon Ho really likes Seung Hye then he should let her be happy with the man she likes. Unfortunately that phrase backfired because Yoon Ho said that Seung Ah should do the same and wish him to be happy with the woman he likes if Seung Ah really likes him.

Later Seung Jae sees Seung Hye in the yard, lost in her thoughts. He told Seung Hye that if she will thing about getting back with Do Jin now that he didn’t leave with Se Ryeong then Seung Jae will be really disappointed in her. Seung Ah saw Seung Jae getting angry at Seung Hye and went to console her sister. But in the room Seung Ah told Seung Hye about the picture she sent Do Jin.

President Jang came to see Do Jin. He took a decision, but first he wants to tell his decision to Mi Ja. President Jang will leave Korea to be in America with his daughter, but he will leave alone, Do Jin stays with his mother.

President Jang talked on the phone with Se Ryeong and understood that he was wrong to force Do Jin to go with his daughter. Se Ryeong wants Do Jin to see her as a woman, not as a patient. So it’s better for Do Jin to stay by his mother’s side until Se Ryeong will recover. President Jang also wanted to see Seung Hye and asks Yoon Ho to set a meeting.

Since that day president Jang is leaving to be close to Se Ryeong, Seung Hye goes at the airport to talk to him. President Jang wanted to meet Seung Hye to tell her that she should stop blaming herself for Se Ryeong injury and to become the strong and confident woman he met.

On the way home, Yoon Ho proposed to Seung Hye. She refused him since she is having someone else in her heart. Still, Yoon Ho insisted that Seung Hye should keep the ring and answer him in a week. When Seung Hye arrived home, Seung Ah saw the ring and started crying.

Yoon Ho:” I want to keep you right next to me.”

Personal thought: Only in Korean dramas one can see the characters exercising, being out of breathe from all that exercise….but still have NO SWEAT at all and of course the hair is perfectly arranged J (makes me wonder why don’t I look the same when I’m exercising…being a little sarcastic here… )

Oh, Yoon Ho, you fool! You’ve missed a few steps so of course she will reject your proposal…. Seung Hye just broke up with her first live so she isn’t ready to start a new relationship. She still needs to heal after the break up.

Episode 84

Seung Ah is angry with Seung Hye for accepting Yoon Ho’s ring. The one that is the most happy to see the ring from Yoon Ho is Dong Seok, but when she realizes the way Seung Ah is glaring at Seung Hye, she sends her daughters to sleep. Maybe like that Seung Ah’s anger will vanish until morning.

Seung Ah:”You better give that ring back to him!”

Meanwhile Do Jin locked himself in his apartment, spending his days drinking. Worried Mi Ja came to see him, but Do Jin confused her with Seung Hye and revealed what it on his mind. Do Jin wanted to go with Se Ryeong to America to run away from his love for Seung Hye. Being so close to Seung Hye, but in the same time so far away, it’s too hard to bear for Do Jin.

The next morning Dong Seok, who was blinded by the diamante ring, told Dae Ho and Sun Im about Yoon Ho’s proposal and insists that Seung Hye should accept a man who gave her a diamante ring. The only one who is on Seung Hye’s side and thinks that Seung Hye should chose the man she will marry when she will be ready is Dae Ho.

While Seung Hye was talking to her parents and her grandmother, Seung Ah entered Dae Shil’s office. Sad, Seung Ah told Dae Shil about the diamante ring Yoon Ho gave Seung Hye, but she also threatened that if Seung Hye won’t return the ring, she will cause trouble, meaning that Seung Ah will spend the night with Yoon Ho, get pregnant and force Yoon Ho to marry her.

Worried about her son’s condition, Mi Ja called Seung Hye. When she arrived at Mi Ja’s house and saw how bad Mi Ja was looking, Seung Hye made some porridge and fed Mi Ja. Still Mi Ja wasn’t able to eat and asked Seung Hye to visit Do Jin and get some sense into him, make him feel better. But Seung HYe already took a decision, she will forget about Do Jin for good. Seung Hye refused Mi Ja’s request. She also went to see Mi Ja that day to ask her not to call her again regarding Do Jin.

Leaving Mi Ja’s house, Seung Hye can’t forget what Mi Ja told her and ended up at Do Jin’s apartment. She sees him coming from the store like an empty shell and remembers all the moments they’ve spend together. Seung Hye turns around to leave, but Do Jin saw her. She tries to make him return being the man she knew, she even tells him that if he will return to work at his café, she will make sure to never show up in front of him. Still Do Jin was cold with her and treated her with anger.

Seung Ah put her plan into action and moved in with Yoon Ho. She plans to stay with Yoon Ho until Seung Hye will return the ring. To bring Seung Ah home, Seung Hye went to Yoon Ho’s house and returned the ring. Still Seung Ah feels that something is off and checks the box. The ring is missing!

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