“Death Note ” ep 4 ~ Light:”The second Kira is talking to me!”

After a fierce battle of the brains, L is unable to get proof that Light is Kira so he goes out and challenge Light directly. Meanwhile, Misa Misa, used the shinigami eyes she got from Rem, to find the name of small criminals that weren’t broadcasted and killed them. Then she showed up in front of the original Kira, Yagami Light.

Episode 4

Light began to be paranoid and because of that he managed to not show L that he is Kira. When he left home Light posted a paper on his door, but that was a fake move. Light can tell is someone entered his room when he wasn’t home by the angle of his door handle. When someone shuts the door, the door handle returns to a horizontal position. So to know if someone was in or not while he wasn’t there, Ligh lowered the door handle slightly before he left. The moment Light returned home, he realized that the door handle was in a horizontal position, not the way he left it. Also seeing that the paper he left it was still there, Light knows that it wasn’t a member of his family, it must have been a professional.

Not knowing where the cameras are, Light uses Ryuk. If Ryuk will tell Light the exact position of the cameras then Ryuk will be able to continue eating the apples he likes.

Meantime after the agents deaths, L managed to narrow the suspects lists. Now L suspects just two families so he put surveillance cameras in the two houses. One of those houses is Yagami family’s house. Even if he said that all suspects are equals to him, L only looks at the camera that is after Light.

For the following days, after knowing the locations of the 64 camera in his house, Light acted normal, like any other college student. He even found a way to use the Death Note without being sees by L. Light put his phone, pen and piece of the notebook inside a potato chips bag. While pretending to eat and study, Light writes the name down.

Light:”Having Ryuk tell me the locations of the cameras and making preparations beforehand, I can appear to be a college student studying while using the Death Note to pass judgment on criminals being announced right now. My alibi is you yourself, L! Kira is creating a peaceful world without crime. I won’t be caught. “

The reason L suspects Light is because L thinks that Kira was born from Kira’s needs to protect the once he loved, but couldn’t do it in another manner. L thinks that the incident that brought Kira to life was chief Yagami’s kidnapping. The criminal that held chief Yagami and the other hostage died of a heart attack.

L:”Yagami Light is not Kira!”

Just when he was thinking that Light can’t be Kira, L noticed the potato chips bag and his suspicions rise once again. The next day L went to the university where Light is studying and introduced himself to Light. He brought a bag of potato chips and invited Light for a tennis game. If Light wins, then L will tell Light his real name, but if L wins, Light will have to grand him a wish.

The game stated. L proposed a tennis game to profile Light.

Light:” I won’t let him have his way.”

L:”I won’t let you have your way.”

Light won the game so L had to tell him his name, Ryuga Hideki, written as “A tree that flows fast along the river.”, but that name is also the name of a famous idol. Now, even if he knows L’s real name, Light can’t do anything to L. He knows that face of the idol with the same name as L and if he writes the name in the notebook, the idol could die instead of L.

No matter if he would’ve lost or win, as he did, Light would’ve still be a suspect. The wish L wanted Light to grand him was for Light to be L’s friend. Light knows that L was provoking him so he kept his composure and clam until L left.

Later Light remembers his father telling him that whoever has the power to kill, like Kira, is cursed. Eve n if his father sees things different than him, Light still believes in his good work as Kira.

Light:” I’m creating a new world!”

A new series of crimes in Kira’s style appeared. This time they aren’t serious criminals and their names were broadcasted. Also a threatening letter in Kira’s name was received at a broadcasting station. L realized that there are two Kira’s. Also Light realized the message behind the letter.

Light:”The second Kira is talking to me!”

Suddenly someone is at the door. Light opens up and is shocked to see that the person in front of him is Misa Misa. She let Light touch her notebook to allow him see Rem.

Misa Misa:”What color is yours? Mine’s red. I hear the most of them are black, but what’s yours?

Personal Thought: Both L and Light are above average smart so I’m kind curious who would look like a team formed from those two. But I doubt that would be possible, especially from the reason that they are really smart. They both are really close to know who the other thinks even if they don’t really know each other.

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