“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 85~ep 86 ~ Yoon Ho:”We’re getting married!”

Seung Ah insists on staying at Yoon Ho’s house until Seung Hye returns the ring, but she is caught by Dong Seok and forced to go home.

Seung Hye goes to see the tree that her biological parents planted and decides to accept Yoon Ho.

Episode 85

In order to bring her sister home, Seung Hye brought the ring back to Yoon Ho. They are about to leave when Seung Ah feels that something is strange and opens the box. The ring was missing! Since Seung Hye didn’t bring the ring, Seung Ah refuses to leave. Understanding the situation, Yoon Ho agrees with Seung Ah staying at his house. If the reason Seung Hye wants to return the ring is because Seung Ah refuses to go home until then, Yoon Ho prefers Seung Ah to stay at his house while he will stay at the hotel…or Yoon Ho, himself, will call the scary older brother, Yoon Seung Jae, to take Seung Ah home.

Before leaving to search for the ring, Seung Hye remembered that her mother and her aunt were acting strange earlier. Meantime at the house, Seon Sook tried the ring and now she can’t get it off her finger. Luckily Joon Bae woke up and helped Seon Sook to get the ring off her finger.

Yoon Ho took Seung Hye home. He is hoping Seung Hye won’t find the ring if she plans to reject his marriage proposal.

Yoon Ho:” If you’re putting the ring on your finger, I’d want you to find it. But if you’re trying to find it to return it, I hope it stays lost in Dongnakdang forever.”

Later Dong Seok returned the ring to Seung Hye and asked her to try it at least once. Since Seung Hye feels that it will be wrong for her to try the ring when she hasn’t let go of Do Jin, Dong Seok tells Seung Hye what she feels. Dong Seok believes that if Seung Hye went to see the tree her biological parents planted with Yoon Ho then there must be a reason for that.

Since Seung Ah didn’t want to go home when Seung Hye asked, Seung Jae came to bring her home. Still Seung Ah refuses so Seung Jae will spend the night there too. While Seung Jae called Seung Hye to tell her that he will also stay overnight at Yoon Ho’s place Dong Seok found out what is going on.

When Dong Seok came to bring her youngest daughter home, Seung Ah didn’t make the ruckus she made with her brother and sister and accepted going home, but first she wants to talk in private with Yoon Ho. While Dong Seok went home with Seung Hye and Seung Jae, Yoon Ho drove Seung Ah home.

Seung Ah:”I really have no chance with you?”

That night Yoon Ho made it clear that even if Seung Hye will reject him, he will never see Seung Ah more than a cute little sister.

Do Jin finally stopped locking himself in the house just drinking and returned to work. Even if he went to work, Do Jin isn’t himself, one minute he works like crazy and the other he stops and stares at the window.

Later, when Yoon Ho came, Do Jin is shocked to find out that Yoon Ho proposed to Seung Hye, but still he wished them to be happy. Do Jin wants Yoon Ho to make Seung Hye a happy woman. Seung Hye heard what Do Jin said and angry asked him if he won’t regret what he just said. When Do Jin didn’t leave with Se Ryeong, Seung Hye hoped that Do Jin will return to her.

Yoon Ho takes Seung Hye out and consoles her.

Yoon Ho:”Don’t fight too much if it hurts. I’ll help you forget the scar that Do Jin left behind.”

Episode 86

Seung Ah pretends to be on a hunger strike since Yoon Ho rejected her. Dae Shil came to see her and when she told Seung Ah that soon a better man than Yoon Ho will come her way, Ma Seong Nam showed up. He checks to see if Seung Ah isn’t sick.

Later Seong Nam gives Dong Seok the present he brought her. He also gave Sun Im, Dong Seok and Seung Hye medicine to don’t scold Seung Ah.

That night Seung Hye went to Seung Ah’s room and told her what happened with Do Jin earlier that day. When she heard what Do Jin said, Seung Ah went angry and asked Seung Hye to not return the ring. Seung Ah wants Seung Hye to wear the ring that Yoon Ho gave her and to marry Yoon Ho to make Do Jin regret his whole life that let Seung Hye go. Of course, Seung Ah decided to give up on Yoon Ho and find herself a way better man that Yoon Ho so he will regret his whole life for rejecting her.

The next morning Seung Ah regrets what she said the night before and wants to talk to Seung Hye, but Seung Hye is in a hurry. Seung Hye went to see Yoon Ho early in the morning to return the ring. She isn’t ready to accept Yoon Ho’s proposal and she doesn’t have the confidence to love him. Yoon Ho knows what is keeping Seung Hye from accepting him, but still he is ready to wait for her as long as he has too. Leaving Yoon Ho’s home, Seung Hye went to the orphanage to see the tree her parents planted. Sitting under the tree, Seung Hye thinks about what she should do. She let go of Do Jin and put Yoon Ho’s ring on her finger.

Yoon Ho, who followed her, is happy that finally Seung Hye accepted his proposal.

Yoon Ho:” I won’t ever let you go from now on.”

Feeling that he has to strike the iron while it’s hot, Yoon Ho accompanied Seung Hye inside and they announced her family that they will get married.

Yoon Ho:”We’re getting married!”

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