“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 87~ep 88 ~ Yoon Ho:”I’m at a loss of words.”

Yoon Ho and Seung Hye move on with the wedding plans. Meantime a new doctor shows up in town, an old friend of Kyeong Tae and Do Jin. Her name is Min Chae Won.

Kyeong Tae calls Chae Won and Do Jin over to his house for drinks, but he is called at the hospital. When Seung Hye comes to Kyeong Tae’s house with side dishes, she sees Chae Won and Do Jin there.

Episode 87

Dae Shil lost some blood and worried that something might have happened to her pregnancy called Seung Hye. Afraid that if she will tell Kyeong Tae he will stop her from going to work, Dae Shil accompanied by Seung Hye went to see an OB/GYN medic that just opened her clinic near Dae Shil’s house. What Dae Shil doesn’t know is that the medic that checked her is an old friend of Do Jin and Kyeong Tae, Min Chae Won.

After work Chae Won made some time to visit Do Jin’s café and catch up with him since they didn’t see each other in a long time. While Chae Won was at Do Jin’s café, Mi Ja saw her and remembered her being close to Do Jin in the past. Now that Mi Ja found out that Seung Hye accepted to marry Yoon Ho, she makes a move on Chae Won.

The next day Mi Ja visited Chae Won’s clinic in order to see how Chae Won feels about Do Jin, but Chae Won isn’t Seung Hye who lets everyone step on her. Chae Won didn’t forgot how Mi Ja treated her in the past.

Personal thought: If Min Chae Won hadn’t talked in this episode I wouldn’t known that she is Ham Eun Jung. Since the last time I saw her…something changed  😀 .

Yoon Ho called Seung Hye to set a meeting, there is a place he wants to go with her. They’ve met and went to a wedding dresses shop. Both Yoon Ho and Seung Hye tried on a wedding dress and a groom suite. They look so good together that the seller takes pictures of them.

Yoon Ho:”I’m at a loss of words.”

Episode 88

Yoon Ho is so happy that he can’t stop taking his eyes of the pictures with him and Seung Hye. But soon Seung Hye lets him know that she won’t be able to wear a wedding dress since her grandmother will want Seung Hye to have a traditional wedding. And as soon as they arrived at Dongnakdang, Sueng Hye and Yoon Ho found out that indeed Sun Im wants them to have a traditional wedding. The only one who is against that traditional wedding is Dong Seok, who knows that Seung Hye will regret her whole life if she won’t wear a wedding dress.

To make everyone happy Yoon Ho came up with an idea. They can have the traditional wedding that Sun Im wants in Korea and in America, with his family, they can have a western wedding in which Seung Hye will be able to wear the wedding dress.

The same time Chae Won is at Do Jin’s café. She has news about Se Ryeong’s recovery. Her surgery went well and she will be able to walk after rehabilitation. Then Do Jin and Chae Won went for a walk and some street food. Chae Won plans to make Do Jin forget about Seung Hye and fall in love with her.

Seung Hye brought some side dishes for Yoon Ho and prepared him something to eat, but when he hugged her while she was cutting some vegetable she became so nervous that she started hiccupping.

Later Yoon Ho met with Joon Bae and Seon Seok who asked him to convince Sun Im to allow Dae Ho to keep developing recipes.

Kyeong Tae invited Chae Won and Do Jin over to his house for drinks to catch up, but he was called to the hospital for an emergency. While Do Jin and Chae Won were alone at Kyeong Tae’s house, Seung Hye arrived bringing some side dishes for her uncle. Since both Do Jin and her were uncomfortable with each other, Seung Hye decided to leave.

Do Jin runs outside after Seung Hye and Chae Won follows him, but when they arrived they saw Seung Hye with Yoon Ho, who came to pick her up.

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