“When I See You Again ” ep 12 ~ An Xi:” I like you!”

Trying to separate An Xi and You Qian, Yong Qing tells An Xi who You Qian really is. Shocked, An Xi goes home. Worried that An Xi might be upset and won’t want to see him ever again, You Qian goes after her, but he has a surprise. An Xi apologizes for what happened on her 18th birthday and now she is free from her guilt and can love the man she likes.

Episode 12

While trying to understand why An Xi runs away from him every time he gets closer, You Qian went to visit Mei Wen and all the people from An Xi’s hostel. Mei Wen, Zhi Lin and Ya En pretended that An Xi is acting strange, but she is actually acting normal for a woman that likes him.

Later Ya Ru, while talking to You Qian, told him that the wall An Xi put between her and You Qian must be a person. There is someone An Xi has to apologize before getting into a relationship, someone she hurt in the past.

It’s difficult to fight with another person for someone’s heart. It’s even harder to fight with a ghost, but how can You Qian win a battle when the ghost he is fighting it’s his old self from 10 years ago…..

Meantime Da Yu met with Hai Kuo in order to buy the haunded house. Even if Da Yu offered twice the price Hai Kuo is asking, he still couldn’t buy it. Later, while Da Yu told him about the meeting with Hai Kuo, You Qian understood that Hai Kuo isn’t selling the house because someone, a girl, asks him not to.

An Xi returned home and from the starters Mei Wen scolded her. After telling An Xi that You Qian anxiously went looking for her because he can’t understand An Xi’s behavior, Mei Wen asked An Xi if she and You Qian kissed or if she created the moment for You Qian to kiss her.

An Xi likes You Qian, but she can’t seem to be able to look him in the eyes and confess. Then An Xi told Mei Wen the reason he refused to date for the last 10 years. When she was in high school, An Xi met a boy from the school next to the one she was attending. She became friends with that boy and made him laugh. One day, on her 18th birthday, that boy brought her the “Angel’s Tears” and confessed. The boy’s timing was wrong, he confessed after n Xi fought with her father so she spilled her anger on that boy. Few days later, An Xi went to apologize at that boy’s house, but no one was there. From a neighbor An Xi found out that the boy almost lost his life on the mountains, while getting the “Angel’s Tears” and his grandfather had to sell the house to pay for the hospital bills.

The next morning, everyone in Lunar Maria hostel are shocked to see that An Xi is still there. While they were sending An Xi back to Taipei, Hai Kuo showed up. An Xi doesn’t want to talk to Hai Kuo, but when he mentioned the hounded house, An Xi changed her mind. After An Xi left with Hai Kuo, You Qian arrived.

An Xi begs Hai Kuo to not sell the house. She tells him the story of the person she hurt 10 years ago. That person is the original owner of that house. The scar An Xi has on her back is because she saved Hai Kuo four years ago. She was asking him for a favor, to help her buy the haunted house, when a gang attacked Hai Kuo. One of the gang members broke a bottle and attacked Hai Kuo, but An Xi jumped between them and she was the one that got hurt.

After Hai Kuo left, An Xi turns around to go home and she sees You Qian.

After hearing An Xi talking to Hai Kuo, You Qian realized that the connection between the think he couldn’t ask An Xi about, including the reason she doesn’t want to be in a relationship it’s him. The person she hurt in high school and she wants to apologize to before getting into an relationship is You Qian. Four years ago An Xi, after saving Hai Kuo, asked him to buy the haunted house, than she made rumors about that house being haunted to make sure that no one will buy it.

Happy after realizing the truth, You Qian asks Da Yu to help him prepare a surprise for An Xi. He calls An Xi to announce her that they will have dinner together that night.

While cleaning You Qian’s house, An Xi found his old glasses and the papers he used to have always with him to help him study. Seeing them An Xi remembers Unibrow and she can’t believe that You Qian is Unibrow.

Suddenly Yong Qing called An Xi and told An Xi that her relationship with You Qian won’t stop just because You Qian is now dating An Xi. If An Xi doesn’t believe her then she should come see for herself.

Yong Qing dated another man she doesn’t like because once again she made another bet with her friends. Tired of him she wants to break up with that man, but since she knows who that man will react, Yong Qing called You Qian to pretend to be her boyfriend again. An Xi saw the whole scene, as Yong Qing wanted. Yong Qing started to believe that she could lose You Qian to an insignificant An Xi and she can’t accept that so now Yong Qing is trying to break up An Xi and You Qian.

Because You Qian told her that it will be the last time he is helping her, Yong Qing is angry. She went out and spilled her anger on An Xi. She told An Xi that beside being smart, You Qian is useless. He used to be called Unibrow, he used to be ugly and bullied when he came from Pu Lang Village, but she made him the man he is now. She even dared to say that You Qian doesn’t like An Xi.

Yong Qing:” You’re just like a cold to him. it will end when all the symptoms go away.”

Arrived next to them, Yo Qian tries to explain everything to An Xi. He wanted to tell her everything that night, but Yong Qing couldn’t bear to see others happy while she is miserable so instead to look for her own happiness she found it easier to make others miserable like her. That Hu Yong Qing…if she will bite her own tongue she will die of her own poison. Unfortunately for her, Yong Qing only knows what You Qian feels for An Xi and the misunderstanding that he had, but she doesn’t know what An Xi feels about Unibrow and that she’s been waiting for him for the last ten years.

An Xi:” You’re Unibrow from Pu Lang Village?”

Shocked, An Xi runs away. You Qian wants to run after her, but Yong Qing stopped him. He pushed Yong Qing away and tried to stop An Xi, but it was too late. He looked back with hate towards Yong Qing. Even she could understand that now, after she did, she lost You Qian for good.

You Qian is looking everywhere for An Xi, but she isn’t anywhere. He goes to Pu Lang Village, but Mei Wen, Zhi Lin, Ya Ru and Ya En closed all doors so that he can’t enter and make An Xi cry. Still You Qian has to explain An Xi and try to make her not break up with him and not believe what Hu Yong Qing said. He gets a ladder and goes up on a window. He enters An Xi’s room, but she is upstairs. Ya Ru and the others hold him from going to An Xi.

Suddenly An Xi comes down, wearing her high school uniform and playing the guitar. She remembered that You Qian wrote on his love plan that he wants to lean who to play one instrument with his girlfriend. Then An Xi puts his old glasses on him. She is talking to Unibrow, she apologizes for what happened on her 18th birthday and they resolve their misunderstandings.

After An Xi finished talking to Unibrown, she took You Qian’s glasses of as she now wants to talk to Xia You Qian. She confesses her feelings for him.

An Xi:” I secretly hope that you never recover from your sickness. I like you!”

Shocked of An Xi’s sudden confession You Qian doesn’t say a word. An Xi feels awkward so she goes outside to leave You Qian put order in his thought. He runs after her and kisses An Xi.

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