“Death Note ” ep 5 ~ Light:” I will share with you…Kira’s dream.”

Knowing that Yagami Light is Kira, the one that killed her family’s murderer, Misa Misa begins looking for Light recklessly to show her love for him. Misa Misa tells Light that she has the shinigami eyes and wants to use them to find L’s real name and to kill him in order to help Kira. For a while Light struggled whether he should drag Misa Misa into a battle so dangerous, but in the end he embraced Misa Misa’s idea and come up with a plan to let Misa Misa see L.

Episode 5

Light is not only shocked to see Amane Misa in his house, but now that he knows she is the second Kira, Light is nervous. With all the cameras and listening devises installed in his house, Misa Misa could say something that will give L the proof he needs that Light is Kira. When they remained alone in Light’s room, Misa Misa let her guard down and started talking about Rem and the eyes she got, meaning the shinigmai eyes. To stop Misa Misa form saying that he is Kira, Light kissed her and asked her to slap him and wait for him in the park near his house. As Light suspected L, who now knows that the letter in Kira’s name that was send to the broadcasting channel was send by a second Kira, was watching everything that was going on between Light and Misa Misa.

Later Light meets Misa Misa in the park. She tells him that she gave up half her life to acquire the shinigami eyes in order to find him. Now she wants to use those shinigami eyes to find L’s real name and kill him.

Misa Misa:”Let’s erase L together. I’ll be your eyes!”

Since Amane is reckless, Light tries to get her Death Note. He is afraid that she will do a mistake and L will catch her. Then Misa could tell L about Light. But Misa didn’t give him her Death Note so easily. Still Light intends to use Misa to find out L’s name and kill him.

Light is in class at the university when suddenly Misa Misa comes in. She had a photo shot closer to Light’s university and came to bring him her treasure.

Misa Mis:” What are you doing to my Light?”

Because everyone was staring at them, Light took Misa Misa outside. Misa Misa handed Light her Death Note and she will continue being his eyes in order to find L’s real name and kill him. Until they will find L’s real name, Misa Misa and Light will date.

The one that saved Misa Misa’s life was a shinigami named Gelus. He was her fan and when he saw her lifespan, Gelus died saving her.

After talking to Misa Misa, Light realized that he doesn’t have to hide. He went home and looked straight into one of the cameras that L set in his room. When L called him, Light asked L to meet. Since he can’t come out L invited Light at his house, to test him.

The next day Light went to L’s house. As soon as Light came, L gave him the letter that the second Kira send. Thinking that he could be tested by L, Light said that the letter doesn’t seem to be sent by Kira. Being smart helped Light pass L’s test. Now L intends to send another letter in Kira’s name, the content of the letter will be a message for the second Kira. From the letter of the second Kira, L realized that the second Kira worships the original Kira.

Both Light and L are on the same level when it is about brains. They are smart and realizes things that normal people usually don’t faster. In L’s eyes Light became smarter after they’ve met. In other words Light had the brain sleeping inside him, but when he met L, who provoked him to use his brain, Light suddenly became smarter than he was. L has to be a narcissist! From now on L wants Light to work with him to catch the second Kira.

L sent a letter to the broadcasting channel in Kira’s name as a message for the second Kira. To be sure that Misa Misa won’t do anything stupid, Light called and met her. He gave her a new letter she should send to the broadcasting station as a response to L’s letter. Then they mutually agreed that if one of them will be caught, that one will not expose the other even if the police will kill the one that was caught. If Misa Misa will be caught and Light will suspect that she will talk about him, then Light will immediately write her name in his Death Note.

Light:” I will share with you…Kira’s dream.”

Near left the house he was leaving in and went to Japan. He hears the news and realizes that the letters from the broadcasting station aren’t between Kira and the second Kira, but a game of cat and mouse between L and Kira.

Surprisingly L accepted Light’s invitation to Misa Misa’s band concert. Before leaving his house, L told the police that if something happens to him that day or the following days it means that Yagami Light is Kira. When L went inside, Light called Misa Misa. She has to look at him when she will be in stage and see L’s real name.

After talking with Misa Misa, Light went inside and he was shocked. Inside the concert hall there were a lot of men dressed as L. It took some time for Light to find L, but he did.

L:”It felt to me like Kira and the second Kira had a connection.”

L is a step in front of Kira. He already figured out that there is a connection between Kira and the second Kira and that Kira asked the second Kira to hide the fact that they know each other. For now Light isn’t worried. Even if L knows more than he should know soon Misa Misa will see L’s real name, using the shinigami eyes, and L will be death.

The other two girls from Misa Misa’s band are on stage, but Misa Misa is missing. She was arrested!

After hearing that Misa Misa’s attacker died of a heart attack, L suspected that there must be a connection between Misa Misa and Kira. On the letter that Misa Misa sent at the broadcasting station as the second Kira, the police found Amane Misa’s fingerprints.

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