“All about My Mom” ep 1 ~ Jin Ae:”I’ll seduce you right!”

Lee Jin Ae doesn’t get along with her mother, they have a love and hate relationship. All her life, Jin Ae had to sacrifice herself for her brother, Hyeong Kyu and pay her father’s debts. Jin Ae dreams of leaving her house and becoming independent and to be far away from her mother. Only after falling in love and marrying Kang Hoon Jae and having to deal with Hoon Jae’s mother, Jin Ae begins to understand her own mother.


Eugene             as     Lee Jin Ae

Lee Sang Woo as     Kang Hoon Jae

Go Doo Shim     as   Lim San Ok

Kim Gab Soo     as   Lee Dong Chul

Oh Min Seok     as   Lee Hyeong Kyu

Choi Tae Joon   as   Lee Hyeong Soon

Kim Joon Hyun  as  Mr. Kim

Lee Jin Ae found the apartment of her dreams and signed a contract to get it, but she soon discovers that her father lost some money after he was scammed. In order to help her parents keep their business, Jin Ae goes on a date with the landlord, but she meets Hoon Jae.

Episode 1

Sick and tired on her family and the arguments she has with her mother, Lee Jin Ae plans to buy her own apartment. She finally found the apartment of her dreams and she brags about her new apartment to her friend.

Meantime the landlord of Jin Ae’s parent’s restaurant raised their rent. If they can’t play that money Mr. Kim is asking then they should move out because Mr.Kim threatens them with making an office building at that place. But the real reason Mr. Kim can’t get to an agreement with Jin Ae’s parents is because he asked her out and Jin Ae rejected him.

Kang Hoon Jae has a small architecture firm. He fails to get important costumers by himself so his mother calls in for favors. No matter how much Hoon Jae threatened his mother that if she will interfere with his work again, then he will move out, she still can’t help it. Of course Hoon Jae always gives in to his mother.

Happy with her new apartment Jin Ae arrives home early to help her mother prepare dinner for her older brother’s birthday. But Jin Ae’s happiness doesn’t last long. As soon as she arrived home, Jin Ae finds out that her father was scammed once again and lost all their money. Last time Jin Ae’s father was scammed she had to use all her savings to pay the family debts and her grandmother’s hospital bill.

During the birthday dinner, even if her mother said to don’t tell what happened to her brother Hyeong Kyu, Jin Ae asks him if he has money because their father lost the family money again. Since Hyeong Kyu said he doesn’t have any money, Jin Ae got upset. He always says that he doesn’t have money, meantime Hyeong Kyu, who is a lawyer, drives an expensive car and buys expensive clothes.

Later Jin Ae goes to her brother’s room to talk to him about their family’s problems, but they end up fighting.

In the morning Jin Ae’s mother discovered in Jin Ae’s room the rental agreement for Jin Ae’s new apartment. When she saw the agreement Jin Ae’s mother scolded Jin Ae and they started to fight early in the morning. Jin Ae’s mother is angry that Jin Ae took a loan to get an apartment, but she doesn’t want to help the family with the financial problems.

While fighting with her mother, Jin Ae, angry, calls Mr. Kim , the landlord of her parent’s shop and sets a date with him to make her mother happy.

Hyeong Kyu heard his mother and sister fighting that morning, but he can’t help with anything since he was fired the day before. With the money Hyoeng Kyu has saved, he wants to open a law office.

Hoon Jae’s company works with Mr.Kim and Hoon Jae is called at Mr. Kim’s coffee shop to make some repairs. While Hoon Jae was looking at what he needed to repair, in the women toilet at Mr. Kim’s restaurant, Jin Ae entered. He hears her talking on the phone and things Jin Ae is a gold digger. Meantime when Jin Ae sees Hoon Jae in the women’s toilet she gets scared thinking that Hoon Jae is a pervert.

Jin Ae:”I’ll seduce you right!”

Personal thought: Jin Ae’s mother doesn’t have a problem with stepping on Jin Ae’s dreams and sacrificing her as long as her eldest son, Hyeong Kyu, is happy. Meantime Hyeong Kyu spends a lot of money on an expensive car, on expensive clothes, spends time with rich friends. He wants to succeed in life, he has the brain for that, but he doesn’t have what he thinks is the most important, a rich background, rich parents and even richer grandparents. The same time Hoon Jae has the background, but he wants to succeed on his own. Still he can’t. Hoon Jae’s mother steps in to help every time she thinks Hoon Jae could encounter a problem.

And from what it seems KBS’s comedy show “Gag Concert”‘s comedians are getting cast in dramas. After comedian Jo Yoon Ho in ” Kill Me Heal Me” and comedian Kim Ji Min in “Mask” it’s comedian Kim Joon Hyun’s time here in “All about my mom”. The landlord of Jin Ae’s parents, Mr. Kim is comedian Kim Joon Hyun.

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4 Responses to “All about My Mom” ep 1 ~ Jin Ae:”I’ll seduce you right!”

  1. shamrockmom3 says:

    I tuned into this show to check out LSW and KMS because they were so good in “Glorious Day” but the tone of this show is completely different. The whole premise of “treating sons more favorably ” is so worn out. Even worse is the fact that Jin Ae’s mom wants to pimp her daughter out to that sleazy landlord to save the family business. That is disgusting. The father is completely worthless, and his wife just yells and hits him instead of setting some firm boundaries between him and the family bank account. I might need to pass on this one. 😦

    • lemonmirae says:

      You’re right with what you said about mother’ who treat sons differently than daughters. At first I thought that Jin Ae’s mother was training her for a lifetime with a mother-in-law (I know it’s sounds strange..), but when she pushed her towards the landlord….was disgusting for a mother to do. If you don;t like this drama you shouldn’t lose your time on it, I’m going to give it a chance to see more episodes until I’ll make a decision.
      Thanks for your com! XD

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