“Death Note ” ep 6 ~ Light:”Dad, I’m Kira!”

Misa is being held hostage by L and interrogate. When she couldn’t bare L’s interrogation she asked Rem to kill her. Since Misa gave up the Death Note, she lost her memory. Meantime Light made a plan to save Misa and to stop being a suspect, he turned himself in. While L was interrogating Light, he threw away his Death Note and lost his memory.

Episode 6

Under the suspicion of being the second Kira, Misa Misa in placed into L’s custody. Worried that Misa Misa won’t be able to take anymore the interrogation and she could tell L that he is Kira, Light called his father. While Light was talking to his father, L was continuing to interrogate Misa. Unable to resist the interrogation and remembering that Light said that he will write her name in his Death Note if he will think that she could reveal his identity, Misa made sure that Light hears what she wants him to do.

Misa Misa:” Kill me! Please kill me already!”

When she was asking to be killed no one understood who was she talking too except for Light. He realized that Misa Misa was asking Rem to kill her. Not being able to see Misa suffer anymore, Rem touched her. Rem didn’t kill Misa, he just erased her memory. Now no matter how much L will interrogate Misa, she doesn’t remember Rem, the Death Note or the fact that Light is Kira. She even lost her shinigami eyes. The only thing Misa remembers is her love for Light.

Rem :”I entrust this Note to you. Save Misa! If you cannot do that, I will kill you!”

After Rem erased her memory, Misa lost consciousness for a little while. When she came back to her senses Misa didn’t remember where she was and why she was being held hostage. She was thinking that a stalker kidnapped her.

Now that he has two Death Notes in his possession, Light left a note for his sister saying that he will go on a trip and went to the mountains with Rem and Ryuk. He thought of a plan to save Misa. First he buried one Death Note into the ground, than he asked Rem for a favor.

While everyone was looking for him, Light showed up at L’s place and confessed that he is Kira.

Light:”Dad, I’m Kira!”

If L is the world’s best detective and he said that Light is Kira, then he must be true. Light said that he can’t trust himself anymore if L thinks that he is Kira so he let L investigate him until L will be satisfied. The first stage on Light’s plan worked and he is held in custody by L. Soon he will throw away his Death Note and he will lose his memory of being Kira so no matter how much L will interrogate him, L won’t be able to get anything form Light.

Light:”Now I just wait for the right time to throw away the Death Note.”

Several days since Light turned himself in, Kira stopped killing criminals. That is raising L’s suspicions on Light, but still Light isn’t throwing away his Death Note. He is waiting for something. The night that Light buried one Death Note, he asked Rem to give the other Death Note to someone who will use it for his own good. L will catch that person, who will be the scapegoat for Light and Misa. Of course Light knows that L might think that the scapegoat could be the third Kira.

When the time came Rem did as Light asked and Kira begin killing criminals that were announced to the public after Misa and Light were arrested. Still Light is waiting to see if Rem moved on with the plan. The new Kira began killing, but this time he wasn’t just killing criminals, he was also killing the once that were in his way. The scapegoat that Rem chose is an executive of a big company in Japan and he kills whomever he things will be in his company’s way to prosper.

After torturing Light for 15th days, L thinks it’s time for a polygraph test. When the test began, pretending to talk to L, Light said the magical words.

Light:” I throw it away!”

The moment Ryuk heard Light saying that he is throwing away his pride, Ryuk understood that Light meant that he is throwing away the Death Note. Even if he is throwing away the note, Light knows that as long as he will be close to L, he will be able to find the Death Note again and restart with his mission of creating a world without crime.

Confused that the polygraph test didn’t reveal Light to be Kira, L can’t give up his believes. Still thinking that Light is Kira and Misa is the second Kira, L called Light’s father and made a plan with him.

Light’s father took Light away from the prison and took his somewhere were L installed a camera. He pointed a gun towards Light asking Light to reveal that he is Kira. The same time L gave a picture of Light’s father to Misa and told her that he will kill Light. But since both Light and Misa lost their memory regarding Kira, nothing went the way L wanted.

There is another lead regarding Kira, who seems to give his support to a certain company. The clues regarding that company were sent to the police from L’s email, but when L found out he realized that the clues were actually Near send them.

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