“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 89~ep 90 ~ Seung Jae finds out the truth!

When Seung Hye asked Chae Won to not tell Kyeong Tae about Dae Shil’s condition, Chae Won wants to know how Seung Hye made Do Jin fell in love with her.

The wedding invitations are out and Yoon Ho, feeling insecure towards Do Jin, gave Do Jin an invitation.

Early in the morning, Seung Jae heard Dong Seok and Dae Ho talking and finds out that he is adopted.

Personal thought: The story goes on, but what happened with Mi Ja’s revenge. She tried to ruin Dae Ho and his family and suddenly she doesn’t mention her pain and need for revenge……

Episode 89

Knowing that Chae Won and Kyeong Tae are old friends, Seung Hye and Dae Shil are scared that Chae Won could tell Kyeong Tae that Dae Shil was sick the other day. To help her aunt, Seung Hye went to Chae Won’s clinic and asked her to not reveal Kyeong Tae that Dae Shil went to see her. Chae Won on the other hand wants to know how Seung Hye made Do Jin fall in love with her.

The next day Seung Hye met with Do Jin’s part time worker and handed her some recipes she developed for Do Jin’s café. After seeing Do Jin from far, Seung Hye went to a park nearby and thought about Do Jin and Yoon Ho. Suddenly a boy fell while playing and hurt himself. Seung Hye runs to help. Chae Won, who was walking by saw Seung Hye taking care of the little boy and she joined to help.

Yoon Ho came at Dongnakdang to help Dae Ho. He asked Sun Im’s permission for Dae Ho to keep developing recipes because he, Yoon Ho, wants to sell them at Gang Seol Foods. Unfortunately Yoon Ho failed it on his first try. Even if she said no to Dae Ho working in the kitchen, Sun Im still thinks about it.

Later Yoon Ho gave his and Seung Hye’s wedding invitation to Seon Seok and Joon Bae and also to Do Jin. Even if Seung Hye accepted to marry him, Yoon Ho still feels insecure. Do Jin also can’t watch Seung Hye getting married to Yoon Ho so he rejects Yoon Ho’s invitation, but Chae Won who was around and heard them talking told Yoon Ho that she will bring Do Jin to the wedding. After Yoon Ho left Chae Won proposed Do Jin to move in together and see if they are a good match for each other.

That night, while they were putting the wedding invitations in the envelops, Yoon Ho told Seung Hye that he gave one to Do Jin too.

Episode 90

Seung Hye accompanied Dae Shil to her appointment with Chae Won, but when they were leaving they’ve met Do Jin and Kyeong Tae who were coming to congratulate Chae Won for opening her clinic. Knowing that Do Jin and Seung Hye should talk Kyeong Tae grabbed Dae Shil’s hand and went inside. The atmosphere is awkward between Do Jin and Seung Hye so she leaves first. On her way home Seung Hye daydreams about Do Jin and she doesn’t even hear Seung Jae calling her.

After seeing the wedding invitation Seung Jae realized that he won’t see his sister as often as he is seeing her now when she will become a married woman so he wants to treat her to a meal before that. Seung Jae wants Seung Hye to be happy so he is asking her if she is happy with the decision she made.

I should love the man who gave me this ring. I can’t not love him.”

Seung Jae wants his sister to be happy. He doesn’t want to see her cry ever again, for Do Jin or for Yoon Ho. For now Seung Hye doesn’t love Yoon Ho, but she is trying to get there and Seung Jae is worried about how much Seung Hye will suffer if she won’t be able to love Yoon Ho.

Chae Won went to Do Jin’s café and took him out for dinner. She will choose what they will eat and since she found out the password from Do Jin’s house from Kyeong Tae, Chae Won wants to eat at Do Jin’s house. While she was eating what Do Jin made for her, Chae Won mentioned Seung Hye.

Meantime Seung Ah and Seong Nam arrived at Seon Seok’s shop. Seung Ah is hungry and wants to eat her aunt toast. When her aunt and uncle threatened Seong Nam that they don’t want him to hit on Seung Ah and Seong Nam started talking about the land and buildings he owns and that he will give his future wife a 5 carat ring, Seung Ah began seeing Seong Nam’s with different eyes.

In the morning Seung Jae hears his parents talking about the tree that Seung Hye and his biological parents planted and discovers that he also was adopted. Shocked Seung Jae runs to his room where he remembers who flustered Seung Hye was when he asked her about the tree in the picture she framed. He wants to ask Seung Hye about the tree in the picture, but he can’t seem to be able to open the subject.

In a daze Seung Jae goes to the park. He sits down and things about what he just found out. Suddenly a woman asks him to move if he isn’t using the gym equipment. When he left, Seung Jae dropped his phone.

Afraid that Seung Jae must have heard their parents talking and he knows that he also was adopted, Seung Hye goes to look for him. Since she can’t find him, Seung Hye calls her brother, but Chae Won answers.

Back to her apartment building Chae Won meets Do Jin at the elevator. Thinking that Chae Won goes to his apartment, Do Jin follows her around, but he finds out that she moved in next to him.

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