“All about My Mom” ep 2 ~ Jin Ae:”Are you really the only one?”

Hyeong Kyu asked his mother to sell her shop and lend him the money to open his own law firm. To help her mother keep her shop, Jin Ae breaks the apartment contract and with that money saves her mother’s shop.

Episode 2

Thinking that Hoon Jae is some kind of a pervert Jin Ae tries to leave, but she pushes the door instead of pulling it. Scared she is knocking the door and asking for help. Hoon Jae tries to help her and when Jin Ae slipped he caught her. At that moment Jin Ae slapped Hoon Jae and Mr. Kim entered.

While Jin Ae was talking to Mr. Kim, she sees her mother on the window. As soon as she sees her mother, Jin Ae begins flirting and smiling at Mr. Kim. When she sees her daughter flirting with Mr. Kim, Jin Ae’s mother runs inside and gets Jin Ae away from Mr. Kim. Leaving Mr. Kim’s coffee shop, Jin Ae and her mother fight again and Jin Ae leaves crying after she asks her mother why did her mother gave birth to her.

Hoon Jae sees Jin Ae on the street and stops her to ask for her apology. She mistook him for a pervert and scratched his face, but Jin Ae isn’t willing to apologize.

Hyeong Soon is at the sauna with his father when a friend of his calls. His friend has a blind date later and wants Hyeong Soon to go instead of him. The girl Hyeong Soon is supposed to meet is Jang Chae Ri, the girl who got him fired from his part time job. Since Chae Ri seems to like him and she doesn’t recognized him, Hyeong Soon goes on pretending to be his friend and in the same time he gets to pay back Chae Ri for getting him fired.

Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon have a pleasant lunch and she likes him more and more. When Chae Ri returns from the ladies room, Hyeong Soon runs to her and back hugs her saying that she mistakenly tucked her skirt in her panties.

San Ok tries everything she can to borrow money to keep her shop, but she can’t get them from anyone. Suddenly Hyeong Kyu called her. He asked her to sell her shop and give him the money to open his own law firm.

At night Jin Ae and Hyeong Soon find out from Hyeong Kyu that he asked their mother to sell the shop and lend him the money to open his law firm. Knowing how much her mother loves her shop, Jin Ae got into another fight with her older brother.

The next day Jin Ae repaired a machine at work and her CEO saw her and invited her to have tea in the office. Since she was in high school Jin Ae read her CEO’s books and felt that their lives were similar. Returned home, Jin Ae goes to her mother’s room and remembers the hard life her mother had after marrying her father.

Not having the heart to let her mother sell her shop, Jin Ae gives up her new apartment and with the deposit money she paid Mr. Kim and saved her mother’s side dish shop.

On her way home, Jin Ae received a phone call from one of her superiors from work. There is a problem at work and they need someone to fix a pipe that night. Arrived at the pipe company, Jin Ae meets Hoon Jae there. Since no one can help her fix the pipe from her office, Hoon Jae offered to help her.

Jin Ae:” Even if they didn’t have anyone, how could they send just anyone like you? Are you really the only one?”

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10 Responses to “All about My Mom” ep 2 ~ Jin Ae:”Are you really the only one?”

  1. hanakimi91 says:

    Is this drama good? I am watching “Adolecence Medley” with Choi Tae Jun.

  2. hanakimi91 says:

    Out of topic, but I’ve never told you how much I like the desing of your blog. It’s very neattttt ❤

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