“When I See You Again ” ep 13 ~ You Qian:”I’ll also get cold if you leave me.”

An Xi and You Qian spend a romantic night and everything seems to go well for them. Even Hai Kuo is willing to sell You Qian’s old house to Da Yu, but when he found out that Da Yu is You Qian’s assistant, Hai Kuo sold the house to Yong Qing.

Episode 13

After An Xi confessed and they’ve kissed, You Qian took An Xi to the restaurant where he was planning to tell her who he is. Da Yu prepared thinks the way You Qian asked. There was a romantic dinner, but the table was long, really long and You Qia and An Xi were far away from each other. The waiter brings the flowers and while giving the flowers to An Xi, You Qian confesses his feelings too.

Da Yu also prepared an extra surprise, but that was a message for his own good and a picture with him and You Qian.

Da Yu:” Change director Xia and save Zhong Da Yu.”

On their way out, You Qian tried to be romantic, but he only scared An Xi. Then You Qian took An Xi to a climbing wall and pushed her towards the wall, as the text from Da Yu was saying. Then after starring at a watch, You Qian made another confession…that didn’t come out as romantic as he wanted. Later, while walking around the park, You Qian received another text.

You Qian:” No matter what happens, I’ll always love you like I do now.”

An Xi doesn’t understand what You Qian is doing, but she wants to find out. She takes You Qian’s phone and sees the messages between You Qian and Da Yu and realized that You Qian wanted to share a romantic night with her, but didn’t know how to do it. The only problem is that An Xi doesn’t need romantic events, she only needs You Qian. She takes of his necktie to get his ring. She kisses the ring and puts it on Yo Qian’s finger.

Arrived home, An Xi feels a little shy and she wants to go to her room, but You Qian doesn’t let her. He wants to practice being shy together. He tries to kiss An Xi when his grandfather and Da Yu entered.

The next morning, it’s the first morning in which An Xi doesn’t push You Qian away. They enjoy each other and You Qian is even dirtying his face with milk so that An Xi will wipe it for him.

You Qian:”I’ll also get cold if you leave me.”

The room is filled with love and An Xi and You Qian are about to kiss when grandfather comes down. Seeing You Qian and An Xi so in love, You Qian’s grandfather misses his old house in Pu Lang Village more and more because that house is filled with memories with him and You Qian’s grandmother, You Qian’s parents and You Qian as child.

When You Qian leaves for work, An Xi follows him and the kiss goodbye, but they didn’t realize that Yong Qing and Hai Kuo were watching them angrily. Shocked after finding out that Xia You Qian is the guy An Xi met when she was 18 years old, Hai Kuo decided to call Da Yu and sell the haunted house of Pu Lang Village without knowing that the real buyer is You Qian.

Yan Ze called and invited An Xi to lunch. When she arrived, An Xi saw that there was a third person there too, the CEO of the company Yan Ze and You Qian work for. She wanted to apologize to An Xi for how she treated An Xi the other day when they saw each other in You Qian’s office. Actually the CEO wanted to know the daughter she abandoned many years ago, but when she realized that An Xi isn’t well prepared and doesn’t excel in anything in particular she got upset and left. After lunch Yan Ze took An Xi to a library where she asked him about his interests.

Yan Ze:”My real interest is taking things from other people.”

While An Xi was at the library with Yan Ze, You Qian called. When An Xi and You Qian were talking on the phone, Da Yu entered You Qian’s office saying that Hai Kuo called him. Happy that they will be able to buy You Qian’s grandfather’s old house back from Hai Kuo, An Xi tells Yan Ze everything.

Da Yu went to meet Hai Kuo with the money and the contract for the haunted house. Before signing Hai Kuo needed to use the toilet where Yan Ze followed him and told him that Zhong Da Yu is Xia You Qian’s assistant. Finding out that Da Yu is You Qian’s assistant, Hai Kuo ripped the contract and refuses to sell the house.

When You Qian arrived home his grandfather was extremely happy that they will be able to return to their old house in Pu Lang Village. Unfortunately You Qian had to give his grandfather the sad news that he wasn’t able to buy the old house back yet.

Later You Qian goes into An Xi’s room and finds her reading. Since You Qian likes music, An Xi borrowed from the library some books related to music.

That night Yong Qing called You Qian several times, but he ignored her. The only thing You Qian could do for Yong Qing was to send Yan Ze after his sister. When they were talking Yan Ze told Yong Qing that there is a way for her to get something that You Qian really wants. The next day Yong Qing met with Hai Kuo to buy You Qian’s old house.

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