“Death Note ” ep 7 ~ Light:”I will change the world!”

Despite his plan with Soichiro in which Soichiro put his life on the line, L isn’t fully convinced that Light isn’t Kira. In order to convince L that his isn’t Kira, Light began working with L to catch Kira.

When L and Light caught the new Kira, Light touched the Death Note and recovered his lost memory.

Personal thought: In the beginning I thought that Mello was the doll Near is carrying around, but now I start to think that Near suffers from multiple personalities disorder and Mello is his second personality.

Also the power that he got after receiving the Death Note made Light go crazy. Light no longer believes that “with great power comes great responsibility”, he just knows that he has a mission and he put his mind into finishing his mission no matter what he has to do to get there…or who he has to kill in his way.

Episode 7

In order to get some prove that Light is Kira and Misa is the second Kira, L made a plan with Light’s father. Yagami Soichiro took Light out of the prison he was in and threatened him with a gun. Both L and Soichiro, who were suspecting Light of being Kira, expected Soichiro to die. To save himself, Light would’ve killed his father or Misa would’ve killed Soichiro to save Light because L made sure to show Misa a picture with Light’s father, gave her Soichiro’s name and told her that Soichiro plans to kill Light. But since both Misa and Light lost their memories regarding the Death Note, L’s plan didn’t work. Still, after all that happened, L suspects Light. To find any evidence that he is right, L tied himself to Light.

When the policemen that work with L talked about the company that seems to be working with Kira, as their tip from L’s acquaintance said, Light decided that he wants to work with L and help him catch Kira.

L:”Let’s catch Kira and finish this together.”

Later, while taking Light to the room where Misa was, L realizes something. L starts thinking that maybe Light isn’t deceiving them, he just can’t remember the things he did as Kira. He asks both Misa and Light the reason they started dating, but either one of them can’t remember. Then he asks about two incidents related to Kira, two incidents Light can remember, except that he can’t remember killing the two people in those incidents.

To catch the new Kira, L made a new plan. The company that seems to work with Kira holds an audition so while Misa pretends to go to that audition, Light and another policeman will infiltrate into the company, the policeman will pretend to be Misa’s agency representative while Light will pretend to be Misa’s hairstylist. As soon as they entered, Light breaks up with Misa and Matsuda and following L’s instruction, he change his clothes and pretends to be a janitor.

During the audition, Matsuda was asked to leave the room and then Babel started asking Misa questions about L. Babel is the second greatest detective in the world after L, but since L has another two identities, everyone thinks Babel is the fourth one.

Light’s job is to enter in the conference room and place cameras in. While Light was attaching a camera in the conference room, he was about to be caught by a security guard, but luckily Light managed to run away.

Returned to L’s place, Light, Matsuda, L and the other policemen are able to see the meeting of the executives from Yotsuba Japan Group thanks to the camera Light installed into their conference room. At that meeting they decided to kill another person that was in their way, but Babel stopped them.

Later L told everyone that Babel is actually Near.

L:” Good work, Near!”

Misa Misa has a photo shot, but when she finished it a man approached her. He is prosecutor Mikami Teru and wants Misa to let him meet Kira. But he is scaring Misa so Light send him away.

Mikami Teru:” Could you take me to meet Kira?”

Meantime L met Near. L doesn’t feel anything suspicious from Light. A part of him would want Light to be Kira, but the other part wouldn’t. The same time Light thinks about L’s works. L told Light that Light’s way of thinking is similar to Kira so now Light suspects himself too. Light wants to know if he will be capable of killing criminals if he would have the ability to free the world from crime with only knowing the name and face of the criminal. Both L and Light want to know the answer to their question. But in the same time, L knows that he might not the alive to finish what he started.

L:” The one who puts in the final piece might not be me. It could be you, Near.”

Mello:”Stop being so stupid! Let’s kill Kira already.”

L’s plan worked. Someone from Yotsuba called Misa as L predicted. That man it should be the new Kira.

L:” We’re catching Kira tonight.”

Matsuda went on a TV show and gave an interview saying that he met Kira and he will reveal Kira’s identity. The new Kira is panicked and tried to kill Matsuda using the Death Note, but he doesn’t have Matsuda’s real name. To find it he made a trade with Rem and got the shinigami eyes. While Higuchi wrote Matsuda’s fake name into the Death Note, L and Light were watching him.

After making the trade, Hoguchi ran to the broadcasting channel, but instead of Matsuda he found a mannequin. Following Matsuda, Higuchi arrives outside and finds himself surrounded by police officers with their faces covered. L and Light appear in front of him and Higuchi tries to shot L, but Light saved him.

When Higuchi was arrested and with his eyes covered, L took the Death Note into his hands and saw Rem. The sight of Rem shocked L enough for him to fell on the ground. Not knowing what happened to L, Light touched the Death Note and recovered his lost memory.

Light:”I will change the world!”

To regain the ownership of his Death Note, Light had to kill Higuchi without leaving a trace into the note. Before giving up his memory, Light hid a piece of the Death Note in his watch. Now, when he recovered his memory, Light pricked his finger with a needle and wrote Higuchi’s name on the piece of the note he hid in his watch. The moment Higuchi died, L looked at Light and saw him holding the Death Note.

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