“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 91~ep 92 ~ Seung Jae:” Thank you for bringing me into this world.”

Seung Jae wants to confirm what he heard and asked Seung Hye. After knowing that he is adopted too, Seung Jae insisted that he wants to visit the tree his and Seung Hye’s biological parents planted.

Chae Won and Seung Hye did some volunteer work together and Chae Won suggested that they should become friends.

Episode 91

Wanting to confirm what he heard, Seung Jae asks Seung Hye if they really are biological siblings. After he confirmed the truth Seung Jae wanted to be alone and put his thought in order. Returned home, Seung Hye finds Yoon Ho talking to her mother and her grandmother about the families meeting being at Dongnakdang. Because Do Jin found out that the new herbal tonic he is selling at his café was made after Seung Hye’s recipe, he wants to take out the herbal tonic from the menu.

Since the herbal tonic was her last project at Do Jin’s cafe, Seung Hye goes to convince Do Jin to sell her tonic, but Yoon Ho feels insecure about Do Jin and Seung Hye meeting.

Yoon Ho:”You said you wouldn’t make me worry anymore.”

Seung Jae tries to deal in his own way the news that he is adopted, but he wants to see the tree his biological parents planted. The next day Seung Hye took Seung Jae to the orphanage to see the tree and he told the tree what he wanted to tell his parents.

Seung Jae:” Thank you for bringing me into this world.”

Meantime at the house Ma Seong Nam brought a huge diamante ring and proposed to Seung Ah.

Episode 92

Chae Won sent a text to Do Jin telling him to free his schedule for a day. She wants Do Jin to go with her for volunteer work. Later Chae Won and Seung Hye met while having lunch with the parents of the little boy they’ve helped the other day. The parents invited them to lunch to thank them for helping their son. After lunch Chae Won invited Seung Hye to have some tea and asked Seung Hye to come the next day at the medical volunteer work she will attend. The volunteer work will be at a centre for single mothers.

After they’ve finished the volunteer work, Chae Won suggested Seung Hye that they should be friends. She likes Seung Hye and she thinks that they have a lot of things in common.

Seung Hye calls Yoon Ho to apologize for not going with him to search for their newlywed house. While they were talking Yoon Ho apologized that he forced Seung Hye to wear the engagement ring and told her to take it off if she isn’t comfortable wearing it, but Seung Hye wants to keep it on. Seung Hye knows that the ring symbolizes the promise she made to marry Yoon Ho.

Since he found out that Dae Shil had a bleeding, Kyeong Tae is against her working, but Dae Shil refuses to stop working. Dae Shil runs to work every day exhausting herself. Not being able to take it any longer, Kyeong Tae decided that he will let Dae Shil work as she wants, but if something will happen to one of the twins she is carrying then they will break up.

Mi Ja brought some dishes to Do Jin and was shocked to see that Chae Won enters Do Jin’s house as if it was hers.

Do Jin:”It’s none of your concern whom I date, mother.”

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