“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 1 ~ Yan Hao:” Jia An, if I’m going to tell you that I like…Shao Qing, will you still be her friend?”

To The Dearest Intruder it’s a story that shows that anyone can, without wanting, become the third person in a love relationship. This story is about two women, best friends, who fell in love with the same man. Jia An and Shao Qing are best friends since high school and they’re attending the same college. But they have another thing in common, they fell in love with Yan Hao. He and Jia An met while they were little.

Jia An fell in love with Yan Hao since they were children and she plans to marry him someday. When Yan Hao’s father suddenly died, he left all his debts to Yan Hao, who is also trying to establish his own company. Jia An stayed by Yan Hao’s side during the hard times so Shao Qing feels that she is the third wheel and needs to leave.

Ten years later, Yan Hao and Jia An are married and they meet Shao Qing at their school reunion. When he sees Shao Qing again, Yan Hao realizes that he still has feelings for Saho Qing.

The third person in love relationship, could seem to be, at first, Shao Qing, but actual the intruder in that relationship is Jia An. Both Shao Qing and Yan Hao like each other, but they don’t want to hurt Jia An.

Personally I hate the fact that the writer made Jia An’s character so so so STUPID. If she is that stupid how did she got into a college? How she finished high school??????


Melvin Sia     as   Yan Hao

Amber An       as     Xong Jia An

Aggie Hsieh   as   Luo Shao Qing

Episode 1

Jia An enters a jewelry and sees her husband leaving that place. She follows him and sees him waving and showing something to her best friend Shao Qing. Suddenly a man tries to get the ring that Yan Hao was showing Shao Qing form Yan Hao. That man is a thief! Seeing her husband fighting that thief, Jia An calls Yan Hao and the moment Yan Hao looks at Jia An, the thief shot him.

After Yan Hao was shot we are taken to the past. Ten years ago when she entered a college in Taipei, Jia An moved to Taipei happy that she will be close to her two most loved people, the guy she likes, Yan Hao, and her best friend Shao Qing.

While Jia An was in the bus coming to Taipei, Shao Qing went to buy their daily necessities since the two of them will live together. At the store a man tries to cut in front of the line and Shao Qing fights him. Yan Hao was also shopping and helps Shao Qing.

When Yan Hao was leaving, he mistakenly hid Shao Qing and hurt her eye. Since he hurt Shao Qing, Yan Hao took her to a hospital. Later he rushed to pick up Jia An. Arrived in front of Jia An’s new house, Yan Hao sees Shao Qing again and realizes that the girl her met in the store earlier was Jia An’s best friend.

The three friends spend their time together as the three musketeers. If Shao Qing and Jia An don’t like certain types of food, Yan Hao eats them instead of the girls. If Yan Hao gets into trouble, the girls help him.

Jia An has known Yan Hao since she was little and she liked him for a long time. She likes Yan Hao because her father said Yan Hao is reliable and because of the type of person he is now. But Yan Hao seems to like Shao Qing and Shao Qing seems to like him too. Unfortunately Shao Qing doesn’t pay attention to her own happiness, her own feelings because she doesn’t want to hurt innocent Jia An.

When Yan Hao bought a motorcycle, Shao Qing wanted to drive it so she took Yan Hao for a ride. During that ride, Yan Hao confessed.

Yan Hao:” I like you!”

Nervous, after hearing Yan Hao’s confession, Shao Qing couldn’t control the motorcycle and they fell. She is scared to answer Yan Hao’s feeling, she is scared to lose Jia An’s friendship so Shao Qing is angry.

Worried about her two friends, Jia An brought Yan Hao over to apologize. That night the three friends drunk and had fun while playing truth or dare. They take pictures, Shao Qing draws on Yan Hao, she writes her name on his shirt, than she puts lipstick on her lips and kisses Yan Hao’s shirt on his heart.

Shao Qing:” I’m eating you, you idiot.”

The next day, two guys from Shao Qing’s university weren’t leaving her alone. Yan Hao sees everything and helps her. She hold her hand and tells those two guy that she is his girlfriend.

Yan Hao:” I’m Shao Qing’s boyfriend!”

Shao Qing is swimming, but next to her Jia An keeps talking about how much she likes Yan Hao and how she will die if he will get a girlfriend someday. Not being able to take it anymore, Shao Qing gets angry at Jia An. Unfortunately for Shao Qing, she forgot to bring new clothes and the once she was wearing got into the pool. Jia An rushed home to bring new clothes for Shao Qing, but Yan Hao’s brother’s teacher called her.

Shao Qing waited until late for Jia An to come with her clothes. It’s late and she can’t wait anymore. She wants to leave, but the two guys that approached her the other time showed up. She is scared and doesn’t know what to do since she is alone with them. Luckily Shao Qing managed to run away from them, but for the following two weeks Shao Qing didn’t speak with Jia An.

An woman showed up at Shao Qing’s school and humiliated her. That woman is Shao Qing’s father’s wife. Shao Qing is a mistress daughter, an illegitimate child.

Yan Hao saw Jia An consoling Shao Qing.

While walking around the campus, Yan Hao sees the two guys that scared Shao Qing at the pool. They were watching the video they’ve filmed with Shao Qing. Yan Hao fought them and returned the video to Shao Qing.

On Shao Qing’s birthday, Jia An, Yan Hao and other classmates prepared a surprise for Shao Qing.

Yan Hao:” Jia An, if I’m going to tell you that I like…Shao Qing, will you still be her friend?”

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