“All about My Mom” ep 3 ~ Hoon Jae:” You might beat me up if I don’t.”

With Hoon Jae’s help, Jin Ae got the leaking problem fixed, but the next day, during the important meeting with the Chinese buyers the pipe burst again. Jin Ae pushed the CEO and got herself soaked.

Later, when she arrived home, Jin Ae got into a fight with her mother and Hyeong Kyu for making a new contract with Mr. Kim and her mother isn’t able to sell the store anymore.

Episode 3

Since there is no one to help her, Jin Ae begged Hoon Jae to help her fix the broken pipe until he accepted.

Hoon Jae:” You might beat me up if I don’t.”

Arrived at the company, Hoon Jae takes a look at the pipe and tries to fix it, but the problem can’t be fixed that easily. He gives up and advises Jin Ae to tell her superiors the truth and fix the pipe the next day. Since they are waiting for important buyers from China and also the CEO will came, Jin Ae can’t give up. She keeps bagging Hoon Jae to try and fix the pipe. There is only a small meeting in the morning so Hoon Jae’s work ahs to last only a few hours. Still Hoon Jae can’t give in to his principles and leaves. On his way home, Hoon Jae thinks about Jia Ae and how much she begged him and returns to help.

While Hoon Jae was working on the pipe, Jin Ae was practicing her speech for the next day, but she fell asleep on the floor. When Hoon Jae finished his work found her and put his jacked on her to keep her warm, but Jin Ae woke up.

The next day everything went well with the Chinese visitors until the moment when the CEO was saying her goodbyes to them. At that moment the pipe bursts again, in the middle of the meeting, right above the CEO. Jin Ae sees everything, pushes her CEO away and gets soaked herself.

Jin Ae’s parents went to see Mr. Kim and sell their store, but when they met him Mr. Kim announced them that Jin Ae’s already gave him the money and signed a new contract. To be sure that her mother won’t sell the store for the next two years, Jin Ae put her name on the contract too.

Hyeong Soon went at an interview, but he failed again. Suddenly his friend, Shin Jae Min, calls saying that Jang Chae Ri is waiting for him. At first Hyeong Soon didn’t want to go to pretend to be his friend again, but he gave in and went. Chae Ri fell for him and finds all sort of occasions to see him. To be able to have a date with him, Chae Ri said that she wants to get some plastic surgery. The real Shin Jae Rim is a plastic surgeon. Hyeong Soon wants to tell her how ugly she is and remove her confidence in herself, but looking at her Hyeong Soon’s heart beats faster.

Hyeong Soon:” Let’s not see each other again.”

Because he helped Jin Ae all night long, Hoon Jae was late for an important meeting and lost a huge contract. After a hard day Hoon Jae meets Jin Ae and gets mad at her for no reason, she just showed up in front of him when he was really angry.

After fighting, Jin Ae paid Hoon Jae for helping her the night before and left angry.

When Jin Ae arrived home, her mother was waiting for her angrily and scolded Jin Ae for making a contract with Mr. Kim without consulting her. Since Jin Ae put her name on the contract, her mother can’t sell her shop to give the money to Hyeong Kyu. In the middle of the mother and daughter argument, Hyeong Kyu came home. He stopped his mother form fighting with Jin Ae and took his sister to his room. In his room, Hyeong Kyu and Jin Ae began fighting until their father entered and hit Hyeong Kyu.

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