“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 93~ep 94 ~ Seung Hye:”It’s too big for just the two of us.”

Seung Hye received a phone call from Kyeong Min and went to help Do Jin at his café, but there she sees Do Jin and Chae Won hugging and feels jealous. Realizing how great Seung Hye is compared to Se Ryeong and Chae Won, Mi Ja went to Dae Ho in order to get him to help her get Do Jin and Seung Hye back together. While Mi Ja and Dae Ho were talking about their old relationship and the child they were supposed to have, Dong Seok come in and heard them. Feeling betrayed Dong Seok asks Dae Ho for a divorce.

While going to buy furniture, Do Jin and Chae Won run into Seung Hye and Yoon Ho.

Episode 93

Kyeong Min, Do Jin’s part time worker, had an emergency and called Seung Hye to replace her at the café, but when Seung Hye arrived she saw Do Jin and Chae Won there. Seeing Seung Hye outside, Chae Won hugged on purpose Do Jin to see Seung Hye’s reaction. When Seung Hye left, Chae Won followed her and told her that the hug was on purpose to see Seung Hye’s reaction. Then Chae Won realized that Seung Hye took off her engagement ring. Actually Seung Hye was cooking when Kyeong Min called her and she took her ring off while making the dough for noodles. Leaving in a hurry, Seung Hye forgot to put her ring on.

Back at the house, Seung Hye meets with Yoon Ho who came to pick her up and go see their future house.

As people say you realize what you had all along only after you’ve lost it. Mi Ja realized that compared to Se Ryeong and Chae Won, Seung Hye is a much better daughter-in-law so she went to look for Dae Ho. She wants Dae Ho to stop Seung Hye’s marriage with Yoon Ho so that Seung Hye and Do Jin could be happy together. While they were talking about Seung Hye and Do Jin, Mi Ja brought up the past and the child she was carrying the day she was thrown out of Dongnakdang. That moment Dong Seok entered and heard Mi Ja saying she had a child with Dae Ho and went crazy.

The same time, Yoon Ho and Seung Hye are visiting houses for their newlywed life. Yoon Ho is extremely happy, he made plans of how will they cook, were will they make coffee, were to put the bed, were to put the baby crib and what he will do with his son and daughter. Hearing him, Seung Hye is shocked. But why was Seung Hye so shocked? It’s not like she was expecting to get married and live with her husband like two siblings sleeping in different rooms…

Seung Hye:”It’s too big for just the two of us.”

Upset that Dae Shil insists working and her pregnancy could be at risk, Kyeong Tae threatened Dae Shil that if something will be wrong with the twins she is carrying than they will divorce. Since he threatened Dae Shil will their divorce, Kyeong Tae gives Dae Shil the silent treatment.

Episode 94

After helping Do Jin at his café, Chae Won asked Do Jin to accompany her shopping. She needs some furniture for her new house and wants Do Jin to buy it as a new house present. At the furniture shop, Chae Won and Do Jin met Seung Hye and Yoon Ho who were looking for furniture for their newlywed house.

Later, while taking a walk, Do Jin arrived near Seung Hye’s house and saw Yoon Ho taking Seung Hye home. Then Do Jin went to the bench where he and Seung Hye were seeing each other and remembered all the times they’ve spend together and their promises.

Since she found out that Dae Ho and Mi Ja had a relationship, Dong Seok kicked Da Ho out. The fact that she was lied about Dae Ho having a relationship with Mi Ja before their marriage is one thing, but when she thinks of who Mi Ja must have mocked her while Dong Seok was cleaning her house, cooking for her while Mi Ja was sick, Dong Seok can’t find forces to forgive Dae Ho and Sun Im. Dong Seok is so upset that she even handed Dae Ho the divorce papers.

When Sun Im found out about Dong Seok asking Dae Ho the divorce, she fell ill. Seung Ah is the only one at home and not knowing what to do for her grandmother, Seung Ah called Seong Nam.

Seung Hye went to see one of the girls from the single mothers shelter, but when she heart that the girl was having pain, Seung Hye took the pregnant girl to Chae Won. After checking up Mi Yeon, Chae Won invited Seung Hye for drinks. They went drinking at Chae Won’s house, but Seung Hye got drunk really easy and fell asleep. Just then Do Jin came to Chae Won to get what he borrowed her.

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