“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 95~ep 96 ~ Do Jin:”I shouldn’t have done that.”

Seung Hye and Do Jin work together for a business meeting. After the business meeting Do Jin, Seung Hye, Yoon Ho and Chae Won have dinner together. Form something that Chae Won said, Seung Hye got upset and after getting mad with Chae Won, she left. On her way out, Seung Hye received an emergency call.

Yoon Ho and Seung Hye are preparing for their wedding. Chae Won, after seeing Do Jin and Seung Hye together, begins to lose her confidence of getting Do Jin.

Personal thought: The scene with the birth was kind pathetic…I’ve seen better. Don’t really get what was with the sleeping at the bus stop scene, but I’ve seen that kind of thing in other dramas so I suppose it’s something special for Koreans.

Here is another thing that doesn’t make sense in my head. Seung Hye, who is able to create good reciepes that sell well, is now doing business with Do Jin, helping him to open a franchise. Why would she do that? Is she a good business woman? If Seung Hye was a good business woman, if she know anything about business, why didn’t she help her father keep his antique store? With a good business plan Dae Ho’s antique store would’ve brought in profit and he wouldn’t have had to close it, right?!!

I just remembered another thing that doesn’t make any sense, it’s from a few episodes ago when Se Ryeong was still around. Seung Hye was really shy when she saw 0,000001% of Do Jin’s skin, around his belly, when he was changing a light bulb in the first café he had, but she didn’t feel any shyness when she saw Yoon Ho’s six pack at the pool after Seung Ah’s surgery…..

On another hand, I didn’t write in this post about Dong Seok being mad at Dae Ho and Sun Im because she was in a loveless relationship since Dae Ho loved Mi Ja when they were young, but if Dong Seok is so hurt about it why is she pushing her daughter, Seung Hye, towards a loveless relationship?

Seriously now, who is writing this drama? The writers forgot what they’ve written in the first episodes? And why is everyone in this drama seeing how much Do Jin and Seung Hye are in love when there is absolutely no chemistry between them.

Episode 95

Do Jin sees Seung Hye sleeping after she got drunk at Chae Won’s house and calls Seung Jae to pick her up.

The next day, Seong Nam wanted to meet with Seung Ah and Seung Jae to ask Seung Jae’s permission to date Seung Ah.

Seong Nam:” Please give us your blessing.”

Yoon Ho received a phone call from Do Jin. He went to pick up Seung Hye and together left towards Do Jin’s café. Since Seung Hye is the one that developed Do Jin’s café menu items, Do Jin wanted to know if she is willing to attend a business meeting regarding the café and the items she developed.

After the business meeting Seung Hye, Yoon Ho, Do Jin and Chae Won went to have dinner together. There is an awkward atmosphere between Do Jin and Seung Hye.

Chae Won:”It’s nice to double date like this.”

When Chae Won talked about wanting to get married with Do Jin so she would be able to adopt a child because she isn’t interested of giving birth, Seung Hye took it personal and after getting mad with Chae Won, she left. Not knowing that Seung Hye was adopted, Chae Won doesn’t understand Seung Hye’s strange reaction. Going after Seung Hye, Chae Won finds Seung Hye talking on the phone with Mi Yeon, the girl from the single mother’s center they were taking care of.

Seung Hye and Chae Won run to the single mother’s center and finds the Mi Yeon went to labor. Since it’s too late to take Mi Yeon to the hospital, both Chae Won and Seung Hye help the girl to give birth to her child.

After helping giving birth to the child, Seung Hye accompanies Chae Won to Chae Won’s house. At Chae Won’s house, while drinking a cup of tea, Chae Won explains Seung Hye the reason she plans to adopt a child. Also Chae Won understands Seung Hye’s reaction from earlier after Seung Hye reveals that she was adopted.

Episode 96

While going to buy baby clothes for Mi Yeon and Dae Shil, Seung Hye found out from Yoon Ho that their families meeting won’t take place at Dongnakdang as they’ve planed. Earlier that day Dae Ho met with Yoon Ho and told Yoon Ho that they should hold the meeting in another place.

When Seung Hye arrived home, Dong Seok was cleaning the dishes for the families meeting. After another fight with Dae Ho, Dong Seok gets angry with Seung Jae. While Dong Seok brought up Seung Jae’s marriage, Seung Jae said he will marry any girl his mother likes. Dong Seok wasn’t pleased to hear what Seung Jae said and got mad at him. She wants her son to be happy and for that he should marry a girl he likes, even if Dong Seok won’t like her. Dong Seok doesn’t want her son to be in a loveless marriage just because she might like a certain girl that Seung Jae won’t.

Mi Ja came to see Do Jin at his café, but when she saw that Do Jin was with Seung Hye, she just left. Mi Ja hopes that Do Jin and Seung Hye will get back together. Seung Hye was at Do Jin’s café because they are doing business together.

When she left, Seung Hye fell asleep at the bus stop because she was too tired. Do Jin sees her, sits next to her and put her head on his shoulder. Chae Won, who was supposed to go to a party with Do Jin, came to pick him up from his café and saw Do Jin with Seung Hye at the bus stop.

The moment she woke up and saw that she was sleeping on Do Jin’s shoulder, Seung Hye got up, rejected Do Jin’s offer to take her home and got into the first taxi she saw.

Do Jin:”I shouldn’t have done that.”

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