“When I See You Again ” ep 14 ~ You Qian:”An Xi, you are the reason why my heart beats.”

Yan Ze, Yong Qing and the CEO are trying to find ways to split You Qian and An Xi, but the two of them seem to be closer than ever. While taking etiquette class from Yan Ze, An Xi gets drunk and tells You Qian all her secrets.

Personal thought: Mandy Wei and Jasper Liu have amazing chemistry with each other. Also Jasper Liu’s acting is improving with every drama I’m seeing.

Favorite quote:” People who want to leave will never stay while people who want to stay will never leave.”

Episode 14

Yan Ze plans something and the first move of his plan was to be sure that his CEO is An Xi’s mother. For that Yan Ze made a DNA test for the two of them and the truth come out, An Xi and the CEO are indeed mother and daughter. Now, the next move is for Yan Ze to get them close to each other, to make the CEO like An Xi.

Meantime An Xi is playing chess with You Qian’s grandfather when Yong Qing showed up. Yong Qing is acting unlike herself. She is nice and threats the grandfather well. When An Xi brought the grandfather’s tea, Yong Qing served him. When the grandfather’s shoulders were sore, Yong Qing massaged them. Then Yong Qing sent An Xi to buy the grandfather’s favorite crackers while she remained to play chess with him.

Grandfather:” You’ve spoiled the fun of the game.”

When You Qian arrived and saw Yong Qing treating An Xi as a maid, You Qing took Yong Qing to his office and put her in her place. Thinking that if she made an effort to threat well the grandfather and if she bought You Qing’s old house from Pu Lang Village, You Qian will return to her side, Yong Qing handed You Qian the contract of his old house. There weren’t many people who knew that he intended to buy his old house so You Qian realized that Yan Ze told Yong Qing to buy the house. Even if Yong Qing showed up with the old house contract and handed it to You Qian, he didn’t change his attitude towards her. You Qian wants to buy his house from Yong Qing, pay her double the price.

Yong Qing:” It’s not up to you to end our relationship.”

Coming to know You Qian’s world, after meeting with his CEO and Yong Qing, An Xi feels insecure. She goes to her room and begins studying, until You Qian entered. Seeing An Xi’s insecurity, You Qian takes her hand and puts it on his heart telling her that she is the reason his heart beats.

You Qian:”An Xi, you are the reason why my heart beats.”

An Xi met with Yan Ze so he could teach her about wines. After teaching her a few thinks, Yan Ze offered to search for An Xi’s mother. Meantime You Qian is with the CEO. She called him to remember him who made him what he is today. The CEO is planning to give You Qian a new major project, but if he wants that chance then he needs to give her something back. You Qian has to marry Yong Qing. After the wedding with Yong Qing, You Qian won’t just get the project, but he will also become the only partner of his CEO in the company. Unfortunately for the CEO, You Qian rejected her offer to become partner after marrying Yong Qing. Also when the CEO began insulting An Xi, You Qian put her in her place.

Back to his office You Qian asked Da Yu to look for more information about the project the CEO wanted to give him. He has the impression that something is wrong with that project.

Ya En arrived in Taipei and went to visit An Xi. Arrived in front of You Qian’s house, Ya En saw Yan Ze bringing the drunk An Xi home.

Yan Ze brought An Xi inside, but when You Qian saw An Xi drunk he wasn’t pleased. You Qian realized that something is wrong with Yan Ze lately so You Qian doesn’t like An Xi going, alone, drinking with Yan Ze.

Before entering the house with An Xi, Yan Ze saw Ya En hiding behind a car. After he took An Xi inside, Yan Ze looked to see if Ya En was still there. Seeing that she was still there, hiding, Yan Ze left his car and walked leaving Ya En to fallow him. He entered a store and when he went to pay, Yan Ze asked the cashier for a pen and a piece of paper. Seeing that lady giving Yan Ze pen and paper, Ya En remembered the time Yan Ze bought her a dress and the lady from that store asked his phone number. Ya En jumped from where she was hiding, took the pen from Yan Ze and told the cashier that she can’t have Yan Ze’s number. The cashier wanted to tell Ya En the truth, but Yan Ze signaled her not to.

Meantime at the house An Xi tells You Qian all her secrets. She tells him that she asked Yan Ze to teach her etiquette because she wants to show You Qian a more elegant An Xi. She talked about her fish, Uni brow that died. Then An Xi told You Qian that she hates him because he once kissed her on the forehead when her lips are so close to her cheeks.

An Xi:”I hate you! Give me back all my kisses.”

Later An Xi talked about her mother, her father and her scars from being left behind by all the people she loved.

Yan Ze took Ya En to a bus stop, but when he left a man approached her. Ya En is scared of the man that is pulling her so Yan Ze returns and saves her. When Ya En fainted, scared that something might happen to her, Yan Ze carried her to his car. Luckily Ya En woke up. She hugged Yan Ze and wants to confess, but Yan Ze doesn’t let her.

Since An Xi said she misses Unibrow, You Qian had to make her wish come true. When An Xi woke up she saw You Qian dressed in a gym suit and wearing glasses, but he was missing something. She run to the kitchen and brought a piece of seaweed, which she place on You Qian’s eyebrows. Then she took a picture of You Qian.

While the drunk An Xi was telling him her secrets, You Qian recorded her and now while playing An Xi’s recorded voice he has fun. Because You Qian was having fun wanting to give An Xi’s kisses back as she asked for, embarrassed, An Xi kissed him.

Later You Qian played some music to dance with An Xi. He doesn’t like An Xi going to Yan Ze for help, he can teach her whatever An Xi wants.

You Qian:”My life revolves around you!”

The next day An Xi went back to Pu Lang Village because it was the day her father died. On the beach she met You Qian’s CEO.

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