“All about My Mom” ep 4 ~ Hoon Jae:”I’m in a desperate situation right now.”

The mood isn’t good at Jin Ae’s family since Dong Shul slapped Hyeong Kyu, but when Jin Ae’s mother asks her to give the remaining money to Hyeong Kyu, Jin Ae and her mother start arguing again.

While going to fix something Hoon Jae sees Dong Chul getting beaten and he helps Dong Chul. Both Dong Chul and Hoon Jae were arrested.

Episode 4

After Jin Ae’s mother discovered that Jin Ae paid Mr.Kim and made a new contract with him, she went home angry and scolded Jin Ae. To be sure that her mother won’t be able to see the store and give her brother, Hyeong Kyu, the money Jin Ae put her name on the contract also. In the middle of the argument Hyeong Kyu arrived home. He took Jin Ae in his room and the begin fighting. Their father is so sorry that Jin Ae, once again gave up her dream for the family, scolded and even hit Hyeong Kyu.

When everyone calmed down, Jin Ae’s mother saw the contract Jin Ae signed for the apartment. She realized that the apartment cost a lot more than her store so she asked Jin Ae t give her the money so she could help Hyeong Kyu open his own office. Hearing her mother’s request, Jin Ae gets angry and they start fighting. Jin Ae feels that her mother doesn’t care what her feelings are and that she is heartbroken to give up her own life and dreams one again to help the family and all her mother could think about is how to help her beloved son.

Meantime Hyeong Kyu went drinking alone, feeling apologetic for everything that passed. He also can’t tell his family that he was fired and that is why he is in urge to get the money for his own office.

In the morning Hoon Jae went to Jin Ae’s office to see if the pipe was fixed. He arrived when Jin Ae’s superior was scolding her. Seeing that Jin Ae was scolded and knowing that Jin Ae’s superior left all the hard work on Jin Ae the night the pipe burst, Hoon Jae defended her.

When he heard that his mother is on her way there, Hoon Jae tried to leave, but he saw his mother on the hallway. To not be seen, Hoon Jae entered the first room he saw, which was the women’s locker room. Inside the locker room Jin Ae was changing her clothes. She starts screaming when she sees Hoon Jae there. He tries to cover Jin Ae’s mouth, but she hits him.

Hoon Jae:”I’m in a desperate situation right now. You know I’m not a bad guy, don’t you?”

When Jin Ae calmed down, Hoon Jae returned the money she gave him. Later Jin’s CEO called Jin Ae to her office and scolded her for what happened with the pipe. After she was scolded, Jin Ae explained that the reason she didn’t report the pipe incident and tried to fix it was because she wanted to impress the CEO since the CEO is her role model.

Hyeong Kyu was called back to his old office. His old boss called him and while humiliating and insulting him, asked Hyeong Kyu to return working for him. Since Hyeong Kyu needs the money, he swallowed his pride and accepted Jun Yeong’s offer.

Hyeong Kyu:”I won’t let him step all over me like this. I’m going to make everyone look up to me.”

Chae Rim missed Hyeong Soon, but when she calls him Hyeong Soon doesn’t answer her. He doesn’t want to lie to her anymore. But Chae Rim can’t give up like that. She sends him some texts saying that she feels dizzy and the address where he can find her. After reading Chae Ri’s texts, Hyeong Soon answered her calls.

Arrived at the place where Chae Ri said she was, Hyeong Soon barely got in time to catch her from falling. Seeing that Hyeong Soon came, Chae Ri keeps pretending that she is sick, that she even can’t walk. Believing that she is indeed sick, Hyeong Soon carries her to the car, but soon he realized that she was only pretending. At that moment Chae Ri confessed that she likes him and kissed him.

Chae Ri:”I like you! Let’s date.”

Jin Ae returns home and finds her mother waiting for her at the bus stop. Her mother took Jin Ae to a store and bought her a new dress. On their way out, Jin Ae’s mother saw a suit for Hyeong Kyu and when she asked Jin Ae for money to buy that suit, Jin Ae got upset. Jin Ae left behind the dress her mother bought her and left.

Jin Ae’s father wants to get money for his family so he went dancing with different women. Suddenly the husband of the woman he was dancing with showed up. That man is angry. He believes that his wife is cheating him with Dong Chul.

Running away from the furious husband, Dong Chul bumps into Hoon Jae. Seeing that three men were hitting an old man, Hoon Jae decided to help Dong Chul. Everyone was arrested and when Jin Ae and her mother arrived at the police station, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae were surprised to see each other.

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