“Death Note ” ep 8 ~ Mello:” Which one will return alive? L…or Kira?”

The black Death Note is in L’s hands, but a rule saying “If the person using the Death Note fails to consecutively write names of people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die” forces L to admit that Light and Misa are innocent. Still L suspects Light to be Kira so he asks him to continue the investigation together as friends.

Light sent Misa to get her Death Note, but she is attacked and the notebook disappears. A new Kira uses it. During the investigation Light meets the new Kira and the begin working together.

Episode 8

The Death Note is in L’s hands. He reads the rules and he can also see Rem. What L doesn’t know is that two of the rules written on the first page of the Death Note are fake.

Before turning himself in and letting Ryuk remove his memory of the Death Note, Light asked Ryuk to write two fake rules on it. The first fake rule was saying that if the owner of the Deaht Note won’t write a name for 13 days then that person will die. The second fake rule was saying that if the Death Note will be destroyed then the people that touched it will die. With that two fake rules Light managed to remove all suspicions that L had on him and Misa and also prohibit L to destroy the Death Note.

L doesn’t really seem to believe in the rules written on the Death Note, but he still tells everyone that he isn’t suspicious on Light and Misa anymore. Still L doesn’t let Light go home. Now both L and Light can see Rem.

Light:”Rem, I saved Misa as I promised.”

Rem:”I have no intention of standing in your way.”

The day Misa left the place where L was holding her, Light send her to get the second Death Note. Before turning himself in, Light exchanged Rem’s and Ryuk’s Death Notes so now the one holding the red Death Note is Ryuk. Light gave Ryuk the red notebook because Ryuk doesn’t care what happens to Misa so after she will recover her memory she will exchange half of her remaining lifespan for shinigmai eyes again. With Misa having shinigmai eyes again, Light can use Misa to find out L’s real name and kill him.

Unfortunately when Misa dug up the red Death Note hidden in the forest she was attacked and the notebook was stolen.

The one that now has the red Death Note is the prosecutor who once asked Misa to take him to Kira, Mikami Teru. Inside the Death Note he found a note from Kira to Misa in which Kira was telling Misa to write L’s name in that notebook and kill him.

Worried that someone has the red Death Note, Light is looking for the one that attacked Misa. Meantime the new owner of the red Death Note is using it.

Ryuk:” A new hero is born!”

Criminals begin to die of heart attacks again as when Light was using the Death Note. When L talked about the original Kira using again the notebook or one of the original Kira’s worshipers using the notebook, Light remembered the prosecutor that harassed Misa.

Realizing that Mikami Teru is the new Kira, Light sent him a box to show his sincerity and called Mikami. Light needs Mikami on his side and for that Light has Ryuk.

Light:”You’ve done well. It’s a miracle that the Note found its way to someone like you. Let’s fight together. Let’s eliminate those in our way. Inside that box is the proof of my sincerity to you both.”

Mikami is surprised that the person on the phone talked about him and another one. He opens the box and inside there were apples. Ryuk eats the apples. Seeing Ryuk’s reaction, Mikami realizes that the person he is talking to is Kira.

Light:” I am Kira! Let’s create a world without crime together.”

Something happened to L. He acts differently lately. It’s like he is leaving messages to everyone with what they should do when he is not around. The once he trusts are Near and Yagami Soichiro. He is acting like he knows that he will lose the battle. And for that L introduced Near to Soichiro.

L:”I’m going to bring an end to the Kira investigation.”

Meantime Mikami and Light met. Mikame prepared what Light asked him to in order to kill L. The next day Mikami and his team went to L’s office to get the Death Note. Unfortunately L wasn’t there and neither was the Death Note. L took the Death Note and run somewhere else, where he also called Light.

Mello:”L and Yagami Light…neither will accept defeat. Because whichever one loses…dies.”

There is a camera installed at the place where L and Light are. The police are watching them from L’s office, while Near watches them from home. But, lately Near starts to lose himself, lately Mello shows up more.

Mello:” Which one will return alive? L…or Kira?”

L put himself in Kira’s shoes and began thinking like Kira. He realized that the ways of using the Death Note are infinite. The Death Note pages can be used even if they are ripped off. L now realized who the FBI agent that followed Light died. The FBI agent died because Kira made him write his own name on the pages ripped from the Death Note. L realized that Kira can also kill while everyone had their eyes on him, like he did the night he remembered everything. He also knows about the trade with the shinigami to get the shinigami eyes, a trade that the original Kira didn’t want to make because he must have been afraid of the consequences.

Light isn’t stupid either so he knows that L suspected him always and that they must be recorded. The only thing that L care’s about it to finish the puzzle so in order to get Light to confess, L disconnected the camera that was recording them.

For the first time in his life, L became interested in a person. He started to know Light and began seeing Light as his friend, but still L can’t let Light keep killing. He know that at first Light didn’t know the power that the Death Note had, then he was scared and tried to throw it away, but in the end he was forced to use the Death Note to save his father’s life. Because Light isn’t admitting he is Kira, L wanted to write Light’s name in the notebook. Before L got to write Light’s whole name, Light stopped him. L and Light started fighting.

L:”Justice always wins!”

L is sure he can’t die since Light doesn’t know his real name. Suddenly Light received a text with L’s real name, L. Lawliet. Mikami was in L’s office watching the recording with L and Light so he was able to see L’s name. Light wrote L’s name in the notebook, but still L didn’t die.

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