“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 1 ~ Shu Hai:”He…is really a ghost!”

I Am Sorry, I Love You is the story of Ling Hong Pei and Han Si Yi, who are in love and happy with their lives. One day Hong Pei dies in a car accident on his way to meet Si Yi, but he can’t move on and stays attached to the watch he was planning to give her. Si Yi used to be bright, cheerful and extremely popular, but after her handsome and charismatic boyfriend, Hong Pei, died her personality is completely different.

Six years later, Hong Pei’s watch arrives in Wang Shu Hai’s hands. Shu Hai is a nerd and a famous internet celebrity. All he does is watch cartoons, play video games and read comic books. In reality is a mechanical genius who invents strange things and leads a stealth-like life. When Hong Pei showed up before him, Shu Hai asked Hong Pei to teach him who to get the girl he in love with.


Jasper Liu       as   Ling Hong Pei

Bryant Chang   as   Wang Shu Hai

Andrea Chen   as   Han Si Yi

Episode 1

Shu Hai was asked by his friend to fix a watch. He spent the whole night fixing and when he finished, Shu Hai tried it on. The moment Shu Hai put the watch on his hand a male ghost appeared. At first Shu Hai was scared, but needing to prove his friends that he indeed saw a ghost, he tries to take pictures with the ghosts, Ling Hong Pei.

Hong Pei:”Why do you keep taking pictures of me?”

Shu Hai:”He…is really a ghost!”

Hearing that he is a ghost and that he died six years ago, Hong Pei is shocked. He wants to know what happened, but he can barely remember his life. He starts to remember slowly. He won the watch Shu Hai is wearing for his girlfriend. On his way to give his girlfriend the watch, Hong Pei was involved in a car accident and died.

After talking for a while Shu Hai asked Hong Pei to teach him a few tricks to get girls since anyway Hong Pei won’t need them in heaven.

Shu Hai:” If you help me get the girl I like, I’ll consider not taking the watch off.”

The next day Hong Pei followed Shu Hai around. He managed to get used to his existence as a ghost and he also can walk around, but he doesn’t know how far away he can be from Shu Hai.

After work, Shu Hai took Hong Pei to his friends. If any of his friends will put on the watch and see Hong Pei, then Hong Pei doesn’t have to stay with Shu Ha. Unfortunately for Shu Hai, none of his friends were able to see Hong Pei.

The following day, Shu Hai accompanied Hong Pei to his old house. On their way Hong Pei tells Shu Hai how he and his girlfriend, Han Si Yi, met. Hong Pei’s father was a professor and Si Yi was his student. One day Si Yi came to her professor’s beautiful house. While she was taking pictures, Si Yi met a young man how said that he was there to burn the professor’s house. Si Yi hit him and the young man fell into the pool. Later Si Yi took the young man inside and took care of him. Then she found out that the young man who was planning to burn down the house was Ling Hong Pei, her professor’s son. That day Hong Pei and Si Yi fell in love. From that day their love story began.

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2 Responses to “I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 1 ~ Shu Hai:”He…is really a ghost!”

  1. skittles88 says:

    This show seems amazing! Definitely going on my must watch list, Thank you for writing a review for this.

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