“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 2 ~ Jia An:”I want you to marry me.”

Afraid to become a mistress like her mother, Shao Qing dropped out of school and after spending some goodbye time with Yan Hao, she disappeared. The same day, Yan Hao’s father died, as a result of his two loses Yan Hao changed.

Jia An decided that it’s time to confess her feeling and asked Yan Hao to marry her.

Episode 2

It’s Shao Qing’s birthday. All her friends are with her celebrating. While Jia An went to bring drinks, Yan Hao gave Shao Qing her present, a folded blue bird. Shao Qing loves blue birds, for her the blue birds represent flying towards happiness. And the second present was a tattoo. The other day when they got drunk and Shao Qing draw on Yan Hao, she draw on his shoulder a little worm. To have always Shao Qing on him, Yan Hao tattooed that worm on his shoulder.

When Jia An returned Yan Hao and Shao Qing were playing happily, but the innocent little fool, Jia An doesn’t realizes that she is staying between Yan Hao and Shao Qing. She doesn’t realizes that her own happiness means Yan Hao and Shao Qing, the two people Jia An loves the most in the world, misery.

One Shao Qing’s birthday there is another reason to celebrate. It’s also Yan Hao’s birthday. Shao Qing and Yan Hao are both born in the same day. They play until late in the night, then they go on a ride on Yan Hao’s motorbike. Arrived home, before falling asleep, Yan Hao wants to be honest with Jia An and asked her how she’ll feel if he would tell her that he likes Shao Qing.

Yan Hao:” Jia An, if I were to tell you that I like Shao Qing…would you still be friends with her?”

Since Jia An wasn’t answering, Yan Hao looks at her. Jia An had fallen asleep.

Jia An is going home for a few days for holiday. Yan Hao and Shao Qing took her to the bus station. On their way back, Yan Hao’s motorbike stopped, he run out of gas. For the first time since they’ve met Yan Hao and Shao Qing were able to spend a beautiful night together without a tired wheel between them. They were happy, like they were lovers.

The moment they’ve arrived at Shao Qing’s house, she once again started to push Yan Hao away.

Yan Hao:”You still don’t want to admit that you like me?”

Shao Qing:”You belong to Jia An. I can’t like you.”

But why has Shao Qing have to decide who Yan Hao belongs too. He has his own feelings so he can’t decide for himself. Since they’ve met and fall in love, Shao Qing decided that the only victim in their relationship is Jia An and the third wheel is either herself or Yan Hao.

Disappointed Yan Hao is about to leave, but Shao Qing pulls him back and kisses him. That night Yan Hao and Shao Qing spend the night together.

When Jia An returned, Shao Qing’s things were gone. She asked at school and found out that Shao Qing dropped out of school. Yan Hao is shocked, he thought Shao Qing finally decided to allow herself to love, but in reality Shao Qing disappeared.

The day Shao Qing disappeared, Yan Hao’s father died. Because he needed money, Yan Hao planned to drop out of school too and get a job. With Jia An’s help he didn’t give up school. Yan Hao moved in with Jia An to split the rent and got two part time jobs, but he didn’t drop out of school. But the room he moved in is filled with Shao Qing’s memory.

Jia An tries to help Yan Hao as much as she can, but all she does is getting in his way. If Yan Hao wants to leave, Jia An puts herself in his way not seeing the car coming towards her. If Yan Hao doesn’t go to his exams because he has to work, Jia An goes instead of him and gets him in trouble with the teacher. If Yan Hao tells her to get a job, Jia An goes to the construction site he is working at and sells lunch boxes to everyone there and buys drinks for them. Jia An doesn’t even take an umbrella when it’s raining or getting away from the rain. She caught a called from walking in the rain and made Yan Hao take care of her in the little time he has for sleep when he isn’t working or he isn’t at school. The best thing Jia An could do is getting away from Yan Hao’s site or at least to stay put and not cause more trouble.

The next day, Yan Hao had to go to work so he called Mei Mei to take care of Jia An. While they were talking Mie Mei convinced Jia An that she should confess her feelings to Yan Hao and stop chasing him from behind. Few days later, Jia An shows up at the construction site Yan Hao is working at with a ring and asks him to marry her. With all the pressure Jia An and Yan Hao’s coworkers put on his shoulders, Yan Hao had no choice but to accept.

Jia An:”I want you to marry me.”

Personal thought: The only thing I don’t like about this drama is the fact that the writers made Jia An’s character so idiotically stupid. The story would’ve been the same even if Jia An would’ve been a normal good girl.

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