“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 97~ep 98 ~ “It’s always the quiet ones.”

Chae Won asks Seung Hye to reconsider her marriage with Yoon Ho at least until Seung Hye is over Do Jin. At first Seung Hye didn’t like Chae Won’s advice, but the day of the families meeting she got scared and run away.

Episode 97

Yoon Ho talked to president Jang and president Jang wants his company to make the herbal tonic that Seung Hye developed into teabags. After talking about it with Seung Hye, both of them went to hear Do Jin’s opinion. He agrees with the idea of making the herbal tonic into teabags, but both Do Jin and Seung Hye prefer selling the herbal toning into a liquid form.

Later Seung Hye accompanied Yoon Ho to pick up his parents from the airport. The following day the families will meet. After knowing Yoon Ho’s parents, Seung Hye is even more uneasy and stressed about the wedding.

The same time Do Jin is drinking with Chae Won. He also suffers to realize that he will lose Seung Hye for good after the wedding. He is tormenting himself because Seung Hye and her family will officially meet Yoon Ho’s family the next day.

Do Jin:” I can’t let Seung Hye go!”

Personal thought: Seriously now, why should I feel sorry for Seung Hye because she is marrying a man that she doesn’t love? She is the one the agreed with Yoon Ho’s proposal. Of course Yoon Ho hurried with the proposal, but he didn’t forced Seung Hye to accept and didn’t threatened her with anything so if she would’ve rejected him nothing would’ve happened. I’m starting to think the Seung Hye’s character isn’t as good as the writers wanted to paint her. Giving Yoon Ho false hope and making him suffer more than he would’ve if she would’ve rejected him in the first place is worse. If she knew that she can’t get to love Yoon Ho, then Seung Hye should’ve returned the ring after the one week time he asked her. So I’m not feeling at all sorry for her that she is suffering now when she realizes that the wedding is closer. She made everything happen with her own two hands. Seung Hye deserves what is happening to her.

In the morning Chae Won called Seung Hye. When they’ve met Chae Won asked Seung Hye to reconsider her marriage with Yoon Ho or at least to wait until she is over Do Jin to get married with another man. Chae Won tried to make Seung Hye understand that she is making a mistake, but Seung Hye is stubborn. Seung Hye doesn’t accept Chae Won’s advice.

Later Seung Hye and her family went to meet Yoon Ho’s family. In front of the restaurant, while everyone was waiting for her, Seung Hye got scare and run away, embarrassing her family. Fortunately for them Yoon Ho’s parents were good and understanding people so when Seung Hye didn’t show up they didn’t humiliate Seung Hye’s family. Yoon Ho was shocked to find out that Seung Hye got cold feet and run away, but still he trusts that if she promised to come she will come. Still Seung Hye didn’t.

Episode 98

Everyone is looking for Seung Hye, but they can’t get in touch with her. While searching for Seung Hye, Yoon Ho met Chae Won. She told him that she was the one that told Seung Hye not to marry him until she is over Do Jin. Also Chae Won asked Yoon Ho to give up the marriage with Seung Hye since she doesn’t love him because if Yoon Ho and Seung Hye will get married everyone will suffer.

Do Jin is shocked to hear that Seung Hye run away from the families meeting and worried that no one can get in touch with her, he went to find her. While looking for Seung Hye, Do Jin met Seung Jae.

Scared to go home, Seung Hye went to Kyeong Tae and Dae Shil’s house in the middle of the night.

The next day, early in the morning, Seung Hye goes home. On her way, Seung Hye met Do Jin, but she was cold with him and pushed him away. Things already ended between them so Seung Hye didn’t run away from the family meeting for Do Jin…or at least that is what she said.

Near Seung Hye’s house, Yoon Ho was waiting for her. She apologizes and asks to talk to him. After talking to Yoon Ho, Seung Hye went home. The moment she saw Seung Hye, Dong Seok scolded and hit her. No matter what Seung Hye wants, no matter what Dae Ho or Sun Im says, Dong Seok keeps forcing Seung Hye to marry Yoon Ho.

Personal thought: Oh so now Seung Hye can talk? Couldn’t she had told him before running away like that that she can’t marry him if she was idiot enough to accept his proposal? I think I kind lost my time with this drama…Because of dramas that seems written by a 5 years old I’m getting tired and sick of Korean dramas!

On the other hand, Dong Seok is creating a huge scandal that she was in a loveless marriage, that Dae Ho was forced to marry her, but she forcing her daughter into a loveless marriage.

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