“All about My Mom” ep 5 ~ Hoon Jae:”You make me bleed whenever I run into you. “

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s father are taken to the police station, but with Hyeong Kyu’s help they are released. After that incident Hoon Jae’s mother tells Hoon Jae to move out. With help from Yeong Seon, Jin Ae gets the chance to prepare for the planning team presentation, but something happened and the presentation is postponed, while Jin Ae is blamed for everything.

Episode 5

Jin Ae and her mother arrived at the police station after finding out that Jin Ae’s father was arrested. As soon as she laid eyes on her husband, Jin Ae’s mother started beating him and in the process she also hit Hoon Jae. Seeing each other there, Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are surprised. The men that got into the fight with Hoon Jae and Jin Ae’s father, after seeing the whole scene, began pretending to be in pain, that Hoon Jae hit them.

Hyeong Kyu and Hyeong Soon arrived soon after their mother and sister. With Hyeong Kyu as a lawyer, his father was released. Unfortunately the police officers can’t get in touch with Hoon Jae’s friend so Hoon Jae is being remained arrested. Jin Ae wanted to help him since she knows him and also because Hoon Jae got in trouble for helping her father, but her mother doesn’t let her get involved.

Hyeong Kyu:”I begged you not to get into trouble.”

In front of the police station Jin Ae’s father started feeling pain. While Jin Ae, Hyeong Soon and their mother where taking their father to the hospital, Hyeong Kyu saw Hoon Jae’s mother entering the police stating. Realizing that Hoon Jae is from a rich and powerful family, Hyeong Kyu returned to help. With Hyeong Kyu’s help Hoon Jae was released and Hoon Jae’s mother was impressed. Hyeong Kyu’s plan worked! Hoon Jae’s mother even asked for Hyeong Kyu’s business card.

Arrived home, Hoon Jae got scolded by his mother who allowed him to move out of the house. Meantime Hyeong Kyu went to take his boss, Jun Yeong home. There Hyeong Kyu met his ex girlfriend.

While going to visit her father at the hospital, Jin Ae met Hoon Jae and both of them went. Later Hoon Jae and Jin Ae talk in the park. She went to buy some ice cream, but when she returned Jin Ae slipped and is about to fell. Hoon Jae caught Jin Ae and her ice cream hit him in the nose.

Hoon Jae:”You make me bleed whenever I run into you. “

Hyeong Kyu went out of his office for work. On his way back Jun Yeong called Hyeong Kyu to get him something to eat because Jun Yeong has a sophisticate palate. After buying Jun Yeong’s order, Hyeong Kyu got something for him to eat and while eating in the park, Hyeong Kyu sees some boys bullying another boy. Angry by the way Jun Yeong treats him, Hyeong Kyu scolded the little boys that were bullying their friend. After he scolded them, Hyeong Kyu found out that the boys were actually practicing for a school play.

Chae Ri and her father are having dinner with Shin Jae Min and his father. When he found out, Hyeong Soon called Jae Min and they’ve made a plan to stop Chae Ri from meeting the real Jae Min and realize that she was fooled.

Hyeong Soon runs away from his part time job and caught Chae Ri just in time before she entered the restaurant. As soon as he stopped Chae Ri from entering, Hyeong Soon sent a text to Jae Min to invent an excuse to leave. When he saw Jae Min leaving the restaurant, Hyeong Soon sent Chae Rin in. Suddenly Jae Min’s father came out because Jae Min forgot his car keys. To stop Chae Ri from seeing Jae Min’s father, Hyeong Soon hugged her. Luckily Hyeong Soon’s and Jae Min’s plan worked and Chae Ri didn’t realized that she was lied.

Jin Ae forgot something at the office and went to get it in the middle of the night. There she bumped into someone. After the man she bumped into left in a hurry after seeing her, Jin Ae met with her CEO. Hwang Young Seon has to be impartial, but deep inside she is waiting for Jin Ae to win the presentation she will participate.

On the day of the presentation, Jin Ae is happy. All her family encourages her. As soon as she arrived at the office, Jin Ae found out that the presentation was postponed and everyone, including the CEO, in blaming her for something.

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