“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 2 ~ Shu Hai:” Make sure you don’t fall in love with me.”

Shu Hai has plans to meet with Zheng Nan, the only friend girl he has. Zheng Nan said she want to introduce him to a girl, after he returned the fixed watch. Wanting to become handsome before the dinner date, Shu Hai asked Hong Pei to posses him. At the dinner date, Shu Hai and Hong Pei were surprised to notice that the girl Zheng Nan wanted to introduce to Shu Hai was Si Yi.

Episode 2

Hong Pei and Shu Hai are at Hong Pei’s old house. There Hong Pei reminisced about his life with his girlfriend.

Shu Hai:”I’ll help you get fire and burn down the house.”

Shu Hai knows that the reason Hong Pei wanted to go to his old house was because Hng Pei was hoping to see his girlfriend. Hong Pei is hoping that his girlfriend remembers him.

Si Yi, Hong Pei’s girlfriend also went to Hong Pei’s house, but she arrived after Hong Pei and Shu Hai left. She sees a man there. It’s Jian Hao! That day both Jian Hao and Si Yi felt that Hong Pei went to the house, even if he is dead for six years.

Later Shu Hai and Hong Pei went to the park so Hong Pei could play basketball. Since the only one that can see him it’s Shu Hai, Hong Pei tried to teach Shun Hai how to play. While they were playing a miracle happened, Hong Pei was able to touch the ball.

Hong Pei:” Whang Shu Hai, I touched the ball!”

Back at the house, Shu Hai’s friends were asking him to tell them if his ghost has six pack. Suddenly Shu Hai asked Hong Pei to change his clothes, but while there were talking about the subject Hong Pei’s clothes disappeared.

Shu Hai:” Why did you take off your clothes?”

Hong Pei and Shu Hai realized that Hong Pei can change his clothes if he thinks of what he really wants. Also Hong Pei is able to touch different objects. Suddenly, while touching objects around the house, Hong Pei feels tired and fell asleep.

To get Shu Hai to help him, Hong Pei promised Shu Hai to help him make the girl he likes to like him back. Unfortunately for Hong Pei, Shu Hai already promised to return the watch. As promised Shu Hai returned the watch.

Grateful that her watch is fixed, Si Yi asked he friend to make dinner plans with Shu Hai. Since Shu Hai won’t accept any money for fixing the watch, Si Yi wants to treat him to dinner.

Wanting to make a good impression and maybe to get a girlfriend, Shu Hai wants to turn handsome for the dinner. He doesn’t know how to make himself handsome and his friends can’t help him. The only hope that Shu Hai has is Hong Pei.

Shu Hai:” You can posses me and then meet with the fairy in my place.”

Hong Pei:”I don’t know how to possess people.”

The two of them, Hong Pei and Shu Hai, tried some weird things that could make Hong Pei posses Shu Hai, but it didn’t work. Since the possession didn’t work, it’s time for plan B. Hong Pei will help Shu Hai get a makeover.

Shu Hai:”Xiao Bai, he’s my…ghost friend.”

The first stop of Shu Hai’s makeover is buying new clothes. But shopping for new clothes is hard because Shu Hai has horrible fashion sense and he also isn’t used to being around other people. He stays a lot in his comfort zone.

Shu Hai:” Make sure you don’t fall in love with me.”

The second step is for Shu Hai to get a new haircut. Following Hong Pei’s advice, Shu Hai let the lady from the salon to cut his hair the way she thought it was best. Seeing Shu Hai with his new haircut, Hong Pei had a new impression of Shu Hai. Hong Pei believes that Shu Hai can actually turn handsome with a little help.

On their way to the dinner with Si Yi and Zheng Nan, Hong Pei and Shu Hai saw a thief rubbing a purse from a lady. They followed the thief and with Hong Pei’s help, Shu Hai was able to catch the thief.

Arrived at the restaurant, both Shu Hai and Hong Pei were surprised to see that Si Yi was there with Zheng Nan. Si Yi was the one Zheng Nan told Shu Hai that she will introduce to him.

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