“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 99~ep 100 ~ Seung Hye:” It’s time for me to go alone now.”

Seung Hye decided that she can’t marry Yoon Ho and broke up with him. Meantime Mi Ja went to Dongnakdang and asked Dong Seok to not divorce Dae Ho. Seung Jae also tries to convince Dong Seok to give up her idea of getting a divorce by telling her that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

After the break up, Yoon Ho gives Seung Hye a once in a life time change to go a world tour tea promotion.

Episode 99

Seung Hye made up her mind. Finally she decided to stop hurting Yoon Ho and stop deceiving her family and herself so she met with Yoon Ho and broke up her engagement with him. She also returned the ring. Yoon Ho wants to follow her and stop her from leaving, but something deep inside stopped him. Inside, Yoon Ho must know that he and Seung Hye weren’t meant to be so it’s best if he lets her go.

Back at the house, Seung Hye told her father the decision she took. With him it was easy, after all Dae Ho supports every decision Seung Hye takes. Dae Ho it’s on Seung Hye’s side and believes that any decision she might take it for her own best. Then in the morning, Seung Hye told the rest of the family her decision. Luckily for her, Seung Hye had her father backing her up. Seung Hye’s grandmother knows that she will be embarrassed to look at Yoon Ho and his parents from now on, but her granddaughter’s happiness is more important. The only one who didn’t agree with Seung Hye’s decision was Seung Hye’s mother. Dong Seok believes that Seung Hye should be scolded and forced into marrying Yoon Ho.

On the other hand Seung Ah is excited. Seung Hye’s decision makes her happy. Also she thinks her mother is acting weirdly lately.

Seung Hye went to see Yoon Ho’s parents and apologize. Fortunately for Seung Hye, Yoon Ho’s parents are nice people, who understood her and even consoled her.

With the news that Seung Hye broke up with Yoon Ho, after sending the wedding invitations, Kyeong Tae encouraged Do Jin to look for Seung Hye and get back together with her.

Mi Ja showed up at Dongnakdang, opened up and told Dong Seok what happened with the child she and Dae Ho had and what she believed would’ve happened when Dae Ho will see her again. Then Mi Ja asked Dong Seok to give up her decision of divorcing Dae Ho.

Episode 100

Now that Seung Hye broke up with Yoon Ho, Do Jin has the courage to call her. He uses work as a pretext to make Seung Hye come to his café. When they finished their work, Do Jin wants to take Seung Hye home, but she rejects him.

Seung Hye:” It’s time for me to go alone now.”

Seung Jae was with Dae Ho when Dae Ho received a text from Dong Seok to meet at the courthouse for their divorce. Instead of his father, Seung Jae goes home to make his mother change her mind. He revealed his mother that he knows that he was adopted with Seung Hye and his reasons for not telling his mother that he found out. For Seung Jae to find out that he was adopted didn’t change anything. He is still his parent’s son and the eldest son of a head family. But if Dong Seok insists of leaving the house and getting a divorce, Seung Jae will move out with his mother. For Seung Jae his mother is more important than anything.

Seung Jae:”Sometimes ignorance is bliss!”

Yoon Ho came to say goodbye to Seung Hye’s family. He won’t see any of the Dongnakdang family until he will be ready to be just friends with Seung Hye. On his way out, Yoon Ho met Seung Jae and Seung Ah and said his goodbye to them too.

Fortunately Seung Hye caught up with Yoon Ho. It was good that they’ve met because Yoon Ho has some business to discuss with her. Yoon Ho offered Seung Hye the chance to go on a tea promotion world tour. She was recommended by Gang Seol foods.

To see how things work between Do Jin and Seung Hye, Mi Ja called Kyeong Tae. The both agree that Do Jin should just get Seung Hye pregnant and then marry her, but they also know that Do Jin doesn’t have what it take to cause that kind of trouble.

Dae Ho finally opens his heart towards Dong Seok and tells her how he truly feels about her.

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