“All about My Mom” ep 6 ~ Hoon Jae:”I should console her!”

Jin Ae is accused of leaking company information and she gets investigated. Worried about her daughter, Jin Ae’s mother wants to help her, but Jin Ae gets upset with her mother.

Hoon Jae sees Jin Ae crying and console her.

Episode 6

The rival company released a produced that Jin Ae’s company was supposed to release soon. Jin Ae is blamed for leaking the information. Meantime Hoon Jae sees an ice cream and starts thinking about Jin Ae.

Hyeong Soon was fired from his work again. The first person who sent him a text after he was fired was Chae Ri. Upset, Hyeong Soon blames Chae Rin for being fired so he calls her and screams at her.

When his father sees Hyeong Soon’s disappointed face, he takes Hyeong Soon out for a drive.

Arrived at the hospital with his father, Hyeong Soon met Chae Ri. Upset that Jae Min got angry with her, she came at the hospital. Tired of lying to Chae Ri, Hyeong Soo plans to tell her the truth. When Hyeong Soon was about to tell Chae Ri the truth, the real Shin Jae Min showed up and stopped him.

As soon as she arrived home, disappointed of what happened the whole day at work, Jin Ae started fighting with her mother.

Once again Hoon Jae met JY Group CEO and they’ve made a bet over the project they both want . If Hoon Jae will win the bet then JY Group president will have to formally apologize to him, but if the president will win then Hoon Jae will have to work for JY Group.

Jin Ae is investigated by the internal affairs. They checked her office and now they want to check her room. Hearing why they’ve came, Jin Ae’s mother threw them out with Hyeong Soon help.

Hoon Jae met with his mother for drinks and dinner. Before they parted, Hoon Jae asked his mother about the planning team project and found out that it was canceled. Knowing that Jin Ae must be disappointed, Hoon Jae wants to console her. But doesn’t know if he should call her or not.

Hoon Jae:”I should console her!”

Since her mother didn’t let the internal affairs men search her room, things turned out worse for Jin Ae. Coming home, Hyeong Kyu found out what happened to Jin Ae and wants to help her, but Jin Ae turned defensive and fought with her brother.

Worried about Jin Ae, San Ok went to check on her in the middle of the night. The next morning, Jin Ae’s mother went to her office to talk to Hwang Yeong Soon. Jin Ae found out and humiliated got angry with her mother. After talking to Jin Ae’s mother, Yeong Soon got angry with the director that sent internal affairs to Jin Ae’s house behind her back.

Later Yeong Soon called Jin Ae to her office and apologized for what internal affairs did. Yeong Soon likes Jin Ae and chose to believe in her innocence, but then proof saying that from Jin Ae’s computer there were send two emails to the competitors.

On his way to meet his mother, Hoon Jae sees Jin Ae walking in the rain. When he approaches her and sees that Jin Ae is crying, Hoon Jae feels the need to console her.

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