“Love on a Rooftop ” ep 101 ~ Final episode!

Hearing that Seung Hye will leave Korea, Do Jin goes to her to tell her who he really feels. Still Seung Hye rejects him and goes on a tea promotion tour. When Seung Hye returned she and Do Jin got back together.

Personal thought: Don’t know how others that watched this boring drama feel, but I feel that I’ve lost my time with it. 101 episodes and Do Jin and Seung Hye didn’t even kiss, the only thing that did was holding hands …ONCE. And that to not say that there was not even 0,000000001% chemistry between Do Jin and Seung Hye.

The start of this drama was good at first, but on the second half it lost its way and became boring. The characters were pathetic and weak. Don’t know what was the writer planning to do when he/she made everyone in Seung Hye’s family so pathetic and fool. Do Jin’s apology in the end was kind lame and so was Seung Hye’s forgiveness. Seung Hye kept saying for 2 or 3 episodes that she won’t forgive Do Jin, but in a second she did.

Also this drama gives me the impression that the writers forgot what their original idea was and they forgot what they wanted to do with their characters. Seung Ah didn’t change at all during this drama, she remained as a spoiled brat. Since episode 1 Seung Jae keeps studying to become a lawyer, but no one told us if he did become on or not (that could’ve been a good example for the students that if you study hard you’ll get where you wants to get). Seung Jae started also a modeling carried, but it remained in the air. We don’t know what happened with Seung Jae, the model.

Mi Ja appeared because she wanted to revenge her mother’s death, but she forgot about it in the middle of this drama. I would’ve understood if Mi Ja gave up her revenge if Sun Im would’ve apologized sooner.

Se Ryeong left to get treated in America, but we don’t know what happened with her. So we, the ones that watched this drama, don’t have a closure with the characters.

Of course everyone have individual preferences so some could like this drama. For me, the second half was like it was written by a 5 years old.

KBS you could do better, I know you can!

Episode 101

Chae Won isn’t feeling well so Do Jin is taking care of her. While they were together Do Jin told Chae Won that she should give up on him because Do Jin is waiting for the right time to get Seung Hye back. Suddenly Seung Hye called Chae Won and Chae Won told her what Do Jin just said. That moment Do Jin took the phone from Chae Won to talk to Seung Hye.

Seung Hye:”Please don’t tell Chae Won such meaningless things.”

Do Jin:”I’m going to wait for you until you come back to me.”

Seung Ah entered Seung Hye’s room and saw the papers for the tea promotion world tour. Thinking that Seung Hye will go with Do Jin, Seung Ah shows the papers to Do Jin. He is shocked! If Seung Hye will leave for a year how can he get her back.

That night Seung Hye went to see Chae Won. When Chae Won asked her to get back with Do Jin if she isn’t sure that she will be able to let him go for good, Seung Hye revealed that she will leave Korea.

After hearing that Seung Hye is leaving, Do Jin tries to convince her to get back with him, even if that will happen when she will return. But Seung Hye rejects him coldly and tells him to not lease Chae Won because of her.

Now that she made up her mind, Seung Hye announced her family that she will be leaving Korea for an year to promote their tea. The family is happy and encourages her to go since it’s something she really wants to do.

Sun Im asked Seung Hye to accompany her to the graveyard where Do Jin’s grandmother is buried. There Seung Hye and Sun Im met Mi Ja and Do Jin. Sun Im went to apologize to Mi Ja’s mother to kicking her out of Dongnakdang. That day Mi Ja and Sun Im made peace after 30 years.

Before Seung Hye leaves, she takes a picture with her whole family. Since Seong Nam and Seung Ah are a couple now, Seong Nam also was in the family picture. Then Seung Hye went to say goodbye to Chae Won and Yoon Ho.

The day Seung Hye leaves arrived. The family gives her their last advises at the house since Seung Hye doesn’t want anyone to accompany her to the airport.

Even if she wanted to go to the airport on her own, Kyeong Tae and Dae Shil couldn’t let her. Do Jin also came to wish Seung Hye a safe trip.

Do Jin:” I’m really sorry for hurting you. It will never happen again.”

Seung Hye:”I’ll miss you! So…wait for me.”

An year later, Seung Hye returned and she and Do Jin got back together.

For those of you that read my post: If you ask why I kept watching this drama if I didn’t like it that much (starting the second half) is because I tend to finish what I start.

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9 Responses to “Love on a Rooftop ” ep 101 ~ Final episode!

  1. snow says:

    Congrats! You completed recaps for 100+ episodes! That’s no small feat…

  2. joy says:

    This ending. Which kind of love is this. 101 episodes with no Peck. Mmmmh this is so not. But the rest was ok

  3. Kambugu Peter says:

    for sure the director and da entire group lost focus starting 4rm the time wen seaungye waz leavng 4 a trip koz wat kind ov lav waz that at da end,akoding to the way kang dojin hurt senguye,the way hw dojin apologised waznt enaf,we evn dnt knw whether mija just 4got abt ha revenge and daeho da man she lavd with whole ha heart,we dnt knw wat hapnd to sereuyng afta she hd gn 4 tritment in america,did daeshil gv birth to twinz or?did seungye’s bro bkam a lawyer or wat?da last 5 episodes are just annoying indid.ya t waz nyc bt boring at the end das y i said KBS lost focus and 4got abt wat its characterz and waz only rushing to finish up the serie.4rm da start t was so nyc bt da end was boring and annoying

    • lemonmirae says:

      I thought so too. It started in a certain way and about in the middle…it lost it’s focus…. There were way to many episodes ( even if each episode was only 30 minutes) and they needed something to fill them with, they forgot the way it started and rushed to finish it…

  4. Carol Natsie says:

    ur da best n u did well…n thnx 4 being honest…n ur ryt dis writer lost da track in da process…bt again THNX

  5. I’m finding for the like button but don’t see it :))
    I’ve the same opinion on this drama.
    Thanks you!

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