“When I See You Again ” ep 15 ~ An Xi:”I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

You Qian found out that An Xi’s mother is his CEO, Luna Chou and troubles himself weater he should tell or not An Xi. Also You Qian finds that Yan Ze is betraying his company.

Episode 15

An Xi went back to Pu Lang Village. It’s the day her father died so she went to the beach with her father surfboard. There An Xi met You Qian’s CEO, Luna Chou. After talking coldly with An Xi, Luna returns to her car where Yong Qing is waiting for her. As her last present for An Xi and because she doesn’t trust You Qian that much anymore, Luna advised Yong Qing to give up You Qian.

At the hostel, An Xi’s friends were waiting for her to play and have fun, to laugh in An Xi’s father’s memory.

At his office You Qian received from Da Yu information about Yan Ze. When he was about to read the information, Yong Qing entered. She wants to know what happened between You Qian and Luna Chou that she is giving up on him. Yong Qing event tells You Qian that Luna talked to An Xi on the beach.

After taking to Yong Qing, You Qian starting thinking about Luna’s strange actions from the day she met An Xi. Luna isn’t the type to apologize, but she invited An Xi to lunch to apologize. She is curious about An Xi’s father and avoids eye contact. Also An Xi and Yong Qing are born on the same day. Then You Qian realized the truth. He rushed to Luna’s office.

You Qian:” An Xi is your daughter, isn’t she?”

Luna revealed that she gave birth to An Xi, but she has no intension of telling An Xi the truth because for her, An Xi isn’t worth it, she’s low-class. An Xi doesn’t have any of the things Luna is interested in like etiquette, speech or education. Since An Xi isn’t presentable at all, Luna doesn’t need a daughter like that. Disappointed in Luna, You Qian remembers her that her own actions and decisions will bring her down. As a revenge Luna removed You Qian form the project he was handling at the moment.

“The higher the expectation, the bigger the disappointment.”

Not knowing what to do with the new information he got, You Qian talks about it with his grandfather. Hearing that Luna doesn’t want An Xi, the grandfather advised You Qian to not tell An Xi that he found her mother.

You Qian went to Pu Lang Village. Suddenly he said that he wants to read An Xi a bed time story. An Xi realized that something is wrong with You Qian, that she must have told him something about her mother the other day when she got drunk.

You Qian:”I miss you!”

In the morning, when An Xi woke up, she kissed You Qian on the check. He turned around saying that in the Bible it says that if someone kisses you on the right check you should turn your left one too. After kissing You Qian on his other check too, An Xi and You Qian realized that Mei Wei, Zhi Lin and Ya En were watching them.

At breakfast, Mei Wen, Zhi Lin and Ya En realize how much An Xi changed. She took all the food and put it into You Qian’s plate. She takes really good care of You Qian.

Before leaving Pu Lang Village, An Xi and You Qian went to the mountain, to the place where An Xi took Yo Qian the first time they’ve met.

An Xi:”I’m the happiest girl in the world!”

Back to work, You Qian found out that Yan Ze’s been seeing Jenifer, the person in charge with the big project the company is handling, Russian Funds. Yo Qian calls Jenifer to his office, but Luna saw her. Later when Luna asked Jenifer about her meeting with You Qian, Jenifer didn’t want Luna to suspect her of Yan Ze so Jenifer made Luna doubt You Qian even more than she is at the moment. But what Jenifer doesn’t know is that Yan Ze does only the things that benefits him, in relationship and at work.

An Xi sees Yo Qian stressed over work and tries to console him. She knows that if she would’ve been Yong Qing then she could’ve helped him more, but for Yo Qian the most important thing is An Xi’s happiness.

The next day, An Xi asked Yo Qian’s grandfather what Yo Qian likes. Since he likes sweet tofu soup, An Xi brought it for him. After giving the soup to Da Yu, An Xi left. In front of the company An Xi met Yan Ze. The moment Yan Ze saw An Xi, he pretended to be something wrong with him so An Xi would worry about him. You Qian got the soup from Da Yu and went to eat with An Xi. When he saw An Xi with Yan Ze, You Qian wasn’t pleased and asked An Xi to stop meeting Yan Ze for a while.

An Xi and You Qian went to eat in the park.

An Xi met with Yan Ze, but You Qian, who knows more than he is saying, went also. He doesn’t like An Xi meeting with Yan Ze, but when Yan Ae gave An Xi flowers, You Qian was angrier. You Qian suspects that Yan Ze is the spy that it’s betraying the company, but he doesn’t have any proof for the moment and he can’t reveal his suspicions to An Xi because he is afraid An Xi could tell, without wanting, something to Yan Ze.

Yan Ze comes to work and finds You Qian waiting for him. You Qian prohibited Yan Ze to use An Xi or Yong Qing to get where he wants. Since his stepfather treated him badly, Yan Ze never saw Yong Qing as his sister. Now Yan Ze plans to use the fact that An Xi is Luna’s daughter to his advantage, but You Qian knows that Luna will hurt An Xi.

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