“All about My Mom” ep 7 ~ Hoon Jae:”Are you done crying?”

Jin Ae finds out the real spy with Hoon Jae’s help, but when she realizes the difficult situation that man was in, she doesn’t know what to do. Hoon Jae is always by Jin Ae’s side, helping nad sustaining her, giving her strength and making her smile when she is sad.

Hyeong Soo hears Chae Ri’s friends talking bad about her and helps Chae Ri, while giving those girls a lesson.

Episode 7

On his way to pick up his mother, Hoon Jae sees Jin Ae walking in the rain, crying. He takes her to his car and helps her dry. Then he runs to buy something warm for Jin Ae to eat, but when he returned, hoon Jae saw her crying and waited until she finished. While taking care of Jin Ae, Hoon Jae forgot about his date with his mother.

Hoon Jae:”Are you done crying?”

Hoon Jae’s mother is on her way home when she sees Hoon Jae’s car. She wants to go to him, but she sees that he isn’t alone, even if she can’t see clearly who is the person in Hoon Jae’s car. She calls her son, but Hoon Jae lies that he is still working.

Later Hoon Jae took Jin Ae home and he met Jin Ae’s father.

Arrived home Jin Ae talks to her brother and her parents. Hyeong Kyu offered to help her as a lawyer, but Jin Ae rejected the offer. She can’t bring herself to tell her family what happened to the company after her mother left. Later, when Jin Ae was alone, she received a phone call from a police officer. He is investigating the leak of information from her company and is asking Jin Ae to come to the station the next morning.

In her room, Jin Ae keeps thinking about who could’ve access her e-mail, she always logs out. Then Jin Ae remembers that one day her superior, Mr. Yang, send her out of office in a hurry and she wasn’t able to log out. Suddenly Jin Ae receives a text from Hoon Jae. He went to eat at home and found out from his mother what happened at the office, why Jin Ae was crying.

Jin Ae wanted to ask her brother to go with her to the police station in the morning, but she didn’t dare to ask. Feeling that something is wrong, Hyeong Kyu followed her and acted as her lawyer in front of the police officer.

Since her father wants her to invite Jae Min to their house, Chae Ri called Hyeong Soon. Later Chae Ri called again Hyeong Soon telling him to come to the coffee shop near the hospital. She is with her friends there and they’ve made a bet. If Hyeong Soon will show up then he likes her, but if he won’t than he doesn’t.

Hyeong Soon:” I don’t like you!”

Hyeong Soon refused to go, but then he heard Chae Ri’s friends being mean to her, talking bad about him, while Chae Ri was defending him thinking that the conversation ended. After hearing Chae Ri’s friends talking like that, Hyeong Soon went to that coffee shop. There he heard those girls talking bad about Chae Ri and how they were planning to make Chae Ri buy them expensive things.

Hyeong Soon showed up in front of Chae Ri and her friends with flowers for Chae Ri and defended her in front of those girls, including insulted them telling that they spend so much time with Chae Ri because their faces don’t help them to get boyfriends.

Chae Ri is aware of the way her friends think about her, but those girls that use her are the only friends Chae Ri has. If she won’t buy them things, then her friends won’t spend time with her and Chae Ri will be all alone.

Jin Ae’s been suspended from work and Mr. Yang requested vacation leave. When Mr. Yang left, Jin Ae saw his shoes and realized that Mr. Yang’s shoes are the same as the one the man she bumped into the night before the presentation. She’s looking for him everywhere, but Mr. Yang isn’t anywhere to be found, he even moved out of his house.

Hoon Jae called the office and found out what happened to Jin Ae so at night he appears in front of Jin Ae asking her to buy him dinner. That night, while eating, Jin Ae told Hoon Jae her problems. The following days Hoon Jae helped Jin Ae to find Mr. Yang. Together with Hoon Jae, Jin Ae went to talk to Mr. Yang who was in the hospital because his wife is seriously ill. They know Mr. Yang leaked the information to the competitor, but Mr. Yang keeps denying it.

Not knowing how to treat Mr. Yang, Jin Ae asked her mother and did as her mother said. Jin Ae visited Mr. Yang’s wife in the hospital with some pine nut porridge and some side dish for Mr. Yang. To hate, Jin Ae reacted with love.

Hyeong Kyu found out that Jin Ae knows who framed her, but didn’t tell the police. He got mad and the two siblings started arguing again. Dong Chul heard them and entered Jin Ae’s room to make peace.

The day that the disciplinary committee was supposed to make a decision regarding Jin Ae, Mr. Yang turned himself in and told the truth.

Knowing that Jin Ae’s name was cleared, Hoon Jae called her and asked her to buy him dinner again. Suddenly in front of Jin Ae appeared Hoon Jae’s mother. She came to apologize for not believing in Jin Ae. The moment Hoon Jae saw his mother with Jin Ae, he hid behind a wall.

Jin Ae’s mother was also passing by there and saw Jin Ae hugging her boss.

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