“Death Note ” ep 9 ~ Light:”I will be the God of this new world!”

Light confessed that he in Kira and wrote L’s name in the Death Note, but L didn’t die. The Death Note that Light held was a fake one. Unfortunately the moment L planned to expose Light, L died. Now that he finally beat L, Light decided to get back his own Death Note.

Before going into battle, L knew that he could turn out death so he left a successor. It’s Near’s time now! But it’s not just Light that wants the notebook. Someone else wants it too and to get it that person kidnapped Sayu.

Episode 9

Knowing L’s real name, Light wrote it in the Death Note. After writing L Lawliet’s name in the notebook and admitting that he is Kira, Light waits for L to die. But L didn’t die. The notebook that Light has in his arms is a fake one so he can’t kill L.

L:”You can’t kill me. Why not just admit that you’re Kira already?”

Since Light wrote L’s name with his own handwriting, L has a better proof than a confession. Light tried to convince L that he is doing the right thing by doing what justice can’t do, but no matter what Light says in L’s eyes Kira is just a hopeless murderer.

Light:” I’m Kira! Kira could become God.”

Suddenly Soichiro and the other police officers arrived. L insists that Light confessed that he is Kira. He goes towards Soichiro and the others and tries to tell them that Light is Kira. That moment L fell down and died. Light is shocked, but he runs screaming towards L.

Light:” I killed him!”

Pretending that he didn’t know the notebook that L was holding was a fake, Light told everyone what happened, his version of what happened, turning everything in his favor.

After the police officers left with L’s body, the Kira that killed L showed up. It was Mikami!

Mikami:”It is as you commanded, My God.”

Later Light goes to the rooftop to be alone and says his goodbye to L Lawliet.

Watari received the news and told Near that L died. When Near heard that L died, Mello appeared.

Mello:” I’m the one who was supposed to kill L!”

Before he died, L left a video message with hints to catch Kira. He also left a successor, Near. The day L was buried Watari went with the video message to the grave and showed it to the police officers and Light who were there.

Back at L’s office, Light and the police officers met Near, who knows that the only once that saw L’s face the day L died were the police officers and the prosecutors that came to confiscate the notebook. Since Near now suspects the prosecutors, Light send a text to Mikami to warn him.

Later Light called Mikami and Misa on the rooftop. Light let Misa touch the Death Note so that she will recover her memory. Mikami can’t use his shinigami eyes for the moment since he is being watched by the police so Light intends to use Misa now.

Light:”I will be the God of this new world!”

The following days Light, Mikami and Misa continue to kill criminals together. The citizen started to accept Kira and even protesting so that the police should cooperate with Kira, not try to catch him.

While all three Kira’s continue to kill criminals and receive support from the public, Near pretends to play and sleep like any other child. He even fights with Mello about if they still have to be patient or not.

Near:”The seeds have been planted.”

Light and Soichiro arrived home, but Sayu is nowhere to be found. Suddenly someone calls Soichiro to tell him that Sayu was kidnapped. The kidnapper wants the notebook for Sayu.

Near thinks that the one that kidnapped Sayu must be Kira because the police has the notebook. In order to get the notebook that the police has Kira kidnapped Sayu. What Near doesn’t know is that Mikami and Misa won’t take any decisions. They only do as Light orders them. Since the only once that know that Soichiro has the notebook are the police officers in Near’s office and Light it means that one of the police officers betrayed Soichiro.

To help find Sayu, Near hacked into all the surveillance cameras form Kanto region. He found Sayu and the woman who kidnapped her. The kidnapper is indeed one of the police officers that worked with Soichiro. The kidnapper is Himura, the only woman in the team. She gave in the temptation of putting her hands on the notebook.

From the start Himura approached Soichiro in order to find out Kira’s operational method. Now she kidnapped Sayu and wants to exchange her for the Death Note.

When Soichiro went to give the notebook and get Sayu from Himura, Light planned to use Mikami’s shinigami’s eyes to kill Himura. He realized that what Himura did could be his chance to get the Death Note back. And this time is the real one since next to the notebook is also Rem.

While everyone went to get Sayu, Near stayed back and watched the second video L left. In this video L told Near who Kira was.

Near:”I will put in the final piece.”


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