“All about My Mom” ep 8 ~ Hoon Jae:”Should I be happy or worried?”

Jin Ae was promoted to CEO’s secretary. She tells the good news to Hoon Jae and they decided to meet up for dinner. Meantime Hoon Jae moved in to his new house. He will live at Jin Ae’s house.

To make money to pay for a loan, Hyeong Soon went to work at a farm. Chae Ri followed him there, but she fall asleep while Hyeong Soon was confessing her the truth about his identity.

Personal thought: I absolutely love Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri! This couple is really funny. And the noises they put when Chae Ri is doing something 🙂

Episode 8

Jin Ae went to eat with her CEO. Her mother and Hoon Jae followed them and watched envious from far away. Hyeong Soo saw his mother looking from outside the chicken shop so he wants to buy some for his mother. Unfortunately for Hyeong Soon he doesn’t have enough money. Then Hoon Jae sees him and gives him the money.

Going inside to buy chicken for his parents, Hyeong Soon met Yeong Soon, Jin Ae’s CEO. Arrived home with the chicken he bought especially for his mother, things didn’t turned out the way Hyeong Soon expected. San Ok scolded Hyeong Soon for buying fried chicken.

After eating with Jin Ae, Yeong Soon went to see her son. When she entered Hoon Jae’s office, Yeong Soon found Hoon Jae smiling foolishly at his phone. The moment his mother entered Hoon Jae was sending and receiving texts with Jin Ae.

In the morning Hyeong Soon is getting ready to wash some cabbage, but Chae Ri called him. She arranged a day for him to come visit her and meet her father. Meanwhile, Jin Ae is called to Yeong Soon’s office. Yeong Soon’s assistant is going to study abroad and she thought that Jin Ae will be the perfect person to be the new assistant.

Dong Chul brought Hoon Jae some side dishes that his wife made to thank Hoon Jae for helping him. There Dong Chul found out that Hoon Jae is living in the office because he gave his apartment money to pay for a project.

At night when Jin Ae arrived, Dong Chul told her that he plans to rent a room to a nice gentleman, without saying that the gentleman is Hoon Jae. Also Jin Ae announced her family that she was transferred to the headquarters as the CEO’s assistant.

The farm from where San Ok gets her vegetables needs workers and they pay well so she sent Hyeong Soon over. It’s the day Jae Min was supposed to visit Chae Ri’s house so she called him while he was on his way to the farm. Threatening Hyeong Soon that she will go to the hospital to look for him, Hyeong Soon had to tell Chae Ri where he is. As soon as she got the address, Chae Ri went to the farm. She helped Hyeong Soon pick apples and then they started playing around until they fell.

When the old ladies left, Hyeong Soon wanted to send Chae Ri back home with them, but she didn’t go. Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon remained at the farm over night.

Since she still has a lot to learn about, Jin Ae went to work on weekend too. Hoon Jae called her and she gave him the good news. Now that Jin Ae got a better job it means that she has to buy dinner for Hoon Jae so they will meet later.

Hoon Jae:” How could you not tell me such good news? Should I be happy or worried?”

Dong Chul called Hoon Jae and asked him to come over and see a room that it’s for rent. At first Hoon Jae felt like something was wrong, but when Dong Chul mentioned that the chef that cooked the dishes he gave Hoon Jae the other day live there, Hoon Jae accepted. Later Dong Chul and Hyeong Soon move Hoon Jae’s things in.

Hoon Jae comes to his new home, but no one is there and he still has some time until he will meet Jin Ae. When Jin Ae comes home she sees shoes in front of Hyeong Soon’s room. She goes in and thinks that Hyeong Soon is sleeping. After Jin Ae woke up the man sleeping in Hyeong Soon’s room she realized that the man wasn’t her brother, was Kang Hoon Jae.

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