“When I See You Again ” ep 16 ~ “A home is only a home when there’s family in it.”

Yo Qian’s grandfather finds out that An Xi is to blame for him losing his house in Pu Lang Village and for Yo Qian’s accident. He is furious with An Xi.

Mei Wen, Zhi Lin, Ya Ru and Ya En come to visit Taipei and help An Xi and Yo Qian to have a date. Ya En follows Yan Ze in order to get him to give her a chance.

Episode 16

While Yo Qian’s grandfather was looking for the postcard of the place he wants Yo Qian and An Xi to go on vacation, Yong Qing came. She can’t understand what An Xi has that she doesn’t, why is Yo Qian in love with An Xi when An Xi can’t do anything for him as she is able to. Then Yong Qing took out of her bag the contract of Yo Qian’s old house from Pu Lang Village and threatened An Xi with telling Yo Qian’s grandfather the truth if An Xi won’t leave Yo Qian. Without knowing that An Xi is the girl for whom Yo Qian climbed a mountain and got hurt ten years ago, Yo Qian’s grandfather liked An Xi. Now Yo Qian’s grandfather heard An Xi and Yong Qing talking and realized that An Xi is the girl he hated for the last ten years.

After arguing with Yo Qian in the parking lot, Yan Ze didn’t go to the office, he went to Pu Lang Village, at An Xi’s hostel. While thinking about his problems, Yan Ze sees Ya En going out in the rain and follows her. She went to pick her wish from the three where An Xi once took Yan Ze. Seeing Ya En getting wet, when she is sick, goes to her.

Yan Ze:” Is it worth risking your life for this stupid thing?”

After scolding Ya En, Yan Ze kissed her. Later, while holding her hand, Yan Ze took her home. Arrived at the hostel, Yan Ze tells Ya En that he has no intention of having a love relationship with her and that he was serious when he told her to not fall in love with him. But Ya En insists. All she wants is a chance to see him once in a while. Yan Ze doesn’t even have to be fateful to her. Still Yan Ze can’t accept Ya En’s proposal and kicks her out of the car. When he left, Yan Ze looked more hurt than Ya En, even when he was the one that rejected her. Actually Yan Ze didn’t reject Ya En, he just doesn’t want to hurt a nice and innocent girl like Ya En.

Disappointed and furious after finding out that An Xi is the person to blame for Yo Qian getting hurt and they losing their house ten years ago, the grandfather pushes An Xi away. He screams at her. When Yo Qian arrived, he went with his grandfather in the office and explained that it was his immature decision to climb the mountain where he got hurt. Then Yo Qian told his grandfather how An Xi took care of their house for all those years, how An Xi prohibited anyone to by that house, because she felt guilty for what happened.

Realizing that she’s been used, Jenifer tells Yo Qian the truth and leaves the company. Yan Ze sees her leaving and goes to talk to Yo Qian. After talking for a while, Yo Qian accepts to let Yan Ze go, but with the condition that Yan Ze tells everything he did to Luna and limit the company’s loses. Unfortunately Yan Ze can’t do that. If he reveals what he did to Luna, he will end up in jail. Yan Ze knows Yo Qian’s weakness and uses that to protect himself. Hu Yan Ze threatened Yo Qian that if Yo Qian won’t let him go without revealing Luna what he did than Yan Ze will tell An Xi that Luna is her mother and Luna doesn’t want to reunite with such a useless daughter.

An Xi met with Yong Qing to tell Yong Qing the decision she took regarding Yong Qing’s threat. They love Yo Qian differently, but in the end its Yo Qian the one that has to decide who he has in his heart. Yong Qing goes on with her threat, when Yo Qian’s grandfather appears. He was there also and heart the two girls talking. He made clear what he wants and how he wants An Xi to pay back the suffering she gave him. The grandfather wants An Xi to take care of Yo Qian for all his live and never let him go if she really feels sorry for what happened ten years ago.

Shocked, after hearing what the grandfather said, Yong Qing remembers the grandfather that she has his old house and if he wants it back then he should accept her and sent An Xi away.

Grandfather:” I have Yo Qian as well as An Xi. A home is only a home when there’s family in it.”

After Yong Qing left furious, the grandfather made peace with An Xi. He made An Xi promise him that she will never leave Yo Qian. From now on the grandfather will put Yo Qian in An Xi’s hands.

Meantime Yong Qing can’t understand why she can’t have Yo Qian. She did everything she was told, she threatened Yo Qian, she offered him money and power and still Yo Qian doesn’t want her. All her life Yong Qing was told that everyone has its price so as long as you are rich and powerful you can have everything you want.

When Yo Qian arrived home, he found out that his grandfather and An Xi made up and that the grandfather found the postcard of his graduation trip, the trip he missed.

Someone is at the door and An Xi goes to open. Her friends from Pu Lang Village, Mei Wen, Zhi Lin, Ya Ru and Ya En came to visit.

The next day Yo Qian and An Xi spend the day together at the amusement park. They went on the marry-go-round and then they sat on a bench to talk about Yo Qian’s problems at work. Suddenly two mascots appeared and took Yo Qian and An Xi with them. The mascots took An Xi and Yo Qian on a ride with pagoda revenge, but scared, An Xi run off after putting the safety on Yo Qian.

After the ride, Yo Qian and An Xi met again the two mascots. The mascots sat on the bench and between them there were An Xi and Yo Qian. They pushed An Xi and Yo Qian until An Xi kissed Yo Qian. An Xi doesn’t know what is wrong with the mascots, but Yo Qian realized who they are. The mascots were Ya Ru and Zhi Lin and behind a bush Mei Wen was hidden.

Leaving the amusement park Mei Wen saw her long lost love, Da Fei. She wants to run away without seeing or talking to Da Fei, but An Xi, Zhi Lin and Ya Ru stopped her. Mei Wen and Da Fei loved each other, but Da Fei’s parents didn’t accept Mei Wen because she was a singer. Forced to split with Mei Wen, Da Fei’s parents found him a fiancé, but he didn’t love her and went to study in the State. Every year since they broke up, Da Fei waited for Mei Wen on the day the broke up in the same place, while Mei Wen waited for him on the day they’ve met.

Meantime Ya En didn’t want her brother to accompany her to her medical checkup. After the checkup, Ya En went to see Yan Ze. Seeing Ya En, Yan Ze wanted her to be disappointed in him so in front of Ya En, Yan Ze took out for lunch two of his coworkers. But Ya En kept following them.

Yan Ze went to talk to Ya En. She knows that something is wrong with him. He rejected her before, but now it’s the first time Yan Ze is getting angry at her. Yan Ze tries one more thing to get rid of Ya En. He takes her to a hotel and tells her that if she can make him happy then she can see him always. Because she likes Yan Ze and wants him to be happy when he sees her, Ya En is willing to do anything Yan Ze asks her to. Hearing Ya En’s words, Yan Ze is more hurt than he thought he could be.

Everyone is having dinner happily at Yo Qian’s house when Da Yu arrived with information. Da Yu found out that the project of water purification Yo Qian was thinking that he was handling is actually a waste treatment project that will hurt everyone in Pu Lang Village. While Yo Qian tries to stop the project, Da Yu keeps an eye of the company in charge.

The next An Xi took grandfather to the hospital for a checkup. There she saw Luna who was so worried about something that she didn’t even notice someone bumping into her. When he heard that Luna was at the hospital Yan Ze investigated and found out the Luna is sick.

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