“She Was Pretty ” ep 1~ Hye Jin:”Hiding was the right choice.”

She was pretty is a romantic comedy about a man and a woman who met as children. They were each other’s first love. After they were separated Hye Jin and Seong Joon went through reversal of fortunes and appearances. As adults, they meet again at a fashion magazine’s publishing office.

Seong Joon was a fat child, with no friends. He moved next to Hye Jin and she became his first and only friend, but also she became his first love. But the unattractive boy with low self esteem grew up to become a handsome and successful man.

Hye Jin was a pretty girl from a rich family. After her first love, Seong Joon, moves with his father in the States, her family business went bankrupt so she experienced hardships. During puberty Hye Jin also lost her beauty.

When Seong Joon returned to Korea he send an email to Hye Jin to meet again. But when she sees what Seong Joon became, Hye Jin feels scared to see him.


Hwang Jung Eum     as     Kim Hye Jin

Park Seo Joon           as   Ji Seong Joon

Choi Si Won             as   Kim Shin Hyuk

Go Joon Hee             as   Min Ha Ri

Episode 1

Kim Hye Jin is a thirty years old unemployed woman. Her family was well and she was a beautiful little girl, until she reached puberty. Then Hye Jin’s face started to change and the little beautiful girl turned ugly. She lives with her beautiful best friend, Ha Ri.

Hye Jin works on every part time job she can find until she will get employed by a company. But it’s hard for her to get a job because of her looks and the university she finished.

One day Hye Jin’s friend and first love, Ji Seong Joon sends her an e-mail saying that he will return to Korea and wants to meet him. While Hye Jin was in 5th grade, Ha Ri went with her family in Japan and in Ha Ri’s house a new family moved in. That family had a fat boy named Seong Joon. Hye Jin became friends with Seong Joon and he was her first love.

Happy, Hye Jin goes on her meeting with Soeng Joon, expecting him to be the same fat boy he was during childhood. But when she saw Seong Joon, Hye couldn’t go on with the meeting. Seong Joon isn’t anymore the fat, ugly boy. He turned into a handsome man. When she sees him, Hye Jin hides and leaves.

On her way home, Hye Jin met Ha Ri and told her what happened. While Ha Ri was encouraging Hye Jin to meet Seong Joon even if she isn’t anymore the beautiful girl he remembers, Hye Jin has an idea. Hye Jin asked Ha Ri to meet Seong Joon instead of her. Ha Ri went and met Seong Joon, pretending to be Hye Jin.

Hye Jin told Ha Ri what to answer to Seong Joon’s questions. She was at the table next to Ha Ri and Seong Joon, signing every time Ha Ri made a mistake while talking to Seong Joon, like when she asked about his mother when his mother is death. Hearing Seong Joon talking, Hye Jin believes more and more that it was a good idea to hide from him.

Hye Jin:”Hiding was the right choice.”

After diner, Ha Ri told Seong Joon that she is going to study in England so they won’t be able to see each other. As a good bye present Soeng Joon gave to the girl he thought it was Hye Jin an umbrella.

On a school trip, Seong Joon got scares and asked the school bus driver to let him out. He was in the rain, calling for his mother when Hye Jin came next to him and comforted him.

Hye Jin:”From now on, I’ll stay by your side. I’ll become your umbrella.”

The day he left for the States, Seong Joon gave a piece of his puzzle to Hye Jin so they will have a reason to meet again in the future. Then be kissed her.

The change Hye Jin was expecting in her life arrived. She was accepted as an intern in a big company. Excited Hye Jin went to work. In front of the company, she bumped into a man and fell. That man, Kim Shin Hyuk, was trying to eat a gum and dropped it. While trying to get up, Hye Jin saw the gun on the ground and thought it was her front tooth. Relieved that it wasn’t her tooth, she runs inside.

Shin Hyuk looks after her and seeing the way she was dressed thought of Michael Jackson. He started dancing and singing on Billie Jean in the middle of the street.

Hye Jin works hard. She does everything she is told without complaining. One day, before she went home, her department sent her to the Most Editing Department with something. As soon as she arrived there, everyone confounded her with their new freelancer that was supposed to come.

Since everyone thought that Hye Jin is their new coworker they put her to work and she did everything great. After Hye Jin left home, the real new employee arrived. Realizing that they were wrong, the Most Editing Department asked Kim Hye Jin to be transferred to their department. She did a great job with everything and they want her in their team.

On her first day at her new department, Hye Jin met the new Chief Editor, Ji Seong Joon.

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2 Responses to “She Was Pretty ” ep 1~ Hye Jin:”Hiding was the right choice.”

  1. Nmis says:

    Thanks for the recap. I watched this ep and I like it too however….after rewatching it twice i realise something. How did Seong Joon get Hye Jin’s email address? And if he had her email from before why did he not just send Hye Jin emails instead of letters? If you know the answer please share!

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