“She Was Pretty ” ep 2~ Seong Joon:”I came back to find my umbrella.”

Hye Jin has to work with Seong Joon for the next three months. But she can’t. She is scared that he will find out the lie she and Ha Ri told him. She is scared that Seong Joon will find out in what she turned during the years they were apart. Hye Jin tries to resign her job, but something happened and she changed her mind. Kim Hye Jin realized that Seong Joon isn’t the sweet and innocent boy from her memory.

Episode 2

Hye Jin has been transferred to the editing department. She still doesn’t understand why, when she received another shock. The new chief editor and her new boss is no other than Ji Seong Joon.

Ji Seong Joon:”I came back to find my umbrella.”

As soon as she sees Seong Joon, Hye Jin hides under a desk. Then she runs out of the office and tries to put her thought in order. Stressed out that Seong Joon might recognize her when he will see her name, Hye Jin called Ha Ri. No matter how much Ha Ri tries to explain her that Seong Joon believes that his first love, Kim Hye Jin, is Ha Ri and he also thinks that she is in England and then again Kim Hye Jin is a common name, Hye Jin is still worried that he might recognize her.

Hye Jin goes to her old department and while pulling her old boss pants, she tries to make him cancel her transfer. Still he can’t do that. If she doesn’t want to work in the editing department, Hye Jin has only one choice, to resign.

Shin Hyuk sees Hye Jin looking inside the office from outside like she is hiding and he asks her what is going on. Then Shin Hyuk congratulated her for coming to their department.

Shin Hyuk:”You scared me! My baby almost dropped out of my womb!”

Hye Jin takes the chance and asks Shin Hyuk to cancel her transfer. But it didn’t work this time either. Later Hye Jin tries to convince the fashion director, Cha Joo Young, to let her return to her old department. But nothing worked. Suddenly Seong Joon comes out of his office to talk to the fashion director and Hye Jin hides once again under the desk. Then she runs out and hides in the toilet.

Coming out of the toilet, Hye Jin is going towards her office. But then…she sees Seong Joon and runs to the other direction. She enters the elevator. But when the door closed, Hye Jin was shocked. Seong Joon was next to her in the lift. She tries to come out, but the lift stopped.

To get out of there as fast as possible, Hye Jin begins screaming and kicking the door for someone to come and get them out of there. Seong Joon stops her and calls for help. Since there are just the two of them in the elevator, Hye Jin can’t breathe properly. Then the lights turned off. Hye Jin fells, breathing hardly. Thinking that the strange woman that is with him in the elevator is claustrophobic, Seong Joon put the earphone in her ear and turned on the same song that Hye Jin let him hear when he was scared as a child.

Back to the office, Hye Jin has to leave again. There is a photo shoot and the fashion director made Hye Jin carry a box there. During the photo shoot Hye Jin was scolded by both Seong Joon and Kim Ra Ra. Seong Joon scolded her because she entered with her shoes on the set. Ra Ra on the other hand scolded Hye Jin because Hye Jin doesn’t have the brilliant look that she should if she works for Most Editing department.

It’s raining and Seong Joon remembered that Hye Jin hates when it rains because her hair gets curly in a messy way. He sends her an email. Hye Jin doesn’t know what to do. She is scared that Seong Joon could found out her lie, that he could found out what she became. To make Hye Jin feel better and more secure that Seong Joon won’t found out the truth, Ha Ri send him back a message with her picture in England.

That night Hye Jin dreamed about Seong Joon finding out the truth and making fun out her for what she has become. The next morning, Hye Jin wrote her resignation letter.

Before entering her office, Hye Jin encounters Shin Hyuk, who once again scared her.

Seong Joon requested a meeting with everyone so Hye Jin participate too. He wants everyone to tell him in 3 minutes their ideas for the next number of Most magazine. But Seong Joon didn’t like any of the ideas he heard. Then Seong Joon looks at Hye Jin and asks her for an idea too. Since she can’t find her words, Seong Joon insulted her and humiliated her in front of everyone. No matter who much the fashion editor tried to tell him that she is only there to help them, she was borrowed from another department, for Seong Joon it didn’t have any importance. Since she couldn’t give any good idea and couldn’t found her words, Seong Joon kicked her out of the meeting to not keep polluting their oxygen.

Later Hye Jin went to pick a package and she bumped into Seong Joon again. Once again she was rude to her. Feeling wronged, Hye Jin followed Seong Joon to talk to him and put him in his place. But she wasn’t able to tell him in his face what she wanted. At least she found out why Seong Joon hates her. Seong Joon hates Hye Jin because he doesn’t like the fact that an ugly and incompetent person like her wears the name Kim Hye Jin. He wants to fire her.

Angry after what Seong Joon told her, Hye Jin realized that Ji Seong Joon isn’t anymore the sweet and innocent boy she met as a child. She changed her mind and doesn’t want to resign anymore.

Hye Jin’s coworkers used to like Seong Joon, but after seeing his personality and how he treats them, they don’t like him anymore. Unfortunately for Hye Jin, Seong Joon entered the office right at the moment she was speaking bad about him.

So let me get this straight! Ji Seong Joon liked Kim Hye Jin because she didn’t pay attention to his looks and was friendly with a fat little boy that no one accepted around them? And now when he turned handsome, he turned into one of those people that treated him badly as a child because he was different. He hates Kim Hye Jin because she isn’t beautiful as someone named Kim Hye Jin should be……

Personally I absolutely like Choi Si Won’s character!

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