“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 4 ~ Yan Hao:”I will not let you leave again.”

Shao Qing confessed Yan Hao that she wasn’t able to forget about him, that she still loves him. Something happened and Shao Qing wanted to leave Taiwan, but Yan Hao stopped her.

A new legal consultant arrived and Yan Hao asked the lawyer to prepare his divorce.

Episode 4

Yan Hao and Shao Qing are in the elevator. They are getting closer while their hands touch each other. Suddenly the elevator doors opened and in front of them appeared Jia An on Yan Hao’s old motorcycle. Jia An wants the three of them to go on a ride the same way they were while they were young. She wants to take Shao Qing to a special place on Shao Qing’s birthday.

Yan Hao couldn’t reject Jia An’s request and the three of them went riding the motorcycle to the old house Jia An and Shao Qing were living during college. Yan Hao couldn’t let go of that house and after he became rich, he bought it. As soon as she entered the old house, Shao Qing remembered all the good times she had there.

Later the three friends went to the same pool Jia An and Shao Qing were going ten years ago. They swim and then Jia An proposed a game. Both Jia An and Shao Qing go into the water and the one that can hold her breathe longer will win. The other one will have to grand the winner one wish. Jia An won. But even if she couldn’t breathe anymore, Jia An didn’t come out. Yan Hao and Shao Qing brought Jia An out of the water after Jia An fainted.

After Jia An fall asleep, Shao Qing wants to give Yan Hao his birthday present. She explained Yan Hao the reason she left ten years ago.

Shao Qing:”Ten years ago, I left because I wanted to forget someone.”

Crying, Shao Qing told Yan Hao that she left him because she wanted to forget about her love for him. Now, ten years later, Shao Qing returned because she couldn’t forget Yan Hao.

Yan Hao:”If you fell, I will tumble down too.”

Yan Hao can’t accept Shao Qing now. He is still hurt because she left him and he, now, has Jia An, the only person who stayed by his side always, when he had a difficult time or a happy time.

Shao Qing left early in the morning. She thinks about what happened and decided to leave Taiwan earlier. Then she went to see a plastic surgeon to remove the blue bird tattooed on her back. There Shao Qing found out that a man with a worm tattooed on his back asked the same thing. Hearing that Yan Hao was also there, Shao Qing runs after him.

Yan Hao and Shao Qing walk around. Suddenly she grabs his hand and Yan Hao stops. He asks her why she came back if she plans to leave again. And Shao Qing explains him the reason she left. She didn’t want to become the third part in a relationship, like her mother was, and left so that Jia An could be happy. When she realized that she can’t forget Yan Hao, that she can’t stop loving him, Shao Qing returned. But still she doesn’t want to hurt Jia An. Unfortunately Jia An will suffer because her friends made some decision for Jia An’s good without asking her. If Shao Qing would’ve been honest with Jia An and told Jia An that she loves Yan Hao instead of leaving maybe Jia An would’ve understood. Jia An would’ve suffered for a while, but then she would’ve met a man who could love and appreciate her for who she is and now maybe Jia An wouldn’t had to beg for a little attention from a husband that can’t love her. Because Shao Qing made a mistake ten years ago all three of them suffer now, but Jia An will be the one that will suffer the most.

Shao Qing:”What can I do to stop loving you?”

Arriving home Yan Hao and Shao Qing met Jia An, who fainted in front of them. Returned from the hospital with Jia An, Shao Qing received a phone call from her mother saying that her father is dying. Accompanied by Yan Hao, Shao Qing rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, no matter how much Shao Qing and her mother begged, Shao Qing’s father legal wife didn’t allow them to see Shao Qing’s father.

In the morning Jia An went to call Shao Qing to have breakfast, but Shao Qing was already gone. She left towards the airport while Jia An and Yan Hao were still asleep. In a hurry, Yan Hao went to the airport and barely caught her.

Yan Hao:”I will not let you leave again.”

Back home, Shao Qing met Yan Ran, Yan Hao’s little brother who just returned home. Yan Hao and his brother aren’t tat close to each other.

That night Shao Qing and Jia An slept in the same room and recalling the old times. Suddenly Shao Qing asks Jia An if Jia An will still be her friend if Shao Qing will do a mistake, if Jia An will forgive her.

Jia An prepared lunch boxes and fruits for Yan Hao and Shao Qing. On her way to the company, Jia An doesn’t pay attention while crossing the street and a car is hitting her. Luckily Jia An wasn’t hurt. The driver was lawyer Zhang Zhen Lun.

The lawyer Jia An met is actually Shao Qing’s friends. They attended the same university in America. Now Shao Qing called him to be the new legal consultant of Yan Hao’s company. Zhen Lun’s first mission as Yan Hao’s legal consultant is to prepare Yan Hao’s divorce.

Upset after arguing with Yan Hao and Shao Qing, Zhong Xiao went to see Jia An and told her that Yan Hao might have another woman. Having suspicions, Jia An asks Shao Qing if she saw Yan Hao with another woman.

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