“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 3 ~ Hong Pei:” Turns out I was betrayed by my own friend.”

Shu Hai realizes that Hong Pei’s girlfriend is the same girl he likes, Han Si Yi. He runs away from the restaurant and makes Si Yi misunderstand that he hates her. Later Shu Hai and Hong Pei talk about what happened and Hong Pei encourages Shu Hai to become friends with Si Yi.

Si Yi got sick and Shu Hai and Hong Pei stayed with her in the hospital.

Episode 3

Shu Hai and Hong Pei are going towards the restaurant where Shu Hai will have dinner with Si Yi and Zheng Nan. Scared of being alone with the beautiful woman Zheng Nan plans to introduce him too, Shu Hai asks Hong Pei to stay with him the whole time.

Hong Pei:”I’ll stand between you two and be a huge third wheel.”

They go inside, but when Shu Hai realized that the girl he will have dinner with is Si Yi, he wanted to hide. He can’t look at her. When Si Yi talked about the watch he fixed, Shu Hai, realizing what is going on, looked at Hong Pei and saw him crying. Si Yi is Hong Pei’s ex girlfriend.

Si Yi:”Thank you for fixing my watch.”

Shocked Shu Hai ran away. He remembers what Hong Pei told him about Si Yi and what he told Hong Pei about the girl he likes in secret, when he didn’t know that they were talking about the same girl. Meantime Si Yi and Hong Pei remained alone at the table.

That night Hong Pei walked Si Yi home. Shu Hai on the other hand didn’t go home. He stayed with his friend. In the morning one of those friends scared him with what Hong Pei’s intentions could be and Shu Hai took of the watch.

Si Yi misunderstood that Shu Hai hates her. Now Shu Hai begs Zheng Nan to help him with Si Yi, but when he sees Si Yi, Shu Hai runs away. After Si Yi left, Shu Hai returned saying that he went to buy coffee.

After finding out that Hong Pei, Zheng Nan, Si Yi and Jian Hao were friends in college and that Zheng Nan hopes that Si Yi and Jian Hao will end up together, Shu Hai put the watch back on his hand. Hong Pei is angry with him for taking the watch off randomly. Shu Hai was afraid that Hong Pei will turn evil so he took off the watch, but Hong Pei was worried about Shu Hai instead.

Hong Pei:” Turns out I was betrayed by my own friend.”

To make up the two friends, Shu Hai and Hong Pei, went to play basketball. Shu Hai knows that if Hong Pei wouldn’t have been death they wouldn’t have been able to be friends. Still Shu Hai wished that Hong Pei would’ve still been alive.

Hong Pei:”I’m glad to have met you.”

While playing basketball, Hong Pei encouraged Shu Hai to invite Si Yi to a meal.

Hong Pei waits for Si Yi to go home and sees that Si Yi is sick. Worried about Si Yi, Hong Pei tells Shu Hai to take her to the hospital. But Shu Hai can’t do that. He and Si Yi aren’t friends so he would look like a stalker and a pervert if he will show up at her house. Luckily Shu Hai knows Zheng Nan. With Zheng Nan’s help Shu Hai and Hong Pei were able to enter Si Yi’s house and take her to see a doctor.

Since Zheng Nan had an important meeting in the morning, Shu Hai offered to stay with Si Yi in the hospital overnight. In the morning, Si Yi’s friends come to visit her and they’ve brought flowers. Si Yi asked Shu Hai to put the flowers into a vase without knowing that Shu Hai is allergic.

Hong Pei hears Shu Hai sneezing from the bathroom and goes to see what is wrong with him. While Shu Hai was sneezing, Hong Pei was able to posses him. Without realizing Hong Pei entered Shu Hai’s body.

Later, after her friends left, Si Yi tries to make conversation with Shu Hai, who she considers her friend. But Shu Hai pushes her away. Seeing Shu Hai pushing Si Yi away, Hong Pei talks to him. Unfortunately Si Yi can’t see Hong Pei so she is shocked when Shu Hai screams in her direction.

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