“All about My Mom” ep 9 ~ Hoon Jae:” How many dinner will you buy me?”

Hoon Jae moved in Jin Ae’s house, but for the time being he has to hide from Jin Ae’s mother. When Jin Ae’s mother saw him and wanted to kick him out, thanks to Hyeong Kyu she changed her mind.

Meantime Jin Ae is happy with her new job, but her coworker bullies her and gives her a hard time.

Episode 9

Jin Ae comes home and seeing shoes in front of Hyeong Soon’s room, she enters to wake him up. After she woken up the man sleeping in Hyeong Soon’s room, Jin Ae realized that it wasn’t her brother Hyeong Soon, it was Hoon Jae. Seeing Hoon Jae naked, Jin Ae starts screaming.

Hyeong Soon and Dong Chul arrived home and heard Jin Ae screaming. They rush in and explain Jin An why is Hoon Jae there. Finding out that the house he is living in is Jin Ae’s house, Hoon Jae feels uncomfortable and wants to move out. Dong Chul can’t return Hoon Jae his money so he begins talking about how he hurt his back the night he and Hoon Jae met and were arrested. Also Hyeong Soon starts talking about how he, who was tired from picking apples, had to carry Hoon Jae’s heavy luggage.

While Hyeong Soon went to pick up his mother, Dong Chul begged Hoon Jae and Jin Ae to not tell San Ok anything until the next day. That night Hoon Jae had to hide in his room to not be seen by San Ok. He wanted to move out, but after tasting the dinner Hyeong Soon brought him, he changed his mind.

Later in the night, thinking that her mother is asleep, Jin Ae called Hoon Jae to come out. But the moment Jin Ae was talking to Hoon Jae on the phone, San Ok entered the kitchen. When Hoon Jae came out of his room, San Ok was about to see him. So that he won’t be seen, Hoon Jae run off barefoot.

Hoon Jae:”When you’re handsome, you have handsome feet, too.”

Jin Ae found an excuse and went out to find Hoon Jae. Seeing him without shoes, Jin Ae bought him a pair of slippers. They have fun talking and on their way home, Jin Ae told Hoon Jae that if he isn’t too uncomfortable staying at her house, he is welcome. Jin Ae realized that Hoon Jae is better than a total stranger.

Hyeong Soon intended to sleep in his brother’s room, but Hyeong Kyu kicked him out. Because he slept in the living room, Hyeong Soon was bitten by mosquitoes.

Hoon Jae has to go to work so he can’t wait anymore. He comes out of his room, while the family was having breakfast, before Dong Chul got the chance to tell San Ok. She wasn’t pleased to find out that her husband rented a room without consulting her.

Hyeong Kyu just opened his own law firm with his rich ex girlfriend’s help. She gave him a list of her father’s friends. All that Hyeong Kyu has to do is get to her father through one of those friends. The only person on that list that Hyeong Kyu knows is Hoon Jae’s mother. In order to get to Hwang Yeong Seon, Hyeong Kyu accepted Hoon Jae to live in their house. Since Hyeong Kyu agreed, San Ok can’t say anything. She accepted Hoon Jae without complaining.

After breakfast, Hoon Jae wants to do the dishes, but San Ok doesn’t let him. He also saw that the kitchen’s linoleum was coming off.

Hoon Jae heard Jin Ae asking Hyeong Kyu to let Hyeong Soon sleep in his room, but Hyeong Kyu refused. Then Jin Ae wanted to let Hyeong Soon sleep in her room, but Hyeong Soon feels uncomfortable and prefers sleeping in the living room.

Before going to work, Hoon Jae went out to buy mosquito bite medicine for Hyeong Soon and also invited Hyeong Soon to sleep together in the same room.

On his lunch break, Hyeong Kyu met San in the park. San saw Hyeong Kyu posting online that he is looking for someone to hire at his firm. Arrived home, San showed his mother the add and asked her to apply.

Hoon Jae changed the linoleum for the kitchen and rushed back to work.

Chae Ri bought couple rings for her and Hyeong Soon, but he wasn’t pleased. He still hasn’t told her the truth. Since Hyeong Soon didn’t want to meet her, Chae Ri went to the club. There she met the real Shin Jae Min, who was fighting with his girlfriend. Both Chae Ri and Jae Min made a plan to get their love once jealous. Chae Ri sent a text saying she met a man in the club to make Hyeong Soon jealous. Attached to the text there was also a picture with Chae Ri and the back of a man.

When the time to leave come, Jin Ae’s coworker gave her more work to do. Before going home, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae to buy him dinner. When he heard that she still has a lot of work to do, Hoon Jae bought dinner and rushed to help Jin Ae.

Hoon Jae:”If I help you, how many dinner will you buy me?”

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