“Death Note ” ep 10 ~ Light:” In order to become God, I’ll even throw away my soul.“

To safe Sayu, Soichiro and Light went to the place Himura indicated to exchange Sayu for the Death Note. At Near’s instruction the police are ready to enter the warehouse and stop Himura from getting the notebook. Things change when Mello took over Near.

Soichiro saw the last video L left for him and found out Kira’s identity.

Episode 10

According to Near’s plan, Soichiro and Light went inside the warehouse where Sayu is being held captive. The other police officers wait for 10 minutes before entering to give Soichiro and Light time to get Sayu away from Himura and the men holding her.

Meantime something is wrong with Near. He losses consciousness for a new seconds. Then when he comes back, Near tied Watari. That moment Watari realized that in front of him isn’t Near, but Mello. After tying Watari, Mello changed Near’s plan and send the special forces to another place.

Mello:”I finely took over! Near might never come out again. Now…this body belongs to me.”

Inside the warehouse, Light took the Death Note to give it to Himura. The same time Light approaches Himura, Soichiro is getting near Sayu. The time came for the special forces to come in, but there were just two police officers followed by two armed men. Those two men with guns were Mello’s men.

Mello:”I’m Mello! I’m the other person living inside Near.”

Himura was actually working with Mello. They’ve got the Death Note and ran away.

Back at the office Watari tells everyone who Mello is. Later Sayu remembers the name of one of the men holding her, Mason Fujiyama.

Having Mason’s name and face, Light calls Misa. He tells her to write in the Death Note page she has Mason’s name and what Mason will do before dying. As Light told Misa, she wrote that Mason will tell the names of the other’s working with him and then he will go to a place where he will be hard to find and have a heart attack.

When he had the names Mason gave him, Light called Mikami and told him to call Soichiro and to give Soichiro the names in Kira’s name.

The police went where Mello and his men are. The men working with Mello died of heart attack as soon as the police entered. That was the work of Kira. Mikami wrote those names in the notebook. Himura ran away with the Death Note and Mello was arrested.

Mikami made arrangements so that he will be the prosecutor that will investigate Mello. Like that Mikami can see Mello’s name and write it in the Death Note.

Light:”Look at his name and erase him.”

Unfortunately Mello escaped before being investigated. After Mello escaped, Soichiro asked Watari if L left another video. There was one, that L asked Watari to show Soichiro if Soichiro will ever ask.

At night, Light met Himura. He knows her real name, Halle Lidner, and got the Death Note from her. Mikami is the one that wrote in the Death Note that Halle Lidner will come at a certain hour, in a certain day, in a parking lot where she will give the Death Note she has to the man waiting there. Then Halle Lidner will find a place where she will be hard to find and commit suicide.

While Light was happy that finally the Death Note returned to his hands, Soichiro appeared. Now Soichiro knows the truth.

Soichiro:” So you were Kira? Where is your soul?”

Since he got caught, Light tries to get away. First, he tries to put the blame on Mello. That Mello set him up so that Soichiro will see him holding the Death Note and believe that Light is Kira. But it didn’t work. Then Light tried to say that the Death Note he is holding isn’t the real one, but a fake one. That moment Soichiro took the Death Note from his son’s hands and said that he will write his own name to check if the notebook is the real one or not. Soichiro is ready to give up his life if Light turns out to be Kira.

Now that he knows the truth, Soichiro blames himself for L’s death, blames himself for not noticing Light’s cry for help and suffering earlier when Light could have been stopped. With tears in his eyes, Light explains his father that they are trying to do the same thing, to create a world without criminals. The notebook can help Light create the world he wants. The power that the notebook gave Light, made him go crazy. Light lost himself because he wasn’t able to control the huge power the notebook gave him.

Soichiro:”Open your eyes, Light! Come back, Light!”

After writing his own name in the Death Note, Soichiro wants to do one more thing for his son. He tries to burn the Death Note. Seeing what his father intends, Light jumps at his father and a fight begins. During the fight Soichiro had a heart attack and died.

In front of Sayu and the other policemen, Light blamed Himura and Mello for Soichiro’s death.

Light:” Dad really did open my eyes. If I am to become a God, sacrifices are inevitable. No matter who it is that pursues Kira, I will erase them. In order to become God, I’ll even throw away my soul.“

Ryuk:”Humans really are interesting! No…Terrifying!”

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